Royal Rumble from Orlando Florida – SPOILER ALERT

Rene Young opens the show with Corey Graves, Booker T, Jerry Lawler, with Rich Brennan in the Social Lounge.

Fatal 4 way – Eden is your announcer, – Jack Swagger/Mark Henry, Dudley Boys, Damien Sandow/Darren Young and The Ascension for a chance to enter the Rumble. Mark Henry and Jack Swagger are going on to the rumble.

Happy Monday WWE Fans, and welcome to Orlando, Florida. I think it is going to be a night that anything will happen and it usually does.

Micheal Cole, JBL and Byron Saxon are your ring side announcers.

**Lillian is your announcer – Last Man Stand Match between Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Title. Cole was taken out by Owens flying across the announce table. 4th time a last man standing match in the Rumble. There are no words to describe the carnage of this match. The crowd is chanting Holy Sh**. Hell yea baby, Still the Intercontinental Title holder. Dean Ambrose

**Tag Team Belts – The New Day against The Usos. Well, thanks to being 3 against 2, The New Day keep the belt. Usos never saw Big E make the tag from Kofie.

**Lillian is your announcer, The United States Champion Belt – Alberto Del Rio and Kalisto. This is the rubber match of their differences. Kalisto won the belt, Del Rio cheated and stole it back. The Title is where it belongs, Del Rio trying to expose the top turn buckle and it backfired on him.

**Eden is your announcer – Becky Lynch against Charlotte, with Ric Flair in her corner. Ric just kissed Becky to help Charlotte. THANKS TO DADDY YOU F****** B****. Sasha Banks has come to the ring and made it known that she is coming after Charlotte. Becky gave it everything she had, I feel sorry for Becky, with Flair at the ring, it was like she was wrestling both of them. (I know better to get that really ticked off but that one really got me)

**Lillian is your announcer – Time for the Main Event.
1. Roman Reigns – eliminated by Triple H
2. Rusev – from the League of Nations (eliminated by Roman)
3. A.J Styles – been rumored for weeks that he was on the way to the WWE – eliminated by Kevin Owens
4. Tyler Breeze – his first Rumble (eliminated by Roman and AJ)
5. Curtis Axel – eliminated by AJ
6. Chris Jericho – eliminated by Dean Ambrose
7. Kane – Eliminated by Braham
8. Goldust – eliminated by Titus O’Neil
9. Ryback – eliminated by Big Show
10. Kofi Kingston – eliminated by Chris Jericho
11. Titus O’Neil – eliminated by Big Show
12. R-Truth – eliminated by Kane
13. Luke Harper – only fitting they Wyatt family get this number. eliminated by Brock
(league of nations have dragged Roman out of the ring and are beating the shit out of Roman, this is complete CRAP)
14. Stardust – eliminated by Luke Harper
15. Big Show – eliminated by Braham
16. Neville – eliminated by Luke Harper
17. Braham Stroham – eliminated by Brock
18. Kevin Owens – (I am surprised that he is still standing) eliminated by Sami Zayne
19. Dean Ambrose – taped up but here he comes. eliminated by triple H
20. Sami Zayne – eliminated by Stroham
21. Eric Rowan – Eliminated by Brock
22. Mark Henry – eliminated by the Wyatt Family
23. Brock Lesnar – Screwed by the Wyatt Family
24. Jack Swagger – eliminated by Brock
25. The Miz – (stayed clear of the Wyatt/Lesnar feud)eliminated by Roman
26. Alberto Del Rio – eliminated by Roman
27. Bray Wyatt – eliminated by Triple H and Sheamus
28. Dolph Ziggler – eliminated by Triple H
29. Sheamus –
30. Triple H – HOLY CRAP kids. who saw this one coming.

OK, Kids who the hell saw this one coming TRIPLE H is the NEW WWE HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION

Let discuss how much of this was all a SET UP by Vince and Stephanie to SCREW ROMAN


Royal Rumble Card for P.P.V Event

Becky Lynch against Charlotte for the Diva’s Title

Alberto Del Rio against Kalisto for the United States Title

Dean Ambrose against Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing Match

The Usos against The New Day for the Tag Teams Belts

The Royal Rumble with Roman going in at Number 1. (this was a SETUP by Stephanie and Vince)

Many stars are taking part in the Rumble and I will give you a full list on Sunday of who takes part and what number they entered in at

Happy RAW from my home town of Columbus, Ohio

Afternoon from Australia,

Coming to you delayed as I had to attend a meeting this morning. Dean opened the show calling out Brock. Chris Jericho had to stick his nose in and make himself known. Roman and Brock on the Highlight Reel. League of Nations having a whine about things, Roman facing the League, without King Barrett not taking part due to injury and Chris as the Ref.Roman pulled out of the ring by Sheamus, Chris just tossed him. The League has been sent to the showers. Roman wins

Roman will enter the Rumble at the #1 position. (Rumor has it that Roman will face Triple H at Wrestlemania but no decision if for the belt at this time)

Bree to the ring with Alicia Fox/Natalya – back from an ankle injury. With Paige coming with her to the ring. Nattie suckered Brie in and won the match with the sharp shooter.

6-man tag team – Wyatt Family/Dudley Boyz and Ryback – Ref has lost control of the match. The match changed when Ryback got nailed outside of the ring by Bray.

The Big Show/Social Outcast member Heath Slater – over short and sweet.

Becky Lynch/Tomina – Becky pulls out the win making Tomina submit. Charlotte told Becky “NO” at her request for a rematch but after some serious smack talk by Becky to Charlotte, Becky will get her rematch at Royal Rumble.

Dean Ambrose/Kalisto against Sheamus/Alberto Del Rio – (Kevin Owens is sitting at ring side which is not a good thing) Ambrose detracted by Owens and the League got the win.

The Usos – Jay/The New Day – Big E doing battle. (New Day had a funeral for the loss of the trombone) With help Big E manages to get the win.

The Accession/Stardust/Tyler Breeze against Neville/Mark Henry/Titus O’Neil/R-Truth – an unusual combination. Neville hits the red arrow for the win.

Highlight Reel – Chris talking to Paul Heyman. Brock is at the ring, thanks to Paul saying that Lesnar would face anyone anything. Roman just showed up also looking for payback after last week. oh for fuck sake – now here is the League of Nations and the Wyatt family in the ring. Lets all beat up Roman. Getting too predictable, let’s make sure that Roman wont make the Rumble on Sunday, Wyatt’s going after Brock Lesnar. Bray screaming that the Rumble is his.

That was a joke how that ended. I know the Rumble is Sunday but come one kids, let’s have a little fun before then.

Happy Raw in New Orleans – SPOILER ALERT

Happy Tuesday in Australia,

**Raw Pre-Show – Sting is the first member of the 2016 Hall of Fame Class. Sting was the face of WCW, He stayed with the ship until the end. Thanks to Vince, Roman has to defend the belt at the rumble against 29 other stars. John Cena is in recovery mode from his shoulder surgery. They had it planned that it was supposed to be John against Roman at Wrestlemania 32. Who is your pick for the Royal Rumble winner?

**Main Show
Tonight’s show opening with a recap of last week. Most of the Raw stars have gathered on the stage, Vince and Stephanie have come to the ring. It is the 23rd anniversary of Raw on Monday night. My question is – This really good for business? The fans are restless and not liking this at all. I am one of those fans not liking this. Here comes Roman, to stand up to Stephanie and Vince.

*Dean Ambrose/Sheamus – guess this is a trying to injure anyone who would help Roman keep the belt. Sheamus screaming at Dean to not embarrass him but Sheamus is an embarrassment to Raw. Both were counted out and thanks to Dean Sheamus is bleeding. Kevin Owens is trying to still beat the snot out of Ambrose.

**Paul Heyman trying to lobby to Vince and Stephanie for Brock Lesnar to go for the title at Wrestlemania 32.

*Stardust/Titus O’Neil – Titus has been a thorn in Stardust side and hope it continues. Titus won the match but Stardust attacked him on the outside as he was celebrating his win.

**Chris Jericho to the ring – He cut a promo for his return to the Royal Rumble and now The New Day are on the way to the ring. The Usos have come to the ring and the trash talk has started. We have a tag team match The Usos and Y2J against the New Day. Wish someone shove that trombone up where the sun doesn’t shine. Getting tired of the triple team, Karma needs to pay them back. With Chris BREAKING the trombone in 2 lovely pieces, The Usos get the win.

**J.B.L announcing Sting into the Hall of Fame for 2016. Video Clip

**The Wyatt Family on the way to the ring to face the social outcast. This should be over in short form. Ryback to the ring, for what I am not sure but he is standing with the social outcast.

**Alberto Del Rio/Kalisto – in a real dog fight for the United States belt. Del Rio has a real mean streak in him today , saying that the win last week was a dumb luck. HOLY SHIT KIDS Kalisto DID IT, HE IS THE NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION!! Congrats Kalisto.

**Charlotte on with Jojo making excuses and Daddy standing next to her. Charlotte claims that she is the victim and Becky is villain. It is Bree going against Charlotte. Becky attacked Charlotte out of no where. Ric Flair throwing a temper tantrum , saying that Charlotte is in no shape to wrestle tonight and its all Becky’s fault. (yup, see where this one is going, LIKE daughter LIKE father)

**Roman Reigns – 1 verses all match. Vince still trying to make sure that Roman loses the belt in whatever evil way possible. OMG I am so over the fact that Vince is back. You know the ratings are things are bad when Vince makes an appearance. Same bullshit on a different day, they don’t like what they have created so it’s still lets screw Roman. This is complete CRAP and I’M Board with it. OH CRAP, here comes Brock with Paul Heyman, of course thinking he was gong for Roman but Brock is clearing the ring. Brock with an F-5. Guess Brock made his point.

**this is the only story line they can come up with. If it is not a heel holing the belt The Authority is not happy.

Happy New Year – Raw in San Antonio, Texas

Raw Pre Show – Roman has been ordered to put the belt up against Sheamus and Vice will be the guest referee. The odds are not in Romans favor but with the Royal Rumble just a couple of weeks away, anything is possible. Look, I know the ratings are slipping and all but come on kids, we are a little smarter then you give us credit for. (bad acting on all parts) League of Nation’s are also gong to be an issue I have a feeling.

League of Nations once again interfered with the John Cena match, which was just crap. How long before John finally gets the belt back. It was a great time with John defending the title every week.

Corey just make a bold statement – that Sheamus will walk out with the belt, along with Alberto Del Rio. Charlotte and Becky in a match tonight. Will be interesting to see what the fall out will be.

Main Show – Brock Lesnar returns next week, to Raw in New Orleans

It is looking like rematch night with Neville/Kevin Owens the first match of the night. Dean Ambrose will be at ring side on commentary. Neville did some great things in the match but was just injured enough. Owens tried to after Neville again and Ambrose would have none of it. This time it was Dean who put Kevin through the table.

Becky Lynch/Charlotte with Ric Flair at ring side. I am more and more a Lass kicker fan and hope she can pull this one-off tonight. Becky gets the win and now Charlotte is all pissed. Flair tried to interfere and Becky was ready for it. Becky held the tights and stole the win, Charlotte can do what is needed to win but if anyone else does it to her, no way.

Ryback/Big Show – both will be in the Royal Rumble. The lights just went out and guess who just showed up. They Wyatt’s surround Ryback. sorry, but I get really annoyed when this happens. Would of been a good match between Show and Ryback. Now they are coming after Show.

The Usos/Alberto Del Rio and Rusev – I cant see this ending well for Jimmy and Jay. Lana is not out there. I must admit it has been a decent match. League of Nations won but The Usos made them earn it.

Dolph Ziggler/Heath Slater – (also at the ring with Heath is Adam Rose, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axle). Heath Slater managed with help to get the win over Dolph.

The New Day doing a promo and Chris Jericho has returned. Chris has announced his entry to the Royal Rumble. The Dudley boys and Klesto on a 6 man tag team. Needless to say, as hubby Phil said it was the hit and run tactic, with New Day taking the win.

Roman Reigns/Sheamus with Vince as the referee. I have a feeling this will be a crap match and it is just all a set up trying to screw Roman Reigns after everything else that’s happened. Lillian is your announcer, she announced Sheamus and he got booed. Roman got introduced and he got a big cheer. You can see that Vince will use the quick 3 count at any time. Sheamus just picked up the ring steps and threw them at Roman, did Vince see it? Not on your life, and when Roman pins Sheamus it is a slow as snails count. this match is pure BULLSHIT! ! !Fans are getting restless and so am I to be honest.

Roman has to defend his belt in the Royal Rumble match. This story line is CRAP to say the least, the grab for ratings has gotten to beyond belief. This match should have been over ages ago. You can see that, the fans at the event were even getting restless with all of this.

Becky Lynch will go after the Diva’s belt on Smack down on Thursday night.