RAW from Los Angeles

Shane in charge of RAW again tonight.

Charlotte against Natalya – Charlotte running off at the mouth about how good she thinks she is. Dr.Phil telling Charlotte that she needs to stand on her own and to get rid of Ric. Which is what a lot of the WWE universe was thinking.  Once again Ric Flair saved the day and pulled the Ref out of the ring.

Tag team tournament to see who will face The New Day. Lucha Dragons will face the Dudley Boys. The boys advance. The Usos against 2 members of the Social Outcast. The Usos get the win but Gallows and Anderson show up and beat up The Usos.

Sami Zayne against AJ Styles – if Sami wins it will be a triple threat for Romans belt at Payback. AJ won the match but Sami has nothing to be ashamed of, He was in it all the way.

Shane told Kevin Owens he has to earn his right to have his rematch for the Intercontinental championship, but first he must beat Cesaro to get that rematch.  First match on the card tonight. Cesaro manages to pull out the win but how hurt is that shoulder? Kevin tried to tell Shane that what happens to Sami is on his head but Shane told Kevin to get dressed and he would be escorted from the building.

Enzo and Cash out to cut a promo with the Dudley Boyz.

Roman in talking about the possible triple threat and the League of Nations out, running off how they were left out of the match for the #1 contender. King Barrett is gone from the League, Shane just walked out, League of Nations against Bray Wyatt and Roman.

Highlight reel with Chris Jericho – Chris is interviewing himself. This is just too weird. Thank God for Dean, on way to the ring with a new potted plant.

Apollo Crews – facing Adam Rose. Adam causes some issues but Apollo’s strength wins out in the end.

Main Event – Roman and Bray Wyatt against The League of Nations. Roman and Bray find a way to work together and gt the win.




Welcome to RAW fall out from Wrestlemaina – Dallas, Texas

It’s the morning after and can’t wait to see the fall out.

**Women’s Championship – once again, Ric Flair got in the way and  stopped Sasha Banks from getting back in the ring. I don’t know about you but Ric needs to go away. Charlotte is good, yes , i will give you that but I want a real match, with no interference. Stephanie stopped the Bella Twins and now its time she stepped in again. Yea, I’m dreaming but still, I can hope, Right? (This is one very vocal bunch tonight)

I can just bet that Triple H and Stephanie will open the show and do nothing but complain about Roman winning. Actually it is Vince who is opening the show. Vince is trash talking about the Undertaker/Shane match. Holy Shit, Shane just walked out, I am amazing the man is standing after his match yesterday. Vince gave in and Shane is running the show tonight.

**Lillian is your announcer, The New Day – Tag team belts on the line/Sheamus and King Barrett – I can almost guess how this will end, belts will NOT change hands. (Read today that King Barrett will not renew his contract with expires in June), I called it and The New Day kept the belts, Shamus is now throwing a temper tantrum because they got beat again. King Barrett got bro kicked by Sheamus, the Wyatt family showed dup and beating everyone up.

**Summer Rae facing Sasha Banks – Summer started trash talking Sasha and you just don’t do that.

**Tyler Breeze/Apollo Crews – Welcome Apollo for your RAW Debut.  Tyler Breeze has no clue what just hit him.

**Welcome to the New WWE Champion – Roman Reigns. Not sure if the boo’s are a good thing. I am glad that he finally won. He kept dragging this storyline out longer than it should-be. Roman said to put up or shut up, the title is here and if you want it come get it, Here comes Chris Jericho. Chris just demanded that Roman put him at the head of the line for a title match, AJ Styles music starts and here he comes to the ring, now its Kevin Owens dragging his sorry arse to the ring, Sami Zayne is also on the way to the ring. I see a fatal 4 way about to happen. Roman is standing back watching the 4 of them go at it. Roman just speared Chris. Shane just confirmed the fatal 4 way.

**Andre the Giant Memorial winner – Baron Corbin – cutting his first promo in RAW. Dolph Ziggler just walked out to face Corbin for the first time. This did not end well for Dolph.

**Intercontinental Belt – Zack Ryder putting the belt on the line against The Miz. Thanks to some help from his wife, The Miz has stolen the belt from Zack.

**Lita presented the Woman’s Belt to Charlotte. Charlotte in turn demanded respect and when she got the snot beat out of her by Natalya, once again it was Daddy dearest pulling her to safety

**The Usos and the Dudley Boyz in a tables match – The Dudleys manage the win.

**Enzo and Cass from NXT have gotten the call and just arrived on RAW

**Kevin Owens took out Sami Zayne so now we need to see who the #4 entrant will be Cesaro who is making his RAW return. In a wild all out brawl it was AJ Styles who took out the win for the number 1 contender for Roman Reigns belt.



Wrestlemania 32 – NO SPOILERS

**MORE FROM THE KICK OFF SHOW**     Lillian announcing Lita. The Diva’s best is being retired and has been renamed the Women’s Championship Belt.

**Eden is your announcer – The Usos facing off against The Dudley Boyz – Tables were destroyed in this match.

Main Event

**Lillian is your announcer – **Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match – Dolph Ziggler/The Miz/Sami Zayne/Stardust/Sin Cara/Zack Ryder/Kevin Owens –  Owens and Zayne going at it, lots of history there. Stardust dressed in polka dots honoring Dusty. These guys are leaving it all in the ring, Bent ladders and bodies everywhere. The belt has changed hands.

**Eden is your announcer – AJ Styles/Chris Jericho – Have to give Chris the edge in the experience column but anything can happen, I am becoming an AJ fan. Chris with the trash talking. Neither are going to have anything left after this match.

**Lillian is your announcer – The New Day/The League of Nations – New Day have just come out of a giant box of Booty O’s. This is a match of who can play more dirty than the other team. Playing dirty won the match. Special Appearance, by 2 hall of famers, glass just broke, another fall of famer, now its 3 on 4, this is not over by a long shot.  You will be laughing at this.

**Eden is your announcer – Brock Lesnar/Dean Ambrose – this could go either way. Suplex City will have visitors tonight. What a beating, another trip to hell.

****Introduction of the 2016 Hall of Fame Class

**Lillian is your announcer – Becky Lynch/Sasha Banks – escorted to the ring by Snoop Dogg/Charlotte – (Sasha wearing gear inspired Eddie Guerrero) (Charlotte wearing the same robe that Ric wore in his retirement match) Fast paced match and so far Ric staying out of it. It has been a great match, the ladies are giving it all they have. It was a great exciting match and I cant wait for the Ladies to main event.  This is not over by a long shot.

**Eden is your announcer – Shane/Undertaker in Hell in a Cell – Undertaker has one of the best entrances in WWE. Shane came out with this boys. I had heard this match was supposed to close the show, will be interesting to see how this plays out, anything can happen. OMG you are not going to believe this!!! Breath Kids, lets breath.

**Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal — Mark Henry/Kane/Diamond Dallas Page/Big Show/Shaq/Social Outcast/Jack Swagger/Goldust/Fandango/R-truth – It makes some in giggles and all. The winner will surprise you.

**Lillian introducing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders with the song “Thunderstruck” Surprise guest. The Wyatt family has just spoiled a great moment. This will certainly blow your socks off, dont blink or go for snacks or you will miss it. OMG I am SPEECHLESS here. . . .

**Lillian is your announcer Roman Reigns/Triple H with Stephanie in his corner. You have to give the experience column to H in this match.  It is so one-sided and Stephanie getting involved. Stephanie doing everything possible to make sure Hunter wins. Holy shit kids, this just turned the tables. Talk about a nail biter till the end



Welcome to Wrestlemania 32 – PRE SHOW


Renee Young, with Booker and Lita. Tom Phillips and Cathy Kelly in the social media lounge.

***Jo Jo’s first interview of the night is Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship. Owens running off at the mouth about how this is all about him.

**United States Championship – Kalisto against Ryback -(Eden is your announcer for this match). What a great opening match

**10 Diva tag team – Paige/Bree/Eva Maria/Alicia Fox/Natalya facing Naomi/Tamina/Emma/Lana/Summer Rae – Lillian is your announcer for this match. this match will get out of hand. This group of athletes will make their way to the main event of Wrestlemania, they are amazing and it is about time that they finally have their place. (Brie will be retiring due to Daniel’s condition sooner than she wanted to.) Surprise visitor at the end of the match.

8 matches for the main card tonight. I do not think that anything is set, there are going to be surprises along the way,so I would be prepared for the unexpected.

you still have time to get the WWE Network and see Wrestlemaina 32 free. www.wwe.com

See you for Wrestlemaina 32