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Monday Night Raw — Fallout from Roadblock (at my Alma Mater Ohio State)

Fallout from last night P.P.V

Tonight’s Show opens with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho in the center of the ring. Bragging about last night’s events. The Universe is getting restless with Owens and Jericho about the belt and all the crap they have pulled. Mick Foley on the way to the ring. Mick brings up the photos from after the match last night. Main event was a tag team match between Owens/Jericho vs Rollins/Reigns. A shark cage is being lowered, rematch at the Royal Rumble between Chris and Roman with Chris in the cage hanging over the ring. Mick is supposed to have the key in his fanny pack. (love that Mick is screwing with him) The crowd cheers as Chris is 20 meters above the ring. LOL Mick just left Chris hanging above the ring.

Enzo and Cass in a rematch with Rusev/Lana at the ring. Rusev gets the win with a D.Q but Cass sure took it to him.

Sasha out in the ring, in a knee brace and with a crutch. Nia Jax came out. Nia beating up on Sasha.

Sheamus/Cesaro with the Tag Team belts talking to Mick Foley.

Cruiserweights with Cedric Alexander in action

The New Day – awe poor babies don’t know what to do with out their belts.  Cesaro/Sheamus out with the new belts. Anderson/Gallows and Shinning Star both have come to the ring. It’s a brawl, tag team match, New Day and Cesaro/Sheamus vs Shinning Stars and Anderson/Gallows. Cesaro getting Shinning stars to tap out.

Neville on his way to the ring. (think he has returned as a heel), Rich Swann out to talk to Neville, The Brian Kendrick has come out to call out Rich, but now its T.J Perkins to the ring. Brian is just standing back and watching, Neville left and Brian is having a pick at the bones.

Titus O’Neil and Sin Cara in action but Braun Stroham is stopped things and is walking off with Sin Cara.

Charlotte in the ring but I have the sound down and on fast forward.  I refuse to give her any air time. Here comes Bayley, they have a match Bayley vs Charlotte the jerk and Bayley has Charlotte’s number once again and beats her. Bayley is 3 and 0 vs Charlotte.

Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns vs Chris Jericho/Kevin Owens – Seth and Roman are working really well together. Chris and Kevin tried to run as they usually do. Braun Stroham attacking Roman and he heads for Seth also. Chris and Kevin do a runner. Chris and Kevin throw Roman back in the ring.

Roadblock: End of the Line taking place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

**Royal Rumble is January 29th in Texas.

This is a RAW only show

*Kick off Show*

Booker T is running for Mayor of Houston, Texas

Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge – his guest will be Samy Zayne will be his guest

It’s going to be interesting, expect the unexpected for tonight.

New Day vs Sheamus/Cesaro – Tag Belts on the line

Sasha vs Charlotte – 30 man iron woman match (Bayley on the panel to chat about what will take place tonight) The final time these two will battle.

Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho – Would Seth be the champion now if it not for Chris Jericho? IMO – YES

Samy Zayne vs Braun Stroham – 10 minute time limit

Cruiserweight Triple Threat match.

Big Cass vs Rusev – Cass first single’s match,  Lana stuck her nose in and Cass lost

Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns

**Main Show**

Jojo is your announcer for the evening

Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves at the announce table.

The Tag Team belts on the line as The New Day defend them against Sheamus/Cesaro – I am really hoping that Sheamus/Cesaro can get the job done and win the belts. With a mistake between Sheamus/Cesaro it was almost over. Stupid woods getting in the Ref’s face again. WHY is Woods still allowed in the match? With some of their own tricks Sheamus/Cesaro just won the belts.

Kevin Owens interviewed back stage – He plays a good heel because I can’t stand the man. Kevin never EARNED the Universal belt. It was handed to him by Triple H

Samy Zayne vs Braun Stroham – 10 minute time limit. Mick came out to throw in the towel to save Samy but, Samy survived the time frame.

Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho – Triple H screwed Seth and handed Kevin Owens. Just like Seth was handed it. Seth is no longer “The Guy” This has been a great match, evenly matched. Owens just showed up, turning a code breaker into a pedigree, Seth wins.

Cruiserweight triple threat – The Brian Kendrick, T.J Perkins, Rich Swann for the Cruiserweight belt. Hope you didn’t go anywhere, Rich keeps the belt. Nevell has returned as a heel to lay claim to the Cruiserweight belt.

30 minute Iron Woman match – I think that Sasha has the advantage due to being in one with Bayley. I am tired of the seesaw of the constant change in the belt. Sasha has it so leave it alone for now. Charlotte is a great heel, I have lost respect for her. There is NO rematch clause. 25:00 in and no falls, 15:00 and still no falls, 10:44 and Charlotte with the first fall, 8 minutes and Sasha with a fall, even at 1, 6:00 Charlotte tapped thanks to the bank statement, 2 to 1 Sasha. Now what do you do, it is tied at 2 falls each. Next fall wins its all, SON OF A BITCH – they gave the stupid belt BACK to Charlotte. Charlotte the stupid JERK. (what is it with the belt going back to Charlotte once again, this is crap. The story line is bull and someone needs to get fired for this one) WHO CARES COREY. (it was an amazing match do not get me wrong but whoever is making decisions for the division is treating it like its nothing. I want to see the other women in the division, not just dominated by Charlotte)

**Main Event

Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns – for the Universal Championship.this has been a hard-fought match by both, has been full of trashing talking and almost pins. If Kevin wins this in the end, he has earned it. typical, Owens has grabbed his belt and is walking(tired a DQ to win) Gesh, Jericho in the ring. Chris is just the code breaker on Kevin, but Roman was disqualified. Owens keeps the belt. OMG they are still friends. Owens will NEVER defend the title and win it on his own. Roman just speared Kevin and Chris was pedigreed by Seth. (Roman and Seth working together) The announce team just did a runner, Seth and Roman with Kevin about to go through a table.

Seth and roman have the last word, putting Kevin through the announce table.





Smackdown in Washington D.C

A.J Styles vs James Ellsworth for the belt – (I can see this will be a joke. Hearing rumors that Dean will heat up a feud with The Miz, and that John Cena is on his way back) (Ellsworth has the flu)

The Miz with Maryse in the ring to open the show. A.J Styles on way to the ring. Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose both at the ring. Luke Harper with a nasty clothesline.

Tag Team battle Royal for the #1 contendership – (both team members eliminated)  American Alpha vs Hype Bros vs Breezango vs Vaudevillians vs Accession. — the Hype Bros are the winners

Carmella vs Natalya – after Carmella saying that it was Nattie who took out Nikki Bella. Natalya saying sorry in public for her being attacked. Here comes Carmella interrupting Nattie.

Fatal 4 way – Luke  Harper, Dean Ambrose, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler – if anyone interferes they will be eliminated. Title to be defended on Smackdown Live. the Miz eliminated by Dean. In turn Dean also eliminated Luke Harper, so it’s down to Dolph and Dean. With help from Miz, Dolph wins the match and the #1 contender.

John Cena returns to Smackdown Live in 2 weeks

Alexa Bliss in action – (I am so not happy she has the belt) little stuck up bitch. It has gone to her bloody head. Here comes Becky. Alexa agreed to the rematch but she walked away going on my terms but here comes Shane. Faked the injury to keep the belt. Stupid Alexa, the bitch is NOT HURT.




RAW in Philadelphia

The Raw Pre show has been cancelled. Jerry Lawler and Lita have been given what they call Hall of fame contracts,

The New day will defend their titles in a triple threat match against Anderson/Gallows and Sheamus/Cesaro –  well Damn, once again, they figure out how to win. New Day break the title

Are Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens really finished or is this still a set up.

Braun Strowman vs Curtis Axel – this match didn’t last long. Go figure

Cruiserweights in action

Seth Rollins on his way to the ring. (Rollins report) with Kevin Owens. Kevin sitting up at the entrance not in the ring with Seth, Chris Jericho has come out on hearing that he and Kevin are in a tag team match against the New Day for the belts. Seth just called it a reunion between Bon Jovi and Meat loaf. Turned to a 2 on 1 against Seth (Chris and Kevin working together for now but) here comes Roman.

The New Day will face Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho for the Tag Team belts

Brian Kendrick vs T.J Perkins to face off.

Overview of Charlotte vs Sasha – Road Block – end of the line is it. There is NO rematch clause. A 30 Minute Iron Woman match (remember the one Sasha had with Bayley, Sasha knows what to expect and has the edge in my book) It is time this is ended and for the rest of the Woman to stand up and take their place.

Bayley in action against Alicia Fox – Alicia had control most of the match but Bayley with a Bayley to belly for a win.

Rusev/Lana trashing Enzo and Cass – talking about last week and the beating that Enzo got and here is Cass taking it to him.

Samy Zayne – will this be his last match on RAW? Mick is afraid that Braun will end his career. Mick will call Daniel Bryant to arrange a trade, hoping to save his career. Jinder Mahal is Samy’s opponent, Samy with the win but Mick is on the way to the ring, Has he made the trade or will he finally give n and give Samy what he wants. OMG – Samy Zayne for Eva Marie – are you SERIOUS? Samy facing Braun at Roadblock on Sunday. Could Samy find the darkness in his soul to beat Braun? 10 minutes to prove Mick wrong.

Tag Team Triple Threat – Now it is New Day vs Owens/Jericho vs Reigns/Rollins for the belt. They STILL managed to win the belts. It was extremely close, I thought Seth and Roman just might have it. Chris and Kevin could have had the match won but thanks to Seth (which I am glad of) they are screaming at each other in the ring, (Chris and Kevin), Roman with a spear of Kevin.


Raw at the University of Texas

There was no Raw pre show tonight. Not sure what is going on if it has been axed for what the reason is.

Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho – I don’t understand this, I have seen that Chris is due to leave because his band is going on the road. Owens have never really defended the title which was handed to him by Triple H. It is time for Kevin to stand up and defend the title without help

Seth on the way to the ring, He wants Triple H. (set up storyline for Wrestlemania) The only way Seth can get a true match is to get rid of Chris Jericho. Kevin Owens has come out to run his mouth. Kevin pointing out that Seth screwed the Shield as soon as he could. Kevin screaming that he is a fighting champion, but he Seth, (with Jericho’s help)

Chris Jericho vs Roman Reigns for the US belt – Chris told Kevin to butt out tonight, Do not come to the ring, Chris does not NEED Kevin’s help. I must admit it has been a really good match. Once again, KEVIN showed up when Chris told him to stay out. Roman is still in this. Chris is screaming at Kevin to leave. Roman with that nasty spear to keep the U.S belt

Seth vs Chris at Roadblock.

Seth facing Big Show, with Owens at ringside. Owens just got choked slammed Show and walked away. Seth wins by count out. Rollins with a pedigree.

Cruiserweights with a match, I don’t know why I am just not a fan of them. At least now.

Samy Zayne vs Kevin Owens –  it has actually been a good match. Samy and Kevin have had some great matches. Samy almost had the win. Kevin barely survives. Samy gave it to him. (hey Corey, I have NO RESPECT for the man)

Recap of the Charlotte/Sasha match from last week. (how much longer are they going to let this go on for? there is a whole woman’s division waiting for their chance at the belt. this needs to change, the sooner the better) Sasha has challenged Charlotte to an Iron man match. (Sasha and Bayley, remember).

Charlotte has ask Rick to Raw to say she is “Sorry”, (lets she how true this one is). Review of what was the breakdown. (Rick was the dirtiest player in the game, daughter learned well from Father)

Another Cruiserweight match. Rick Swann now holds the belt. Facing T.J Perkins.

Bayley vs Alicia Fox – it was quick but Bayley with the win.

Match between Mark Henry vs Titus O’Neil was over in 30 seconds as Mark hit a world’s strongest slam

Anderson/Gallows vs Cesaro/Sheamus for the #1 contender for the Tag Belts. – New day got involved once again. No clue who the #1 contenders are. Triple threat match next week for the Tag Belts

Here comes Charlotte – it will be interesting. Charlotte did accept the Iron woman match with Sasha. Well I told you it would happen, Rick just got slapped by Charlotte, screaming that he was wrong to go to Sasha, once a bitch always a bitch. Charlotte beat the snot out of Sasha.