Pay Per View — Payback (SPOILERS)

Having a look at the card for tonight and it would get really interesting. All belts are on the line and I have a sneaky feeling that 1 or 2 might change hands.

Jo Jo is your announcer**Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler – It’s a very physical battle and Dolph is going to have to do anything to win this. Dolph plays possum again and steals the win.

Eden is your announcer**Kalisto – the US champion defending against Ryback. I still have no clue how Kalisto managed to get the win. No matter what Ryback tried, Kalisto came up with the answer.

**Main Show

Opening with the New Day. They have come to the ring to watch, Enzo and Cass face the Vaudevillians to see who will face the New Day for the Tag Team Belts.Jo Jo is your announcer**#1 contender for the World Tag Team Belts. The match has been stopped with Enzo being hurt, not sure if he was knocked out. Medical staff is attending to him at ringside. (update on Enzo:able to move his arms and legs, talking to the staff)

Eden as your announcer**Sami Zayne against Kevin Owens. This is war and it will be nasty. Son of a bitch – Owens wins this.

(OMG Kevin Owens is a JOKE, can’t stand the prick, he plays a good Heel but I’m done) HOly shit, Sami Zayne came out of NOwhere

Jo Jo is your announcer**The Miz faces Cesaro for the Intercontinental belt. Owens at ringside, he needs to just shut up!  Cesaro had Miz tapping but thanks to Owens and Zayne fighting on the apron, Miz holding the tights and steals the win.

Eden is your announcer**Dean Ambrose facing Chris Jericho. Dean is looking so intense. I’m giving this one to Dean. Dirty deeds for the win, they both took a beating, Chris was bleeding, he had nothing

Jo Jo is your announcer**Charlotte against Natalya for the Women’s belt. Brett Hart in Natty’s corner. Charlotte the bitch, yea, this story line needs to change. WHAT THE . . . ???????????????????? Just another SCREW JOB

Eden announces Vince to make the decision of who runs Monday Night Raw. Holy Cow, Shane and Stephanie have to find a way to work together to run Raw. Tomorrow in St.Louis will tell all.

**Update on Enzo – a concussion but all other test are negative. More on Raw tomorrow.

Eden is your announcer**AJ Styles facing Roman Reigns for the WWE Belt. AJ is doing everything to survive. They are leaving it all out in the ring. AJ wins but Roman keeps the belt. Holy Crap, Shane just walked out and there will be no count outs. This is getting weird, and now here comes Stephanie. Guess this match might keep going. Now its a No DQ, No count out.

Anderson and Gallows have come to the ring and the Ref can’t do a thing. This has turned into one hell of a match. I must admit I am surprised. Jimmy and Jay taking care of Anderson and Gallows. Hell kids, BREATH . . . . With a spear, Roman holds on. They will have their rematch in 3 weeks at Extreme Rules