WWE Raw — in San Diego with fall out from Hell in a Cell

Fall out from Hell in a Cell

The Authority announcing a series of matches tonight for the #1 contender for Seth Rollins world title. As Triple H and Stephanie praised Seth Rollins like a bratty kid, Roman Reigns music stated, needless to say there is no love loss between those two. Stephanie announced that Roman’s match would be next.

Lillian has been your announcer today.

*Match 1 – Roman Reigns/Kofi of New Day — Winner of this match goes to the Fatal 4 way. How is Kofi staying in this, with a little help from Big E, Kofi keeps surviving.

*Match 2 — Cesaro/Kevin Owens — Winner off to the fatal four-way. I have seen Owens away from the ring and he seems to be a great guy but the character is a real smart arse who does not give a sh** about anyone but himself. Hoping Cesaro can win this one, it is his time, me thinks. Upper cut city going on and Owens has no clue what to do. Damn Owens, he steals the bloody win.

*Match 3 — Team Bella/P.C.B — 6 woman tag team. Nikki is still pissed that Charlotte won last night. Team Bella steals the win and Paige turns on Charlotte and Becky. Paige wants the Diva’s title back.

Rene Young with Zeb and Alberto Del Rio,the new United States Champion. Asking about the reappearance of Alberto and how they came together.

*Match 4 — Neville/Alberto Del Rio — Winner of this match moves on to the fatal four-way. Its going to be interesting, with Alberto and Zeb already making enemies. A mistake by Neville handed Del Rio the win.

*Match 5 – 6 man tag team will see — Ryback/Dudley Boys against Rusev/Sheamus/King Barrett — this is going to be interesting to say the least. I would not want to be the ref for this match. Ryback having fun with the boys.

**Bray Wyatt in the ring talking about why the family came to the ring post match, beat him senseless and carried him off. Not quiet sure why but, OK. The Bray scares the shit out of me, but guess who has shown up, Demon Kane, alone with the rest of the Wyatt family

*Match 6 – Big E/Dolph Ziggler — for the final spot in the Fatal four-way. Tyler Breeze at ring side with Summer Rae. Dolph is holing his own and to be honest I thought that Big E would beat him with no trouble but Dolph is holing his own. With a quick side step and Big E running into the ring post, he was able to hit a neck breaker and get the win.

*Match 7 – Dolph/Roman/Alberto/Kevin — will fight it out for the right to meet Seth Rollins for the WWE world title. Seth is at ring side. It is a free for all right now. Seth bragging how he is so good and that he will come out on top again. It is an amazing match, everything throwing all they have at each other. With a Superman punch and pinpoint spear on Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns becomes the NEW #1 contender for the WWE belt. Now it is time for Roman to finally get the chance he deserves after everyone has gotten in his way since Wrestlemania.


Hell in a Cell — Los Angeles

Good Morning from Australia, This blog will have spoilers so if you have not seen it do not read.

Hell in a Cell is an event that you can’t predict what is gong to happen. The cell is unforgiving and you will be a changed man after taking part in the event. 1997 was the very first Hell in a Cell and the appearance of Kane.

**Pre – Show Match – Dolph/Cesaro/Neville against Sheamus/King Barrett/Rusev — No love loss in this match by any of the 6 competing. Great team with between Cesaro, Dolph and Neville they take out the well deserved win. Barrett went swinging.

**Match 3 — Lillian is your announcer. The New Day/Dudley Boys — Dudley boys have taken out Xavier Woods and he is NOT there tonight, making the odds more even. With the help of a broken trombone New Day still manages to hold on.

**Match 7 — Lillian is your announcer for this match Brock Lesnar/Undertaker : If you have a weak tummy, this match will not be for you. Expect that they will be out to hurt each other at all cost. Undertakers entrance will always be the most eerie and give you goose bumps no matter how many time you have seen it.

**Match 1 – Lillian is the announcer, John Cena — United States Open Challenge :Alberto Del Rio is his surprise opponent. (Rumors are that with John asking and getting some time off that the title will change hands tonight, title to remain active while john is away) John to challenge for the belt, when he returns.

**Match 4 — Charlotte/Nikki Bella — Diva’s Title on the line. Nikki has gotten way to smug and she needs to be knocked down a little more. Team Bella has had their way for too long. Everyone was banned from ringside which was a good call. Nikki threw everything at Charlotte but some how Charlotte hung on for the win. Paige and Becky ran to the ring to celebrate.

**Match 6 — Eden is your announcer. Ryback/Kevin Owens — Ryback is more intense and more focused than ever. Owens will do whatever he has to, to keep the belt but I think Ryback take back the title. Once again, Owens steals the win and keeps the belt.

**Match 2 – Eden is your announcer for this match. Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt — another match if you have a weak tummy, this match will be ugly, bloody and someone will get hurt. Bray will have no family help and Dean wont be able to save Roman. Roman and Bray are numbers 34 and 35 of WWE superstars who have been in this type of match. Roman won the war, thankfully

**Match 5 — Lillian is your announcer, Seth Rollins/Demon Kane — It is time for Seth to get knocked off his holier then thou seat and come back to earth with a thud.Needless to day I did not get my wish and Kane is gone.

WWE Raw — Dallas

Welcome to the new home of WWE and NXT blogs. It was time to move to give the wrestling blogs their own home. Thank you to all who follow.

In Dallas tonight,for Hell in a Cell(HIAC) on Sunday. Opening with Stone Cold Steve. Steve has just introduced The Undertaker. Still as eerie as ever, and Brock Lesnar has to show up and spoil it. Taker just called Brock out, this could get interesting before Sunday.

Because of his actions last week,  Kane has been suspended for tonight match.

New Day/Dudley Boys with John Cena — (John will have a United States challenge on Sunday) New day need to find their way though some tables. I do have to admit that they play the numbers game well. Once again the new day STEAL the win. “Get the Table”  . . . . Need I say more

**News just in — Randy Orton who was supposed to team with Dean Ambrose at HIAC on Sunday was not on the tour of Mexico due to being injured at the hands of the Wyatt family. Randy is not at RAW and they are talking to Dean to figure out what to do. Renee Young talking to Dean now.  More from my roam of Twitter — Chris Jericho has had his last WWE match . . . for now

Team Bella(Nikki and Alicia)/Team Bad(Sasha and Naomi) — Sasha back in action since her massive match with Bailey at NXT. Team Bella have turned using the numbers game and pulled out a win at all cost. Nikki especially with the brat attitude from losing the belt to Charlotte. (at the end of total divas current season, the twins had not signed their new contract. I wonder if the outcome of the match on Sunday will show. Nikki wins, I think they have signed)

Coming to the ring — HBK Shawn Micheals. Shawn in the first HIAC with Undertake. Well, Seth Rollins just came out so you know he is going to complain. The Champion who has taken on all comers, who runs like a pansy chicken. OMG Seth just called Shawn envious . . . REALLY. (Seth really plays a good heel)

Seth Rollins/Ryback — Loving the pink tights by Ryback. Not many guys can do pink and do it well. Ryback is having fun to say the least. Seth cheating again to get the win. Raking the eyes usually does it

Dolph,Cesaro,Neville/Rusev,King Barrett, Sheamus — this should be interesting to say the least. I am becoming a Cesaro fan, I like his style and what great strength. What you see is what you get. Never underestimate Dolph, He is a much better wrestler then he is given credit for. You can see that he does his homework and has added strength.

Ric Flair in the ring to continue hosting duties — Loving Ric and his energy, just announced that Roman will wrestle with Dean tonight. Geesh, the Wyatt family has to screw things up again. Ric is out safe and Roman has 2 chairs in the ring. Sitting face to face with Bray, mind games Roman style. Dean coming to the rescue of Roman, with Randy out of action.

Charlotte/Bree — Becky Lynch at ring side. Paige watching from the back. Typical stuck up bratty Nikki as ring side. Charlotte made Bree tap.

Kevin Owens/Mark Henry — we all know how this one will end. OK, did I just see that right, a pop up power bomb.

Roman,Dean,Seth/Wyatt Family — You know this wont end well, I told you Seth would desert them. Roman and Dean held their own but there are some bruises to be had by all.

See you on Sunday/Monday for Hell in a Cell