P.P.V – Money in the Bank (SPOILERS)

#MITB Preshow

FYI – the only title not in defense is the Intercontinental belt as The Miz is off filming a movie.

14 of 16 winners of the MITB have gone on to with the WWE World Belt

The Golden Truth/Breeze Zango – Golden Truth have found their mojo and got the win.

Lucha Dragons/Dudley Boyz- Dragons with a huge win.

***Main Show***

Match 1 – Lillian is your announcer – Fatal 4 way tag team title match – Enzo and Cass/Vaudevillians/New Day/Anderson and Gallows – Enzo and Kofi are evenly matched. This has been a great match, dont blink or you miss something. The New Day hold on to the belts.

Match 2 – Jojo is your announcer – Baron Corbin/Dolph Ziggler – Baron has the strength but Dolph with the speed, this one can go either way.  Crowd is getting board this with. Dolph keeps managing to kick out barely but Baron is getting frustrated. Dolph tripped over the steps and Corbin made him pay. Winner is Corbin

Match 3 – Lillian is your announcer – Women’s Tag Team – Charlotte and Dana Brooks/Becky Lynch and Natalya. ONCE AGAIN the bitches of Dana and Charlotte steal the win. Natalya just unloaded on Becky

Match 4 – Jojo is your announcer – Sheamus/Apollo Crews – This was a see saw battle but with Sheamus arguing with the Ref, Apollo steals the win. You ladies must admit, Crews has a great smile.

**JULY 24th in Washington D.C is BattleGround

Match 5 – Lillian is your announcer – John Cena/A.J Styles – The crowd is going nuts, you can hardly hear the announcers. ( I can usually do other things and listen to the match but with the crowd so loud at times, I am having to watch the action) AJ had his finishing move locked in but John made the bottom ropes. With the help of Anderson and Gallows AJ steals a shitty win.

Match 6 – Jojo is your announcer – Money in the bank ladder match – Cesaro/Alberto Del Rio/Dean Ambrose/Kevin Owens/Samy Zayne/Chris Jericho – this has been an all out war, things changing in a split second. Don’t leave the room kids, this aint over yet. Holy Shit kids, Dean Ambrose has taken possession of the Briefcase, this is not over by a long shot kids.

Match 7 – Jojo is your announcer – United States Title – Rusev/Titus O’Neil – it was a good powerful match but Titus was forced to tap out. No one has yet to come up with a counter for Rusev finishing move.

Match 8 – Lillian is your announcer – Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins – World Heavyweight title on the line. (Ambrose with the MITB Briefcase) Roman is making a point and to be honest I am glad for that. It is time Seth learned that time didn’t stop because he was injured. Roman needs to keep his emotions in check. Roman and Seth are both leaving everything they have in the ring. Seth managed to win the belt, I have no clue how. Dean has CASHED IN

**Your NEW World Heavyweight Champion is DEAN AMBROSE



Monday Night Raw

It’s been awhile and I wanted to play catch up today, with lots going on let’s get stuck in.

**Pre Show – talking about Money in the Bank. Seth and Roman for the World Heavyweight Belt. It’s the I am Pissed and want MY belt back. Seth doesn’t seem to get that things have changed and he had better deal with it.

John Cena is back and I am really glad to see him. John is the benchmark. I have seen that it will be John against AJ at #MITB. It will be a battle.

6 man take team tonight on RAW. The New Day against The Club and AJ Styles. anything is possible here. The Club want the Tag Teams Belts.

Smackdown – goes live July 19th. Who will be the general manager. Hope they learn from the mistakes they made when they tried this last night.

**Main Show**

Opening with a meeting of the guys taking part in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, having a chat

*Chris Jericho vs Cesaro – They are beating the crap out of each other and still finding a way to stay in the match. Cesaro makes Chris tap out

*Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns – looking back at the history of the rivalry.

*United States Champion – this story line is crap again. He will never be a great hero. End of story.

*John Cena is back and lets see what happens now. John Cena has demanded that AJ come out and explain, here comes AJ but he has back up. Anderson and Gallows. Here comes the bullshit talk, John will kick his ass every time. I was a fan of AJ but not now. This is BULLSHIT, AJ is a mouthy little prick. The New Day just dived into the ring.

**Enzo and Cash/The Vaudevillians  –  first rematch since Enzo got hurt.

**Money in the Bank – Enzo and Cash/The Vaudevillians/Anderson and Gallows/The New Day for the Tag Team Belts.

**Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose – just beating the snot out of each other. Dean got this one with Dirty Deeds.

Dana Brooks and Charlotte – I just turned the sound down. This story is line has gotten worse not better. Got rid of Ric for another Airhead who will help Charlotte keep the belt. Wake up Stephanie and Shane , this story is  CRAP. In the middle of a sentence Becky and Nattie have walked out. They have tried to tell Dana to wake up and that Charlotte will throw her out when she is done with her. They have RUINED the Women’s division.

Tag Team Match – New Day and AJ Styles with Gallows and Anderson. The match fell apart but here comes John to the ring. The New Day and John Standing tall together against The Club