The Great Atlanta Screw Job — My Opinion

That is exactly how I feel about yesterday’s Survivor Series. Just because Triple H does not like Roman, he has done everything to make sure he does not keep the World Title. This story line is CRAP, and from what I have seen today a lot of fans are ticked off. The December pay-per-view is in December and are we going to see Roman get screwed again or will he finally get to hold on tot he belt.

Just reading on the wrestling web sites I visit and all that it was a last-minute decision for the change of things. Sheamus being the total heal and Roman might get a rematch at TLC in December. The fans are getting frustrated with this story line. My question is this, “How much of a hole have the WWE dug themselves by the constant screw job of Roman?” It was decided just 2 hours before the show for the change, that hoping that folks would finally cheer Roman when he does win the belt because everyone is so tired of watching him get screwed. Sheamus is already a hell to start with so, I figure that he will turn into a super heel as long as he has the belt.

John Cena is due back soon, how are they going to pull of his return and with the United States belt. I know there is a history between the two and all. I did read at one point that Del Rio would hold an open challenge and that John would challenge, and take back the belt, but after the change in plans yesterday, I do not trust anything.

The only decent matches from the show were, Charlotte/Paige and Dolph Ziggler/Tyler Breeze. The Diva’s match was good and they dished out everything to each other but I think in the end, Paige had nothing left int he tank and had to tap. The Diva’s division is heading towards getting board again and they need to do something. NXT had the women hold their own with a main event feature, is it time for the WWE ladies to be given the same opportunity? The Ziggler/Breeze match was good, face paced and they both had a few tricks up their sleeve. I don’t mind seeing where this one will go.

Cesaro will be out 4 to 6 months with a shoulder injury and at the time I am writing this he has had surgery. It was the MRI scans showed more damage then what was first suspected. Randy Orton’s injury is worse than expected and there is no clue if or when he might return. Seth Rollins return is not scheduled at this time.


Survivor Series from Atlanta — (SPOILERS)

Happy Monday from Australia,

1987 was the first Survivor Series in Ohio

Just waiting on the pre show to start for tonight’s show. Giving you a spoiler alert now just in case you have not had a chance to watch the show. I wont give everything away, but its going to be an interesting evening and I have a feeling a few surprises along the way.


Lillian is your announcer. The Miz/Bo Dallas/Stardust/The Ascension facing Neville/The Dudley Boyz/Titus O’Neil/Goldust. Goldust has eliminated Victor. Devon eliminated The Ascension. The Miz eliminated Neville but Gold Dust pinned The Miz. Titus O’Neil eliminated Bo Dallas. Stardust is all on his own. The Dudley Boyz hit the 3 D to win the match.

Match 4, Lillian is your announcer. **Diva’s Belt — Charlotte/Paige — Charlotte made Paige tap out. They beat the snot out of each other, it just got to the point that Paige could not take it any more.

MATCH 2,with Eden as your announcer. **Semi-Final Match — Dean Ambrose/Kevin Owen — I hate Owens with a passion and born a Buckeye, I have to go for the home state boy. GO DEAN. Two words for you “Dirty Deeds”

MATCH 1,with Lillian as your announcer. **Semi-Final Match — Roman Reigns/Alberto Del Rio — My question is will Roman finally reach the top of the mountain or will be fall short once again? This match needs to end soon with the winner having to go one more time. Both men played the sucker card and with a spear, Roman is in the final.

Match 5, with Eden as your announcer **Dolph Ziggler/Tyler Breeze — Dolph put Breeze through his paces but Breeze steals the win.

Match 6, with Eden as your announcer **Brothers of Destruction/Wyatt Family — 25 years later and the sound of the gong as Undertaker makes his entrance still gives me chills. He has become an icon of the industry and it will be a sad day when he decides that his time is over. Luke and Bray Wyatt taking on Kane and Taker. Koko Beware was the first person to be tomb stoned. Undertaker stood in the ring and took it all in. Has the lightning been called for the last time?

MAIN EVENT, with Lillian as your announcer. **WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title Match — (The rumors are that Roman will win but we all know rumors can change)Roman Reigns against Dean Ambrose. Brotherhood has been put aside. Holy crap kids, the top of the mountain has a super view. Sheamus cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase. Will this be known as the great Atlanta screw job?

MATCH 3, with Eden as your announcer, **Traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series Match — Ryback/Lucha Dragons/The Usos facing The New Day/Sheamus/King Barrett — It is a fast-moving match, blink and you miss something. King Barrett and Jimmy Usos both are gone. Sincaria is eliminated by Sheamus. Big E out thanks to Jay Usos, Ryback eliminates Sheamus with help from his team mates.

Monday Night Raw in

Happy Wednesday

I was away yesterday and not able to blog as the show was live.

Raw opened up with a minute’s silence to honor those lost in Paris.

The shows has opened with the Undertaker and Kane coming to the ring. Seeing them come out never gets old and is still as ere as ever. The Wyatt family has shown up to spoil what was a great moment.

WWE title tournament, quarterfinals took place tonight, with the semi and finals to take place at Survivor Series.

**Quarterfinal Match — Kevin Owens/Neville — they had some classic battles in NXT and this was certain o be another one. My question was would Owens have to steal the win or would Neville be able to take it to Kevin and steal the win? It was actually a good fight, they took it to reach other. leaving it all in the ring. Frustration on both sides not being able to put the other away. The pop up power bomb got the better of Neville and Owens advances. A belt holder advances (not surprised but I was hoping for an upset). Owens faces the winner of Ambrose/Ziggler.

**Breeze/R-Truth — NOT a Breeze fan at all. Too stuck on himself. If anyone can take it to him, Truth can. Breeze gets the win but he had to fight for it.

**Quarterfinal Match — Dolph Ziggler/Dean Ambrose — I like both of the guys but I had to go with Dean, not only being a Buckeye but Dean will take it to Dolph, what ever he throws out, Dean will take and come back for more. It’s turning into a good match, they are both giving everything and who ever wins will earn it. Dean was able to pull out dirty deeds to get the win and will meet Kevin Owens in one semi final on Sunday.

**Quarterfinal Match — Cesaro/Roman Reigns — This was the match I was looking most forward to. they both are a thinking wrestler but let frustration get the better of them at times. Cesaro took Roman swinging and tied him up in a sharp shooter, managing to get Roman into a cross face.
Cesaro re-injured his elbow when Roman tossed him out of the ring. A power bomb and Cesaro is still in this. Cesaro and Roman pushed each other past their limits and then some. Roman with a spear takes the win. Cesaro came over to Roman after the match to shake hands. Roman faces the winner of the Alberto Del Rio/ Klesto match

*Quarterfinal Match — Del Rio/Klesto — I am no fan of Del Rio and it will be a fast paced match. I had the feeling that all current belt holders would win. One mistake by Klesto and Del Rio advances to the Semi finals to face Roman, for the right to go for the WWE heavyweight title.

The final part of the show was the contract signing between Paige and Charlotte. It was going to be explosive and it was. Paige taking things too far when Charlotte talked about her brother who had passed away.

WWE — Raw and Smack Down — Manchester, England

Due to Seth Rollins blowing out his knee, the WWE title is now vacant. A tournament started on Raw this past week to determine who will meet at Survivor Series for the new WWE champion. Roman is still the #1 contender but he has to earn his right once again, thanks to Triple H. A Chosen 16 man field will take part in the tournament

**First tournament match — Roman/Big Show — You can see that the Big Show has instructions from The Authority to destroy Reigns at all cost. With a massive spear, Roman takes the match from Big Show

**2nd tournament Match — Kevin Owens/Titus O’Neil from Prime Time Players — I can see Owens doing everything to make sure he wins this match. With an out of the blue power bomb, Owens wins and advances.

**3rd Tournament Match — The Miz/Dolph Ziggler — 2 show offs in this match and it will come down to who shows off more to get the win. With a super kick he takes out, The Miz to advance to the quarterfinals.

**4th Tournament Match — Sheamus/Cesaro — This will be a tough one to call, but are strong and can be unpredictable. Thanks to some help from Wayne Rooney, Cesaro advances to face Roman in the quarter finals.

5th Tournament Match — Dean Ambrose/Tyler Breeze — The self-proclaimed pretty boy against the brawler. I know who my money is on for this one, Dean. With an injured elbow, Dean manages to steal the win.

**The Wyatt Family — they have supposedly destroyed Kane and The Undertake and they are no more. Bray Wyatt claims to have total control now. According to Wyatt, the owns the essence of Undertaker and Kane,on the big screen appears shots of Kane and Undertaker during various matches they have had. Bray Wyatt looks as if he has seen a ghost, as the gongs of the Undertake are played. Out of the smoke appear, Kane and Taker and there is Hell to pay. Bray has no clue what has hit him.

Still in England and the tournament continues today.

Bray Wyatt has issues a challenge to Kane and The Undertaker at Survivor Series.

Tournament Match #1 — Neville/King Barrett — King Barrett’s mouth did him in again as Neville hits the red arrow and faces Kevin Owens, on Monday night Raw in the next round.

Tournament Match #2 — Kalisto/Ryback — How will the Big Guy handle the speed, HOLY CRAP kids, Kalisto just WON.

Tournament Match #3 — Alberto Del Rio/Stardust — Stardust gives Del Rio a run for his money, Del Rio gets the win.

**Monday on Raw — Roman/Cesaro, Del Rio/Kalisto, Owens/Neville, Ziggler/Ambrose. It is going to be interesting to see how this takes shape. It had been rumored that Roman would take the belt at either Survivor or Wrestlemania but those plans are out the window.

WWE Raw — Denver, Colordao

Morning Kids

1987, the first Survivor Series. 2015 Survivor Series will take place in Atlanta

**Raw Pre- Show

Fatal 4 way for the number one contender for the WWE Diva belt(Becky,Sasha,Bree,Paige), everyone else is banned from ringside. Cesaro has challenged The Miz for a match tonight and Miz accepted. OK, Can someone please explain to me the Wyatt family and what they did to the Undertake and to Kane? I am just stuck on this one.

Eden is your announcer today with Lillian getting ready for the overseas trip

Opening with Roman to the ring. This will an interesting night. Roman brought up Seth to a chorus to Boo’s. Roman just finished cutting the promo and here comes Seth, laughing that he is going to take the WWE Belt. Seth bragging about Wrestlemaina and how he took everything from Roman the night, he cashed in the Money in the Bank and pinned Roman. Just as Seth is walking to the ring, here comes Stephanie and Triple H. Triple just announced a 5 man survivor series match, Captains are Seth and Roman, who have been instructed to choose their teams. Team Rollins — Owens, New Day

***Kevin Owens/Dolph — Owens going for the left knee, targeted by Tyler Breeze on Smack down last week. Just before the commercial, Breeze walked out with Summer Rae. Not sure the reasons for Breeze targeting Dolph, everyone says that Tyler is cute, sorry, I would rather go out with Dolph. Thanks to Breeze distraction, Owens gets the win.

***Cesaro/The Miz — I look for Cesaro to win this, having a little fun along the way. Let’s go swinging. . . 25 plus times.

***Bray Wyatt and family on way to the ring to talk about taking out Taker and Kane. Let’s see if the “WHY” will be answered. Bray Wyatt has just completely lost the plot

***Lucha Dragons/King Barrett,Sheamus — It is high-flying and if you blink you miss what happens. I told you, if you blink you miss what a win it turned out to be.

***Fatal 4 way for the #1 Contender for the Divas Belt — Becky/Sasha/Bree/Paige — You must get a 3 count or make your opponent submit to gain the win. All team members are band from ring side. One hell of a match and it will be Paige who will face Charlotte at Survivor Series. (not sure if I am with Paige turning heel)

***Survivor Series match — Team Rollins/Team Reigns(The Usos,(cousins to Roman)Ryback,Dean Ambrose) — Woods from the new day is the first eliminated. I wont give too much away, but Seth, is a chicken when it comes to Roman. All mouth. . . (Make Sense)