Raw in Brooklyn New York

Morning Kids and welcome to the final Monday of 2015.

Vince is returning to Raw tonight after his appearance last week there was a spike in the numbers, so will see what this weeks visit does.

It has been reported that Nikki Bella will be out til at least the end of January when she has another assessment on her injuries. She has had some improvement in her neck issues but is still facing the possibility of surgery.

John Cena is back tonight and will he challenge Alberto Del Rio for the United States belt or will that happen at Royal Rumble

OK, now that I have stopped laughing, Vince was trying to get Roman arrested but it was Vince leaving in handcuffs

Kevin Owens/Neville – Oh My, if you blinked you missed Neville beating Owens in 15 seconds. Owens has lost the plot, beating the crap out of Neville, screaming at him about the break out star that Owens should have won. Dean Ambrose came to Neville’s rescue beating the crap out of Owens and he has run like usual.

Becky Lynch talking to Jo Jo, talking about the fact of what happened last week, and that Charlotte is not there tonight. The numbers game will come into play again as it always does. And once again I told you h ow it would end, with Team BAD using the numbers. This is getting boring.

The New Day/Lucia Dragons – Numbers will again be the issue here. once again, I told you so, It was Big E against Sin Cara. Sin Cara got hurt thanks to the numbers and Big E.

6 man tag team – Dean Ambrose/The Usos against Sheamus/Rusev/King Barrett – Del Rio is not out because of facing John Cena later. Plenty of trash talk going on. Dirty dealing and numbers game again give the League of Nations the win.

Owens just put Dean through the announce table. Owens is still pissed that Dean won the Intercontinental Belt and that he came and helped Neville.

John Cena has returned and Alberto Del Rio has refused to put up the belt. John is entitled to a rematch. John is really ticked off and in the mood for a fight. Del Rio refuses to put the belt on the line. Del Rio has not once defended the belt since he won it. League of Nations is not at ring side at this time. Cena has been away dong other stuff, yes Del Rio has been out wrestling but he has not once defended the belt to anyone. John is either going to win tonight or will win at Royal Rumble (my guess). I don’t want to give too much away on this one. Well, there is no official and Del Rio just tapped. Well here comes the League of Nations, just tapped out. John has just gotten the shoulder up after everyone trying to stop him. John just got robbed thanks to help as usual from the League. looks like it wont be a fair fight til Royal Rumble.

Well, guess what kids, Roman has to defend the Belt next week against Sheamus and Mr. McMahon will be the guest referee.

**They guy who did Triple H theme has passed away. RIP Lemmy**


Its Slammy Time – RAW in Minneapolis

Morning Kids,

Well, after last weeks events today will be interesting to say the least. I must admit I was over the moon when Roman finally got what had eluded him for almost a year. Still, Sheamus still being the bully and telling Roman The Authority is investigating everything, Yes, Right, OK. 6 Weeks til Royal Rumble and it will be interesting to see what happens in starting the road to Wrestlemania.

**Slammy Pre Show

*Rivalry of the Year – Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker

*Best John Cena Open Challenge – John vs Cesaro, *Best Tag Team to the Usos and best hash tag of the year went to #suplexcity. *Best Original WWE Network Show goes to “The Stone Cold Podcast”. *Celebrity Moment of the year went to Stephen Amell from Arrow and *Tell me I just didn’t say that moment of the year went to Suplex City.

*Double Cross of the Year – Damien Misdow eliminating The Miz from Wrestlemania. *The extreme moment of the year goes to – Roman Reigns spearing Bray Wyatt.

**Main Show opening with the scenes of how last weeks show closed with Roman finally winning the World Heavyweight Belt. Stephanie out to open the show and talk about last weeks events and how Triple H and Vince are doing. Roman has come to the ring, Roman basically rubbing salt int he wound about winning and how Vince and Triple H have not been seen since. Roman told Stephanie that it feels like a set up, She told him to get out but now she is being a bully as usual. The Usos on a 3 on 2 match against The New Day (the Usos steal the win) and Dean Ambrose in a steel cage against Sheamus. Stephanie needs to take the Reindeer antlers out of her butt.

**Breakout Star of the year being presented by Dolph Ziggler, and the winner is Neville. Of course Kevin Owens has to come out and spoil things. Kevin called Dolph a has been, Owens was throwing a temper tantrum because he said he should have won because he beat John Cena on his first night in WWE. Oh Well. They are now in a match tonight. It’s a good match, you just do not expect a guy as big as Owens to be able to move as well as he can. Owens with a pop up power bomb and he takes the win.

Bray Wyatt set for in ring action against Demon Kane.(it is never a good sign when its 4 on 1) This match broke down quick, it was a four on 1 but the Dudley’s and Tommy Dream have some to the ring. It is now an 8 man tag team match.

**LOL Moment of the year presented by Santo Marella, R-Truth misunderstanding his entry status. **OMG Shocking Moment of the Year presented by Paul Hayman – Kalisto Salida Del Sol through a ladder.

**Super Star of the year presented by Stephanie McMahon – All super Stars on the roster were eligible. Seth Rollins is there, on crutches. He looks good. still ways to go yet.


*Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio going at it in the ring. League of Nations is at ringside. Needless to say Del Rio wins with help from the league.

**Mark Henry presenting the Hero in All of Us Award – John Cena is the winner and Mark Henry will accept on his behalf. (a lot of what John does is behind the scenes and goes unnoticed.

**Surprise Return of the year – Santa presenting but it is looking a little wrong,(not Santa) turns out to be Bo Dallas. Sting is the winner today and Bo will accept on his behalf.

**Diva of the Year being presented by R-Truth – Paige is the winner. Truth made a mistake, Winner is actually Nikki Bella. Nikki dedicated it to all the woman of the WWE, from those being the scenes to corporate and to all the woman who come to the live shows and the little girls who dream of becoming a Diva.

**Neville/Rusev – with the League of Nations at ringside. Neville loses by submission, there was just no way with the extra people at ring side would he win. Now its just a joke.

**This is Awesome Moment of the Year – Presented by The Miz and the winner is – The Rock and Rhonda Rousey at Wrestlemaina.

**Bree Bella/Becky Lynch – rematch from the other night. Charlotte is at ring side. Becky with a submission win over Bree. Becky earned it on her own skills.

**Match of the Year being presented by Ric Flair – The Under Taker VS Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

**League of Nations assaulting The Usos, this is really becoming a joke. Here come Sheamus in a steal cage with Dean Ambrose. You know this will not end well. The numbers game again, the usual bull with The Authority all pissed that Roman has the belt. Chants of “This is Boring ” have started. I agree this is boring but Roman has shown up to make this kind of a fair fight. Sheamus just got Dirty Deeds on a chair. Dean drops to the floor for the win and Sheamus is greeted by a nasty spear.

Has WWE gotten TOO Predictable

When I was making dinner tonight, that thought crossed my mind. Thinking back over the days events. Here is what I am posing this question.

Yes, a lot of you will say that I am having a vent, OK, maybe but its the same stuff a different pay per view and it’s always the same.

Lets start with the tag team belts, It was a triple threat with the New Day, The Usos and Lucha Dragons. It was an amazing high-flying match and I wanted more but then, Xavier Woods throwing that stupid trombone into the ring and making sure that they held onto the belts. Its called the numbers game. Since when did the trombone become a legal park of all of this. (YES I know, anything goes here but even when it is NOT a no D.Q match new day still manages to do what it takes to keep it. It was the New Day that put Jay Usos out for 6 months.

Divas Division – face it kids its getting boring and I am ready to give up. When it was Nikki Bella, it was do whatever to keep the belt to beat A.J Lee’s record. Well with lying Cheating and Twin Magic she managed to pull it off. Nikki lost to Charlotte but is also off injured and as far as I know there is no date for her return. Nikki has neck issues and is doing all she can to avoid surgery. So, Team Bella is done one, leaving Bree and Alicia Fox. Team P.C.B has imploded thanks to Paige and now Charlotte. I really like Becky but she is at an impasse of what to do. Today Charlotte proved that she is her father Ric Flair’s daughter, She was nasty and dirty and with help from Daddy she kept the belt. Please tell me how Becky is supposed to just turn a blind eye to all of this? Becky is better than this and I hope at some point Becky and Paige team up to take out Charlotte. Team B.A.D is just hanging out, Sasha Banks who had an amazing match with Bayley from NXT, a 30 minute iron man match is treading water. They are the only team that has not-self destructed, when is it time for them to fall apart. Where is Natalya in all of this?

The United States Belt is currently with Alberto Del Rio because of John Cena requesting for time off. When is John coming back, it is time for him to take back the belt and get back to the Open Challenge. Those were fun for the fact you never knew who would come out and the match was usually pretty good. They got rid of Zeb which is a good call.

Rusev and Lana, are back to the same old stuff, Lana with the set up and Rusev getting the win. I have no clue what she does see in him. It was a surprise to find out they were engaged. I actually liked Lana with Dolph better. Today was no change, Lana set up Ryback and Rusev got the win. This war is nowhere near over.

World Heavy Weight Title – I was no Seth Rollins fan but it was sad to see him get injured. Hope he is doing well and will be back soon. What is really annoying is that the story line of Roman Reigns and how close is he going to come and still get screwed over. For me it started back at Wrestlemania, when Roman went up against Brock Lesnar. It was working on a great match til Seth cashed in Money in the Bank. At the money in the bank earlier this year, once again Roman got screwed by Bray Wyatt. Every time Roman has gotten close this year, the so-called Authority deeming it was best for business and you have to be kidding. Roman totally lost it today and at the time of writing this Triple H is in the hospital over night in Boston. The fans are getting restless and how much longer is it going to be best for business screwing Roman out of what has been in his hands, that he has worked so hard for. He has battled back time and time again and it is still not good enough to finally make him a champion.

Now it is six long weeks of listening to Sheamus brag about how damn good he is, and being a bully to Roman. Let’s remember kids that today Sheamus had help keeping the belt. How many more times are we going to have to watch that happen.

Only time will tell.

Table,Ladders, Chairs — (SPOILERS)

Taking place in Boston Massachusetts

Morning from a warm Australia,

Well, it shall be interesting today,with all the belts up for grabs.

Will Roman finally make the top of the mountain or will he be screwed again. Sheamus and Roman in a T.L.C. main event. Question is how much will the League of Nations come into play.

Paige and Charlotte will battle again and with Ric Flair in Charlotte’s corner, I would be prepared for anything.

Tag team triple threat match will be good, you cant miss this match with the Lucha Dragons and the Usos. Speed will be an advantage in this one I think.

**Pre Show**
With Lillian as your announcer it is Sasha Banks and Team BAD facing off against The Lass Kicker Becky Lynch. Sasha and Becky know each other well from their days in NXT. That was BULLSHIT — Becky had the win but guess what kids, the NUMBERS game once again STEALS the win. When are they going to start THROWING OUT the other members of Team BAD

Social Lounge – Alberto Del Rio taking questions from fans.

**Main Show
***Match 1 – With Lillian as your announcer, the first match is the Tag Team Title match. The belts are already hanging over the ring, the Lucha Dragons on the way to the ring, here come The Usos. Hope your set with snacks and all because I have a feel, if yo blink you will miss something. Hope you just did not blink, OMG the Usos and Lucha Dragons just bent a ladder. Holy Crap. . . Thanks to that damn Trombone

***Match 2 – With Eden as your announcer, The big guy Ryback facing Rusev with Lana in his corner. My money is that Lana(nice to see that they have softened her image and she is working on her English) will play a part. They set up Ryback before and there is nothing to say that it wont happen again. This one is a definite battle of strength. guess what kids . . .I TOLD YOU SO !

***Match 3 – With Eden as your announcer, It is a chairs match with the only way to win is a submit or pin fall. the US Champion Alberto Del Rio facing off against Jack Swagger. It is a surprisingly good match, evenly matched in strength. They beat the crap out of each other. Del Rio hangs on to the belt but I have a thought here kids, (Del Rio keeps the belt to set up John Cena’s title rematch)

***Match 3 – 8 man tag team elimination match. Jo Jo with a backstage interview with the Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno. With Lillian as your announcer. you put your opponent through a table to eliminate them. First to the ring is the Wyatt family. Rhyno, Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley Boyz (order of entrance) The boys are tackling this as an ECW Hard Core match, well anything goes I guess. You go through a table and your out. Eric Rowan, Rhyno have both been eliminated, Devon taken out by Bray Wyatt, Tommy Dreamer taken out by Luke, Bubba eliminated by Strom.

***Match 4 – Intercontinental Title match. With Eden as your announcer. Kevin Owens out to the ring first. Needless to say he is running off at the mouth and dogging everyone and pissing off Boston. (smart arse prick who thinks he is God’s gift to wrestling is a laughing joke, He does play the part well, that is why i cant stand the idiot) I am a Ohio girl by birth so I am in Deans corner. This is a great match, they are both digging deep to just beat the snot out of each other. It is going to take a cheat by Owens or a mistake by Dean to steal the win. Oh Hell what a bloody ending to this one. . . .

***Match 5` – Divas Title on the line with Charlotte and her Dad Ric in her corner, against Paige. With Lillian as your announcer, It is Paige first to arrive at the ring. Charlotte dressed in red, Paige in her black leather and blue hair. Paige and Charlotte can both play dirty and this one could go either way. Charlotte just PROVED she is a dirty as her Dad. End of Story. Here is a question – Has today’s match ruined the friendship between Becky and Charlotte?

***Main Event – World Heavyweight Championship – Only way to claim the title is to climb the ladder and retrieve the belt. With Lillian as your announcer, Sheamus to the ring first, and here comes Roman. this is going to be war and they are beating the crap out of each other before even thinking about going for the belt, For Fuck Sake – the LEAGUE OF NATIONS. TOLD YOU SO, WE NOW THE GREAT BOSTON SCREW JOB

Happy Monday Raw Fans

Here we are again Kids back at Raw and lets see what stupidity can take place today.

Tonight we are in Charleston, South Carolina.

Show opening with Sheamus and the League of Nations. needles to say I have the sound down, the man grates on my nerves.

Lights just went out and here are the Wyatt family in the right. Not sure what this is all about? Lets add the Dudley Boyz to this mix, they have Tommy Dreamer with them but the rumor is there will be a new family member tonight. Rhyno (former ECW hard-core) has just walked out, here is another twist, Roman, Dean and the Usos just wanted out. Hope you got a score card for this one your gong to need it. (Sheamus and the league of nations, Wyatt Family, Dudley Boyz with Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer and Roman with the boys)

**We have a four-way match – when I team member is pinned, the whole team is eliminated.Tommy Dreamer eliminated the Wyatt’s by pinning Eric. League of Nations have eliminated the Dudley’s and ECW. You really need to watch this to follow it, body’s are everywhere. Thanks to a spear, the Roman empire take the win. Sheamus trying to mock Roman but Roman suckered Sheamus and got him with an almighty spear.

Dolph Ziggler on his way to the ring to face off against Kevin Owens but Tyler Breeze and summer Rae are once again at ring side. It is a really good battle, they are giving it all they have. Would love to see these two in a 30 minute Iron man match. The pop power bomb strikes again. Here comes Dean out eating popcorn and drinking a coke. Owens just got a face full of popcorn and coke.

After the break it is Divas action with Team Bad against Team Bella – Sasha Banks and Naomi /Bree and Foxy. To be honest I am getting board with the Diva division. It’s basically the same thing week in and out. The numbers game, Paige the heel and now Charlotte is starting to show her true colors of being the dirtiest player like her Dad. Faking the injury to get the win, then costing Becky the win on Smack down. They wonder why fans are getting restless, well here is one example.

Tag Team – New Day /Lucha Dragons – They will all face off with the Usos who are sitting at ring side on commentary. With help from the Usos, Lucha Dragons steal the win.

Miz TV – with Charlotte and Rick Flair. What tricks has she learned from her Dad. Charlotte(with Rick in her corner) will defend the Diva’s Title against Paige on Sunday at T.L.C.

Rusev/Ryback — Set up by Lana and Ryback in submission. It was planned from the start.

Stardust/Jack Swaggert — Titus O’Neil at commentary, but out to the ring Alberto Del Rio is at ring side. Del Rio and Zeb going at it back stage.

Tommy Dreamer/Braun Strohman — this does not look good from the start. I don’t think I have to tell you who won.

Sheamus has called out Roman and it will be interesting to see what happens. Now we have words flying all over, basically who has the bigger balls. Roman and Sheamus are basically beating the snot out of each other.

WWE Raw in Pittsburgh

Hey Kids,

It’s Raw time again and who knows what is going on. It is just a couple of weeks til Tables, Ladders and Chairs where anything can happen. The World title will be on the line as Sheamus will go against Roman Reigns and lets hope that Roman can finally take what has been denied him for way too long.

2 confirmed matches for T.L.C are Dean Ambrose/Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Title and Sheamus/Roman for the World Belt.

**New Day have opened the show, cutting a promo, and just ruined things by introducing Sheamus. The Pittsburgh fans are not happy he is out there. (My sound is down, I cant stand the guy) Someone needs to spoil this party. T.L.C cant some soon enough for me. Out of no where, Sheamus just got superman punched by Roman. They fans are not impressed at all with Sheamus having the belt and I really do hope things change at T.L.C

**Roman and Sheamus going for the belt but Roman has to defeat Sheamus in less than 5:15. That is how long Roman held the belt before Sheamus cashed in. Triple H tells Dean that if Roman loses than Dean also loses his title shot at TLC.

**Dolph Ziggler/Tyler Breeze — Blink during this match and you will miss, it is a good hard match, very active on both parts. That was one hell of a match but Dolph got it in the end.

**Rusev on MIz T.V — The audience is calling for Lana. I am still wondering how much truth there is to all of this. In the middle of Rusev swapping spit with Lana, Ryback has stopped things and told the crowd that he is hungry. The boys will face off after the commercial. Ryback wins by count out. Lana got caught by the step as she watched the match on the floor.

**The Dudley Boyz in the Ring cutting a promo with Tables.Here comes the Wyatt family. this should be fun. Here comes reinforcement for the Dudley Boyz in Eddie Dreamer with garbage can in hand full of toys. We got ourselves a match kids, it’s a 6 man tag team with the Wyatt family against the Dudley Boyz and Tommy. Talk about playing possum, HA, the Dudley’s having the last laugh

**Goldust/Alberto Del Rio — What a useless waste of time that was. AS Del Rio was trying to break Goldust arm, here comes Jack Swaggert.

**Tag Team #1 contenders match — Lucha Dragons/Usos — Thanks to The New Day causing a double disqualification at this time there is no #1 contender. The Dragons and Usos have both gone to Stephanie with a complaint. Roman has to win for the Usos to have a title shot. Once again it is the choices that Roman has made that they are making them pay.

**Diva Action — Bree Bella against Team BAD — Once again the numbers game comes into play. Team Bad eliminated Foxy and now Bree is on her own. Numbers win in the end.

**Roman against Sheamus and I will lay odds that they numbers will be stacked against Roman from the start. I TOLD YOU SO, Sheamus had help to make sure he didn’t win. Smells like a set up it probably is a bloody set up.

**Charlotte/Becky Lynch — At Becky’s request but no title on the line. (Team BAD watching behind the scenes.) Becky got suckered by Charlotte, Paige tried to tell you but you would not listen.

**Roman/Dean/Usos against Sheamus/King Barrett/Rusev/Alberto Del Rio — I can see this one not ending great either. All this is designed for is to hurt Roman at all cost. Well, I told you so again, be for warded until TLC, it is going to be beat the hell out of Roman at all cost so he wont make it the next pay per view.

Sound Familiar kids