Smackdown Live — Cleveland Ohio

Pre Show — A.J and Dean for the belt.

Nikki Bella back in action and I hope this time she gets her hands on Carmella and kicks her ass

*Main Show — No Mercy 1 week from Sunday

Opens with Randy Orton on the way t the ring and he does not look happy.

8 Man tag team — Heath Slater/Rhyno with American Alpha vs The Usos/with The Ascension — The Usos with the Ascension win, going after Health Slater

Nikki Bella/Naomi vs Carmella/Natalya — The Bitch Carmella got Nikki once again.

The Miz with Maryse — Where is Dolph to spoil things? I hope. Dolph again standing up to Miz. Really sick of this story line, Mike has become so stuck up and full of himself just because he has lied cheated and stole the belt, done everything to keep Dolph from winning and keeping him down. Dolph will put his career up against Miz. 2 weeks at No Mercy.

Alexa Bliss attacked Becky Lynch as she was heading to the ring.

Randy got Bray from behind and beat him senseless.

John Cena at ringside for the Dean Ambrose/A.J Styles match — A.J took a pot shot at John which ruined it for Dean, in turn Dean tried for dirty deeds and A.J tried to take him out also, but John was the last man standing.





Monday RAW — Fallout from Clash of Champions

RAW Pre Show — Rusev will use his rematch clause tonight, with help from Jericho, Kevin Owens is still the Champion.

Seth Rollins had to get x-rays on his ribs after the match last night.

Women’s title — Charlotte needs to get rid of Dana Brooks. Dana is annoying and is useless. Dana is nothing but taking up space on the roster. Dana was injured and out for months, time for a story line change and lose Dana.

Anderson and Gallows getting their rematch tonight.

**Main Show** — Cincinnati Ohio

Roman and Rusev in a rematch from last night. a double count out and Roman keeps the belt. Roman has worked his way back to the fans good graces. they actually cheered him.

Mick in the ring to talk about the match between Cesaro and Sheamus. Say What — Mick just told Sheamus and Cesaro they will compete as a tag team for the tag belts and will face the winners of the New Day vs Anderson and Gallows. (to be honest, a match between Sheamus/Cesaro vs Anderson and Gallows would be a good match) Kofie comes from nowhere to save the titles. The new day keeps the belts but now must face Sheamus/Cesaro.

Seth Rollins is not medically cleared to compete tonight. Thanks to an injury last night.

Bayley vs Anna Fields — Anna who was not impressed by Bayley. Bayley has had enough and taking control. Bayley won this match, was not too hard but she got the job done. Tom talking to Bayley asking about last night. She said that Sasha and Charlotte are the measuring sticks for the Women’s division.

Mick and Stephanie having a chat about last night.

Cruiser weights have a tag team match.

Cesaro/Sheamus in a tag team match. Sheamus didn’t want to come in but Cesaro tagged him anyway. Somehow they managed a win. Only time will tell how this will work out.

Tom Phillips having a chat with T.J Perkins

Charlotte with her sidekick Dana out being the bitch we all know she is. Charlotte being a bitch and Sasha walks out, which she is STILL owed a one on one. Sasha just cleaned the ring. Next week in Los Angeles for the Woman’s belt.

Highlight Reel — Chris Jericho welcomes Kevin Owens. Pissed off Jericho screaming at the crowd to shut up. Seth got dragged to the back, He’s not medically cleared to be there. Here come Enzo and Cass. Tag team match going on. Hard to tell who will win this one. Chris/Kevin won it.

Cruiser weight title holder T.J Perkins in action. Brian Kendrick has his rematch for next week.

Kind of a crap ending this week

*check out WWE network, watching Table for 3 with Kane, Mark Henry and Big Show





Clash of Champions — Indianapolis, Indiana

***Pre Show***

Sheamus vs Cesaro in a best of 7 series and it’s tied at 3 match wins apiece. Sheamus on chatting to the panel.

Cruiser weight title defense — T.J Perkins vs Brian Kendrick

Samy Zayne vs Chris Jericho — Samy in the Media lounge with Tom Phillips

Alicia Fox vs Nia Jax — needless to say Nia wins this one. Alicia caused issues but not nearly enough.


Jojo is your announcer tonight

*Match 1 — Tag Team Titles — New Day(399 days holding the belts) vs Anderson and Gallows. A and G with the early on slot to break up the day from the start. It’s been a good match and I think this could go either way. If you blink you miss the whole match, The New Day hangs onto the belts.

*Match 2 — Cruiser Weight Belt — Brian Kendrick vs T.J Perkins — This is a really good match, it can go either way. Perkins make Kendrick tap from the kneebar submission. Kendrick with a head butt to the Champ. (frustration on Kendrick’s part)

*Match 3 — Match 7 in the Best of 7 Series between Cesaro and Sheamus. — Cesaro with a Rey Mysterio 619. They are giving it everything, I do not know how they are kicking out. The Ref has stopped the match, Sheamus can’t even walk without help. Series still at 3 matches each.

*Match 4 — Samy Zayne vs Chris Jericho — (never liked Chris playing a heel, it just doesn’t work) This is another great match, pushing each other to their limits. a Code Breaker got the win. Proud of Samy , he gave everything he had.

*Match 5 — Women’s Title — Sasha vs Bayley vs Charlotte — Bloody Dana Brooks needs tossed out. All Dana is, is her bitch. This is an amazing match, I have not been disappointed but I am growing tired of Dana. Son of a BITCH, WHY is this still going on, this story line is BEYOND crap and Dana Brooks, the bitch is NOTHING. she can’t even wrestle, WHY is she even here.

**What is this NO BELTS changing hands tonight. great matches but crap

*Match 6 – US Title – Rusev vs Roman Reigns – this is another one that can go either way. Can’t stand Rusev, Roman has waited long enough for a belt and I hope it is his time. Lana just got tossed, she put her hand son the Ref, pulling him out when Roman had 2 and 1/2 count from winning. Roman WINS!! They beat each other to a pulp but in the end Roman had that bit left. (finally a belt changes hands)

*Match 7 – WWE Universal title – Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens. I can’t believe I am about to type this but I hope Kevin wins. Seth needs knocked off his perch. I have to admit this has been better than I expected. Chris Jericho has interfered in what was a great match. Thank God Owens wins this mess. Stephanie sent out another ref.



Smack Down Live

Pre Show — No Mercy — Triple threat match with John Cena/Dean Ambrose/A.J Styles for the World title. (I can only hope that A.J gets beat Sunday, I don’t care by who as long as he loses)

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss at No Mercy for the Woman’s Belt

#1 contender match for the tag team belts — American Alpha vs The Usos — The boys are leaving it all in the ring, this match is great considering that Chad Gable is wrestling on one leg.The Usos win. (Jordan refused to tag Chad in with his knee being targeted again)

***Main Show — Open with preview of the Cena Ambrose match and Dolph and The Miz in a rematch.

Contract signing between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss

Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin — rematch again, hoping Apollo can beat him for a change. Nothing new, Baron beat the shit out of Apollo again, who never had a chance. Jack Swagger was at ring side, I see a new rival coming.

Nikki/Naomi in a tag team vs Carmella/Natalya — Carmella still going after Nikki Bella and not giving a shit about anyone else.

Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz — Maryse got caught and got tossed from ringside. This time it was Miz who used the spray to beat Dolph. (this storyline is getting really old)

Randy Orton vs Erick Rowan — With an RKO it didn’t take long but here is Bray Wyatt to spoil things

A.J Styles running his mouth again — how much better he is then everyone else.

John Cena vs Dean Ambrose — 1st time to face each other. The boys are giving their all, it’s actually a great match. Some how Dean managed to get the win. Of course A.J had to come out and ruin it. Daniel just came out and told A.J he will defend the belt on Smackdown Live next week. A.J screaming that he refuses to face him but Dean laid out a Dirty Deeds to shut him up.



Backlash fall out

The show opens with A.J Styles running off at the mouth and bragging about what he did. I am surprised he could get in the building tonight with the ego he has now. He stole the win. There was no need for him to pull the low blow. I wanted to see more of the match. Holy Shit — guess who is BACK — JOHN CENA! Here comes Dean to the ring and boy is he pissed. Dean just called John a lazy part timer. OK, here comes Shane. So far it’s been a lot of trash talking egos. At. “No Mercy” It’s a triple threat match A.J will defend the belt against John and Dean. Tonight it’s a tag team with John and Dean vs A.J and a partner of his choosing if he can find one.

Randy Orton to address the Smackdown Crowd.

**Hype Bros – the Usos — rematch from Backlash.

This should be interesting, The Miz and Maryse will try to explain how he managed to keep the belt again. this should be a load of crap. Dolph just interrupted him. Geesh, Maryse steps in front of Miz but guess what, here comes Daniel. Miz refuses to defends the title until he gets what he wants.

Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin in a rematch from Backlash. Before the match, Corbin attacks Apollo and now here comes Jack Swagger ( Jack was on Raw) comes walking out to Baron.

New Women’s Champion Becky Lynch — There will be a 5-pack challenge for her #1 contender. First pin fall wins. Alexa Bliss is the #1 contender.

A.J tried to get Kane for his tag team partner but Kane walked away laughing.

Heath Slater contract signing. You can’t help but smile with Heath, it’s a great story line. The Ascension have interrupted the celebrating. It’s a title defense.

Randy Orton to address Bray Wyatt and the Crowd. Randy ambushed by Eric Rowan. Randy fought back with 1 RKO.

The tag team match with A.J/ James Alworth (The Miz attacked him from behind) vs John Cena and Dean Ambrose. It’s like this running your mouth within earshot of the G and you will pay for it. The Miz screaming that he is the main event, A.J has now got a partner (both are dirty players) John and Dean find a way to work together and get the win. Dean gives John a dirty deeds.

**Talking Smack

Alexa Bliss on chatting about her being the #1 contender.

Corbin Baron talking about Apollo Crews and Daniel Bryan gave him a challenge.



RAW — Main Show

Show opens with a recap of last week when Kevin Owens got in Seth Rollins face. Seth will face Kevin at “Clash of Champions”

Mick Foley in the ring and has introduced Charlotte and Dana. Charlotte refusing to say “Sorry” for last week. Blaming Dana for the loss. Clash of Champions all belts will be defended. Sasha has come to the ring letting Charlotte know that she is coming for her belt. Here comes Bayley to the ring. Bayley did beat Charlotte last week. Charlotte being a bitch as usual. Dana just slapped Charlotte, triple threat with Dana, Bayley and Sasha. It is a great match, each trying everything possible. Sasha pins Bayley for the win, a Summer slam rematch.

Enzo/Cass talking to the Shining Stars — I see a match coming. Enzo in action against Epico of the Shining Stars. Epico steals the win.

Tom Phillips having a chat with Kevin Owens. (I.M.O — I can’t stand Owens and the bloody attitude) Let’s see how long he can hold on to it. I hate the heel story like Owens but it does work.

Bo Dallas in action

Chris Jericho with the High Light reel and Samy Zayne is his guest. Chris just hauled off and hit Samy. Chris and Samy will meet at “Clash of Champions”

Best of 7 Series with Cesaro vs Sheamus. Sheamus leads 3 to 1 with Cesaro getting a win in London. A bit of a seesaw but Cesaro with the win for a Sheamus 3 to 2 lead.

In the office with Mick and Seth. Seth demanding that Roman did not deserve his chance at Kevin Owens. Seth still being a brat and that Stephanie is the only one who gets him.

Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox – this could get ugly and quick. Finally a challenge for Nia. Alicia has been knocked out by Nia.

The New Day cutting a promo. Anderson and Gallows walk out. A match before Clash of Champions. Anderson and Gallows with the win.

Jinder Mahal vs Jack Swagger — Jinder had done his homework and got the win.

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens — Roman wins its a triple threat match, He loses and its Seth Rollins against Kevin at Clash of Champions for the WWE Universal belt. Seth Rollins comes out and attacks Kevin Owens. Roman has lost but Mick has restarted the match. Rusev showed up and opened the door for Kevin to win.





















































































































Smackdown’s 1st P.P.V — Backlash

Only 6 matches listed for tonight but that can have its advantages

Dean Ambrose vs A.J Styles — I think could get down right dirty, with A.J playing heal anything is possible. I know its story line but .J’s attitude needs adjusting and Dean can do it.

6 pack Challenge for the new Woman’s Belt — The Twitter rumor is that it will be Nikki Bella but once again this could go anyone’s way. My pic is Nikki or Becky

Tag Team Belts — Heath Slater/Rhyno vs Hype Bros or the Usos. Have the Usos turned heel? Getting American Alpha out-of-the-way, doesn’t sit right with me but only time will tell.

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt — this match is just scary.

Intercontinental Belt — The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler — time for this belt to change hands and fingers crossed that Dolph can do it.

**Pre Show

Tony is your announcer, Baron Corbin vs Apollo Crews — this is a good match, they are pushing each other to their limits. Baron got the win but Apollo made him earn it.

** Main Show

Opens with Shane to the ring. Daniel Bryan joins him.

**Match 1 — Women’s 6 pack elimination to crown the 1st Smackdown Woman’s Champion. There was Air Naomi, holy crap this match is great, they girls are bringing it. Alexa Bliss is the 1st out. Naomi had to tap thanks to Natalya. Natalya and Nikki eliminated by Carmella, Becky made Carmella tap, Congrats Becky on becoming the 1st Women’s Champion on Smackdown.

**Match 2 — 2nd Chance Challenge — Usos vs Hype Bros for the right to meet Rhyno and Heath Slater. Usos have lost the face paint and silliness. (Usos have gone heel) The Usos made the Bro tape out. It was a great match but the experience of the Usos helped them win.

**Match 3 – Intercontinental title – Dolph vs The Miz — this is personal for Dolph and Miz being the heel and needing knocked off the stool he is on. The Miz only shows up when he has to. That thud was Dolph kicking Miz. Another great match. Dolph has a high tolerance to pain . YOU BLOODY BITCH

**Match 4 — **Bray Wyatt went after Randy Orton earlier. This was supposed to be the mid show break but here comes Bray out. According to Bray he has won by forfeit,by attacking Randy. Bray will compete in a No Holds Bar match against Kane. All is far in war and war. With help from Randy Orton Kane wins.

**Match 5 — Heath Slater/Rhyno vs the Usos for the 1st Tag Team Smackdown Champions – HELL YEA BABY, they did it. Rhyno and Heath Slater are the first Smackdown Tag Champions

**Match 6 — Dean Ambrose vs A.J Styles — Cant stand A.J and his trash. They are beating each other to a pulp and it’s been a great match. No matter what A.J tries Dean finds a way to kick out. With a low blow, A, J has stolen the belt. Who’s stupid idea was this to give A.J the belt and how long before John Cena is back to kick his ass.

This writer is not happy