Highlights from RAW and Fallout from Fastlane

Happy Tuesday,

In Detroit tonight.

Fall out from the Pay Per View last night. It is 6 weeks til Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas and in this time you know anything can happen.

**Main Event for Wrestlemania – Roman Reigns against Triple H (confirmed)

*As Dean Ambrose arrived tonight, He was attacked by Brock Lesnar and thrown into the front windshield of a Limo.Treated by paramedics and taken to a local medical facility.

*Lillian announcing Vince on his way to the ring, to present the excellence award named after his Dad. Vince gave it to his . . . daughter Stephanie McMahon. I just looked at the television screen and Shane McMahon just walked out. The 3 of them have not been together in the ring for years. The crowd is loving Shane and boy does Stephanie look pissed. There has always been bad blood between all of them and I can see it has not changed. Vince has decided that Shane will wrestle Undertaker at Wrestlemania, in hell in a cell.

*Lucha Dragons/Neville against The New Day – Thanks to some quick thinking, New Day steals the win.

*Jo Jo interviewing Roman. Roman is concerned about Dean, cant get answers but he is focused on one thing. Beating Triple H

*Paul Hayman and Brock Lesnar are in the ring. Having a temper tantrum about losing. Look out here comes an ambulance and I can see where this one is headed. Dean has lost the plot, seriously. Holy Crap kids, Dean just ask for a street fight with Brock at Wrestlemania. Paul just accepted on behalf of Brock.

*The Usos facing The Ascension in tag team action. The Dudley Boyz have come out, not sure why. The told Jimmy and Jay to not take things personal, it was their way of reminding the tag team division of who they are. According to them, they tables will not return. I can see a possible The Usos against the Dudley’s at Wrestlemania.

*Rematch of the 6 man tag team from last night – Ryback/Big Show/Kane against the Wyatt Family.

*Chris Jericho on the way to the ring. Chris ask AJ Styles to come to the ring. He is showing AJ a lot of respect. The Social Outcast have ruined it. AJ and Chris are going to team (Y2AJ) up against the Social Outcast. With help from AJ, Chris was able to get Axel to tap out.

*Look I know this is story line and all of that I am really getting tired of Roman always getting screwed by Triple H. I really hope that this story lines ends at Wrestlemania. Roman has to face The League of Nations, trying to get Roman to injure Roman to he cant compete at Wrestlemania.

**I had to leave before things finished but I did do a quick catch up from the recording. At the end of Roman’s match with the League of Nations, Triple H decided to make an appearance, looks simple but nope, are you kidding me. He proceeds to beat the crap out of Roman and now Roman has had surgery to repair his broke nose and other injuries. Triple H knew exactly what he was doing. They have enough stars out with major injuries and he just put out one more star. No wonder RAW is struggling.


Fast Lane in Cleveland, Ohio — SPOILER ALERT

**Pre Show**
Lillian is our announcer, looking smashing in Red.

United States Championship on the line with Alberto Del Rio and Kalisto. It is a 2 out of 3 falls. Kalisto gets the first win thanks to a DQ, on Del Rio smacking Kalisto with a chair. Del Rio gets the second win, by beating the snot out of Kalisto. It is 1 fall a piece, Kalisto steals the second fall and keeps the belt.

AJ Styles in the Social Lounge answering questions.

**Eden is your announcer for the Diva’s Tag Team match. Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch against Tamina/Naomi. Sasha and Becky working well together. Naomi and Tomina pulling every dirty trick in the book to try and punish the girls for the win. It is about bloody time the Diva’s woke up and started having some great matches. Tap out in stereo, Becky and Sasha have an amazing win. Wont surprise me to see a great Diva’s match at Wrestlemania.

**Lillian in your announcer for the Intercontinental Championship Title with Kevin Owens against Dolph Ziggler. Owens is looking past tonight to Wrestlemaina which could be a big mistake. Dolph if a born and bred Buckeye from Cleveland. This is one hell of a match.

**Eden is your announcer for the 6 man tag team match, featuring – The Wyatt family against The Big Show/Ryback/Kane. This match could go either way. Hey Bray – Hows the road back to Hell?

**Jo Jo with a short interview with Roman Reigns. (all the Diva’s are in Red tonight)

**Lillian is your announcer for the Diva’s Title match with Charlotte(Ric Flair) against Brie Bella. Loving the Chorus of Boos throughout the crowd when Lillian introduced Charlotte. This story is not over by a long shot

**Jo Jo stopped Chris Jericho about his rivalry with AJ Styles.

**Eden is your announcer for AJ Styles against Chris Jericho. It is loud and hard to hear the boys announcing. The crowd is so loud, it almost split down the middle. ONe hell of a match, AJ Styles has a new fan. . . ME

**The return of Edge and Christian. – Hosting The New Day on The Peep Show.

**The Social Outcast against R-Truth. – I look for Goldust to make an appearance. Basically its 4 on 1 here.

***MAIN EVENT – Lillian is your announcer for the final match. Dean Ambrose on the way to the ring, Roman Reigns is next to make his way to the ring, Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman on the way to the ring. Roman and Dean are working together throwing around Brock like he is a rag doll. All I can say is WOW, what a battle, we got bodies all over the place.

Guess who just walked out with the belt to greet the winner of the match. It is going to be war to say the least.

Fastlane this Sunday/Monday in Australia

The Card for Sunday’s Pay Per View

**Triple threat – Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. The rumors are that Roman will win but after the last special, when Sheamus won the belt, anything could happen. Vince is set on Roman but watch this space.

**Ryback, Big Show and Kane against the Wyatt Family – there has been a lot brewing here, especially with the Wyatt’s trying to rule the roost but it keeps getting out of hand. This one is hard to call who will take it out.

**The New Day to appear on the Cutting Edge Peep Show. With Edge and Christian this should be fun, I cant wait for New Day to be put in their place.

**Kalisto against Alberto Del Rio for the United States Championship with 2 out of 3 falls. This one could go either way, you would thing it would favor Del Rio but I am not counting out Kalisto

**Becky Lynch/Sasha Banks against Naomi/Tamina – Finally a decent story line here. With Becky and Sasha coming from NXT, they know each other well and I hope they can work together and steal the win. Naomi and Tamina have gotten really nasty and they need a dose of their own medicine.

**Charlotte against Brie for the Diva’s Belt. – Charlotte really needs dropped on her arse to say the least, Daddy dearest needs to go from the story line. It is almost bully like the way this is going (my opinion). Charlotte ran her mouth off to Brie and was so nasty but when Brie beat the snot out of her, Charlotte acted like, so Miss Innocent. As long as Ric is allowed to stay in the storyline, Charlotte will keep the belt. Charlotte has taken credit for Nikki’s injury. It was actually Nikki’s finishing move that has caused the injury, as to why she is out.

**Intercontinental Championship Belt – Kevin Owens defending against Dolph Ziggler. This is going to get nasty and Kevin will try anything and everything to keep the belt.

Happy Raw from Seattle, Washington – Thanks Daniel

Morning WWE Fans


Daniel Bryan has announced his retirement effective immediately. I have seen this all over Twitter. Rumor is that Daniel wanted to give his notice sooner but his contract was froze. I wonder if the Doctors told him that it was in his best interest medically that he did not return to the ring.

Brett Hart has announced he is in a battle with Cancer.

**Pre Show – Talking about Daniel having to retire due to injury and the influence he has left behind.
*Fastlane Main Event – Triple threat match for the number 1 contender for WWE Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 32 against Triple H

*Main Show* – Lillian has introduced Stephanie McMahon to the ring. Ring is set up for the contract signing for Fast Lane. Stephanie in mid sentence and Dean walked to the ring, and here comes Roman. Steph introduces Brock and Paul Heyman. The contract is signed and Steph hightail it out of the ring. Brock, threw the table at Roman and F5 Dean but here is Triple H.

**Dolph Ziggler/Kevin Owens – Owens when in a bad mood is very dangerous, Dolph needs to be extra careful. Dolph stole the win with the help of the ropes.

(will face Bree Bella for the Diva’s Belt at fast Lane)**Charlotte and Ric Flair/Alicia Fox – this should be interesting. I hope Foxy can take it to Charlotte. The Ric Flair angle of this story line really needs to go. My opinion it make Charlotte look like she needs Daddy’s tricks to win. I won’t bore you with who won.

**Miz T.V – here comes Chris Jericho. Here comes AJ Styles – it ended with all 3 of them going at it but Miz, was on to something. How much is it eating at Chris that AJ beat him in his debut on Raw?

**Bray Wyatt/Ryback – Ryback has lost the singlet and gone to just trunks. Ryback being beaten to a pulp by the family after losing.

**Adam Rose (part of the social outcast)/Titus O’Neil – Rose got that win thanks to holding trunks.

**Dean has come to the ring. Looking for Brock. Brock did come out and he is getting his arse kicked again. OMG Dean, what are you doing? Lets just say is was great to see a grown man cry?

Lucha Dragons/Alberto Del Rio and Rusev – With help from Barrett, Del Rio and Rusev take the win.

(Becky and Sasha against Naomi and Tamina at FAst Lane) **Sasha Banks to the ring to join the commentary team. Becky Lynch up against Tamina. Thanks to Naomi, Becky got nailed and Tamina took the win.

**The New Day/The Usos in a tables match, turned into an 8 man tag team tables match. Mark Henry was with the New Day but walked out. Big E takes the ride through the table. IN the end the Dudley’s turned on the Usos and put them both through a table.

The Show closes with Daniel Bryan, with Brie by his side announcing his retirement. Daniel started wrestling at age 18, within 6 months he had already had 3 concussions. The test showed like he was OK, by all the testing he had. Daniel said he woke up today feeling gratitude. He has been in the business for 16 years.

Take a cue from Daniel, be GRATEFUL for all that you have.