RAW — 2 weeks out from Royal Rumble

Braun in the ring talking about taking out Brock and Kane. Brawn just told Kurt, He does what he wants and when he wants, to hell with everyone else. Kurt just fired Braun, is this story line related? (to be honest this is becoming a joke) The universe is happy. Is it me or you becoming board because the writer have no clue what to do with him? Poor Michael Cole tossed like a rag doll. Tom Phillip out with Corey and Booker. This is back to being a triple threat match.

Asuka vs Nia Jax — Asuka’s undefeated streak may come to an end tonight, She has not been challenged until now. Asuka wins due to injury to Nia.

Roman vs The Miztourage — with the Miz in their corner. Miz and Roman will meet the next week for the Intercontinental Belt at the 25th Anniversary of RAW, A well placed spear on Curtis Axel, Roman gets the win. The Miz is livid that Roman won.

Cesaro/Sheamus vs Titus/Apollo — With Titus/Apollo getting the win last week, would be nice to see them keep the momentum going, The Bar are facing Seth/Jason for the tag team belts and could use to encouragement heading in to the Rumble. Thanks to Jason Jordan just walking out to watch the match, Apollo/Cesaro lose again.

Cruiser Weights — Enzo defends his title against Cedric Alexander at Royal Rumble.

Seth Rollins to face off against Finn Balor. The first time they have met since their original meeting for the Universal Title. This was turning out to a great match but here comes The Bar, they went after Gallows/Anderson. With some unknown help from Jason, Seth with the win. (Review of the tape may show that Finn had pinned Seth)

Sasha Banks with Mickie James/Bayley vs Sonya Deville with Paige/Mandy Rose — Sonya knocked the win out of Sasha and got the win.

First Member of the Hall of Fame Class of 2018 — Goldberg
























































Smack down Live in Birmingham

Its going to be interesting today to see the fallout from last week. A.J defending his title against both Sami and Kevin at Royal Rumble. I’m still stunned.

A.J on his was to the ring for an interview with Renee. Oh No, here comes Sami and Kevin. I really have no clue what the thinking is with this story line. Sami and Kevin out running their mouths as usual, but here is Shane. He is backing A.J for now. She just made a 3 on 2 handicapped match. Sami/Kevin vs A.J/Shinsuke/Randy — this will be interesting.

Becky Lynch vs Ruby Riot/with the Riot squad — Charlotte/Naomi at ringside — Becky made Ruby tap out, the squad tried to save Ruby but Charlotte and Naomi make sure they didn’t. Sami Zayne will team with Becky for the Mix Match challenge.

Not heard much from the universe tonight at the show. They did like the news of the main event match but its been quiet.

The Ascension vs Bludgeon Brothers. — I am not a fan of either but hope the Ascension can get it done. Less than 2 minutes and this one is over.

Bobby Roode to the ringside — finally the universe has woken up. Zack Ryder vs Mojo Rawley in the United States title, winner faces Bobby. Mojo takes apart Zack and will face Bobby in the next round.

Jinder Mahal cutting a promo (still not a fan of his) facing Xavier Woods in the next round of the United States tournament.

Chad and Shelton have really fired up the crowd, they are talking about their match last week. Daniel on his way to the ring, talking about last weeks match. “Ref decision is final” Royal Rumble in a 2 out of 3 falls match its The Usos vs Gable/Benjamin

Breezango vs Rusev/English — I look for Rusev/English to take this out. Rusev looking good with the weight he’s lost. It’s helped him to be more agile in the ring.

A.J/Randy/Shinsuke vs Sami/Kevin — In true form, Kevin/Sami run for the hills but here comes Shane, It’s now a no count out match. (Randy cutting back on how much he is working is showing. Got the speed and strength). Kevin with a chair and the match has been called. Kevin was about to be RKO. Shane ones again, Anything goes. The ring area looks like a war zone. After a Kinshasa and RKO Randy/Shinsuke/A.J get the win.

Raw — Memphis

Roman in the ring after the recap of his amazing match with Samoa Joe last week. The Miz is listed to return tonight, if he is you know he will be coming for Roman, demanding his title back. What does Jason Jordan want? I agree with Seth, Jason is stepping on some toes. He needs to learn when to talk, and not talk. Finn along with Anderson/Gallows, have come out. The crowd erupted when they came out. The universe is very vocal tonight. 6-man tag team match later on.

Sasha Banks/Bayley — (with Mickie in their corner) vs Absolution. This will get nasty. It’s time for the good girls to get a win. Things fell apart, Bayley lost her cool and has gone after Sonia, Sasha with the Banks Statement, Mandy got caught and paid for the loss.

Golddust in 205 live to help Cedric Alexander.

Woken Matt Hardy vs Curt Hawkins — Mat made short work of Curt but Bray has shown up in the ring. The faced each other just laughing but Matt never backed down.

To the Boo’s of Elias — the universe is not happy. If he plays and doesn’t sing he is pretty good. Oh goodies, The Miz is back. How long before he will demand his intercontinental belt back? The Miztourage is the guest. This character works and why. . . The Miz, running his mouth again. People will only remember him with the belt.

Cruiser weights in action — Cedric Alexander vs Enzo for the belt. Champions advantage and Enzo keeps the belt. ‘

The Bar (Cesaro/Sheamus) vs Titus O’Neil/Apollo Crews — The Bar just got beat at their own game. It was a good solid win, it started to fall apart but Titus/Apollo pulled out a few tricks of their own and stole the win.

Recap of Kane/Brock Lesnar — build up for their match at Royal Rumble. The rumours going around is that Brock will keep the built until Wrestlemania and loose it to Roman.Kane from behind, Brock never saw it coming. It’s on for all with Braun getting in on it. Braun pulled down scaffolding down on top of Kane and Braun.

Samoa Joe to the ring not looking happy at all. Rhyno is his opponent, he’s holding his own but I cant see this lasting longer. Joe wins making Rhyno tap out.

There was supposed to be a Nia Jax/ Asuka but Nia, took out Asuka before the bell even rang.

6-man tag team — Balor Club – Anderson/Gallows/Anderson vs Roman/Jordan/Rollins — back and forth battle. Thanks to mistakes by Jason Jordan the Roman/Jordan/Rollins lost. I can see Seth and Jason losing the belts at Royal Rumble. Roman getting ambushed, I saw this one coming with Miz back this week. (The Miz still doing the same old crap)


Merry Christmas from Smack-down in Chicago

Daniel Bryan on the way to the ring. According to Daniel one of the most shocking moments of 2017 took place last week when Dolph left the United States belt in the ring and walked out. With his actions of last week Dolph has given up the United States Belt, leaving it empty. Tournament to crown a new United States Champion.

Baron Corbin vs Bobby Roode — Corbin’s very nasty streak beating the crap out of Roode. Corbin taking Roode apart slow and enjoying the pain he is inflecting on Roode but Bobby found a window. I have no clue how but Bobby Roode pulled out the win

Benjamin/Gable interrupted Daniel asking about the tag team belts. Here comes Aiden English/Rusev to the ring also. (both teams have beaten The Usos) Here comes The New Day. Triple threat match with the winner to face The Usos. That was messy but Gable/Benjamin earned the right to have the Usos in Orlando.

Daniel and Shane in the office. Trying to be nice to each other and sort out some differences.

Fandango/Tyler Breeze vs Bludgeon Brothers — the universe doesn’t seem all that interested in the match. A hit and run by the Ascension to save Breezango.

A.J Styles vs Kevin Owens — Owens seems to think that having Sami Zayne at ringside will help him. That was one massive drop kick by A.J to start the match. The universe on A.j’s side in this. Damn good match, Daniel was right closing out the year with this match, Sami just got ejected by the ref but thanks to Kevin holding the tights of A.J Kevin steals the win.

Naomi vs Ruby Riot — Thanks to the numbers game, Naomi gets beat once again. Charlotte to the rescue. (Once again getting tired of the packs always winning) The Universe is getting board with it also. It’s on for young and old. (I know its 3 weeks til the rumble but something needs to change.

Tye Dillinger vs Jinder Mahal — as long as the Singh Brothers stay out of the match its great. Jinder was too strong today for Tye. Not looking forward to Jinder possibly holding the United States title.

Merry Christmas from RAW in Chicago

John Cena opening the show. The crowd was loving John until Elias walked out. (He can play the guitar and extremely well, just not a fan of the character) John tries to sing with Elias and he would have none of that. Elias wanted a match with John and Kurt gave the O.K. John is one of the best playing possum. The Universe getting behind John. Elias starting to show frustrations more and more. Crowd chanting “this is boring” John takes the win after playing possum for most the match.

Kurt’s office — Seth and Jason both want Samoa Joe. Kurt tells Seth that he and Jason have to take care of The Bar first with the Tag Team belts on the line. Hi Roman, he has Samoa Joe and its a Title match.

Cruiser weights in action Hideo Itami vs The Brian Kendrick.

Absolution vs Mickie James/Bayley/Sasha Banks — No matter what the girls have tried they still cant get a win. Sasha and Mickie were not paying attention to help Bayley. In my book it’s time for Absolution to suffer a loss or two.

Recap of Kane vs Braun vs Brock for the Universal title. I have a feeling Brock will keep the title until Wrestlemania, meeting Roman.

Kane vs Heath Slater with Rhyno. I have to give Heath credit for trying at least. Rhyno is trying to toughen up Heath and Rhyno needs to go to plan B. Rhyno was trying to toughen up Heath but it didn’t work so well.

Finn Balor faces off against Curt Hawkins. Finn has the speed on this one. Curt keeps trying for a pin no matter what. That sling blade has to hurt. 147th loss in a row to Curt Hawkins, Finn is amazing as usual.

Bray Wyatt talking to Matt Hardy, Bray on his way to the ring, getting greeted by Matt actually in the ring. Crowd chanting “Delete, Delete”

Enzo and Nia Jax under the mistletoe but thanks to Alexa Bliss. . .

Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe — the crowd is already in this and it should get loud. Roman is taking it to Joe. Roman with a measured drive by on Joe. It has lived up to a good match. Roman keeping Joe just off his game. Roman put his hands on the ref to keep the belt but now is paying Joe back for all the times Joe has hurt others.

Braun vs The Miztourage — Need I say more after a few running power slams.

Alexa Bliss in the ring — also known as Biscuit Butt. She has gotten better on the mike. Asuka has just come to the ring. Asuka just put her name in for the Royal Rumble.

Seth Rollins/Jason Jordan vs The Bar (Cesaro/Sheamus) (Jason got a healthy boo from the Chicago crowd. It has been one hell of a match, they are all leaving it in the ring. Jason has held his own and the crowd is getting behind them. It fell apart but Jason with a legal hit on Cesaro. Jason Jordan/Seth Rollins defeated the Bar at basically their own game.

Clash of Champions — Smack-down Live

All titles are on the line tonight.

With the end of the Hype Bros — Mojo Rawley facing off against Zack Ryder. Hard to tell who the crowd is going for. Mojo dressed in all yellow/Zack in purple and red. Mojo with the slightly bigger build and strength, taking things out on Zack. It’s been all Mojo this match. Crowd is not really behind either of them. Mojo takes the win but it was very uncomfortable match to watch.

First match is Bobby Roode, Dolph Ziggler facing Baron Corbin for the United States Title. (Bobby has gotten a slow start in WWE but a title win tonight could be what he needs.) (Dolph the Heel walking out to a chorus of boo’s) (no real crowd reaction when Baron walked out)Taken awhile but the crowd finally got in this, Corbin set up Bobby for an end of days but Dolph with a zig zag on Corbin for the win.

4 way tag team title match with The Usos vs English/Rusev vs The New Day vs Gable/Benjamin — this could go anyway you look at it. You can only tag your own partner and 1 member of each team in the ring at the time. What happens in a double cover? If you left for snacks you miss a great match. The Usos keep the belts but they had to work hard for that. All 4 teams gave everything they had.

Charlotte vs Natalya for the Women’s being in a Lumber Jack match. Natalya dressed in her tradition black with Charlotte in Silver. No matter what, the lumber jacks pull Charlotte out at any cost. Charlotte played possum and got Natalya in the figure 8 forcing Natalya to tap out once again.

Breezezango vs The Bludgeon Brothers.  — I have no clue about this one, they way the Brothers have been this won’t end well for Tyler and Fandango. I told you this wouldn’t last long. It was ugly and fast with Luke and Erick taking the win.

Randy Orton/Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayne/Kevin Owens — This is an interesting match to say the least, you have Shane and Daniel as refs in the match. Sami/Kevin if they lose they will be fired from all of WWE. Sami/Kevin complaining from the start. Randy has grown his hair back. Too much trash talk not enough wrestling. the crowd gets in the match from time to time but its quiet. Match is falling apart with the universe getting restless. Kevin pushing Daniel into Shane to stop the count. Fast count gives Sami/Kevin their jobs at least for now.

A.J Styles vs Jinder Mahal — I can see the Singh Brothers getting in on this one and helping Jinder win the belt back. The Universe is having a hard time with Jinder holding the belt and especially the Singh Brothers sticking their nose in. So far its been between the boys but Jinder is taking it to A.j. With A.J’s core damaged it’s looking like it is limiting him in some ways. A.j taken care of the Singh Brothers and now is working on surviving. the crowd coming alive to A.j chants. The Calf Crusher in the middle of the ring and after rolling him back into the center of the ring again. Jinder Mahal taps out.




RAW and Smack-down Show notes

**RAW — Kurt Angle in the ring to open the show. Roman to defend the Intercontinental Belt. Jason Jordan wants to answer Roman’s open challenge. Roman wants Samoa Joe.

Roman vs Jason Jordan with Samoa Joe sitting on the ramp. Been a hell of a fight. Jason gave him everything possible, Roman with the win.

Paige with Absolution facing Sasha Banks with Mickie James/Bayley. This is one nasty match. Thanks to the numbers game, Paige with the win. Beating up on Sasha once again. Alexa Bliss ran for the hills.

Enzo and the 205 live crew.

Elias tried to sing but the crowd has gotten restless. Braun came out, Elias ran but Braun took him out.

Asuka vs Alicia Fox – with wont last long. Foxy tapped out. Absolution at the ring again for another taunt of Asuka. Foxy caught the wrath of the trio.

Finn Balor vs Bo Dallas of The Miztourage. Finn had to jump to the middle of the ring for that finishing move on Bo.

Rollins/Ambrose vs Sheamus/Cesaro for the tag team belts. The match of the night. Ref disqualified, Sheamus/Cesaro keep the belts, Kurt makes it a no D.Q match. What the hell is Samoa Joe doing, going after Rollins/Ambrose, thanks to Joe, Sheamus/Cesaro keeps the belt.


Kevin/Sami in the ring talking about how Shane is going after them. Randy hitting Kevin with an RKO out of no where. Sami is stuck between Shane and Randy. At Clash of Champions Sami/Kevin will face Randy Orton/partner of his choosing. Kevin handcuffed to the ring rope.

Bobby Roode vs Baron Corbin – (will face Dolph Ziggler/Bobby Roode at Clash of Champions) Dolph at ringside.

Rusev/Aiden English vs The New Day –  Big E/Kofi — there were bodies all over the place but Rusev/Aiden with the win.

The Split up of the Hype Bros

Charlotte will defend the Women’s belt at Clash of Champion in a Lumber Jack match.

Bludgeon Brothers – in no time flat took out a no name tag team.

Charlotte vs Tamina – Charlotte gets Tamina to tap out

Kevin Owens handcuffed to the bottom of rope. Sami found bolt cutters and gave them to Kevin. Owens is loose, Randy is setting up Sami. Randy gets the win pinning Sami legally. It’s 2 on 1 against Randy. That is Shinsuke’s  music, Shin out to help Randy. Randy has his tag team partner.

Shane just told Daniel that he will be the guest ref at Clash of Champions and if Sami/Kevin lose they are fired.