RAW – Rumble fallout

Tonight the show is in Laredo Texas

You really wonder why Smackdown is beating RAW in the ratings. Smackdown is changing stories, giving other wrestlers the chance to have a shot at titles. Not the same people with the same story. Perfect example is Charlotte being the heel, bullying Bayley or anyone who gets in her way. (Rumor is that Bayley will take the title at Wrestlemania)  Let’s put Charlotte and Nia Jax in a steel cage and see what happens?

Once again, Kevin Owens still has the Universal title thanks to help. This is getting old. Kevin and Chris are heading to the right to open the show. Kevin is complaining once again because Mick set him up. Screaming that he is the best but he only kept the title thanks to Braun coming out. (hearing that Chris will depart in May, finally) Braun Strowman on his way to the ring. Kevin promised Braun a title shot. Mick on his way to the ring. (I’m so tired of Kevin’s whining)

*Kevin Owens vs Braun Strowman – Braun headed straight for Chris Jericho who was at the announcer’s table and took him out. Here comes Roman to the ring. Kevin has won by D.Q. Kevin just got a spear from Roman.

*Chris Jericho vs – Samy Zayne – Samy has the win over Chris Jericho. A good solid match after the rumble from last night.

*Mix Tag Team – Bayley/Cesaro/Sheamus vs Charlotte/Anderson/Gallows – Even match so far. Charlotte playing dirty to help her team mates. Bayley/Sheamus/Cesaro get payback.

*Cruiserweights in action

*Stephanie to address Seth Rollins and what happened at NXT Takeover – (this should be the set up to the story line for Seth to face Triple H at Wrestlemania)

*Cruiserweights in action – Neville who now holds the belt. Rich Swann has joined Neville in the ring.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman on way to the ring. – Complaining about getting beaten by Goldberg in the Rumble. One final match – Brock and Goldberg at Wrestlemania. (rumor is this match will take place)

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax – Sasha with a wrapped knee. Ref’s need to stop this match. Nia has gone for the knee again. Bell has been rung. Bayley came to Sasha’s rescue.

Eno/Cass vs Rusev/Jinder Mahal – Tornado Tag Team match. This is just ugly. it was ugly to say the least but Enzo and Cass get the win.

Triple H in the ring – trying not to be the man to break Seth. Triple H cut a promo to set up the story line that will finish at Wrestlemania. Holy shit(didn’t see this one coming)  – Samoa Joe came out of no where and is beating the crap out of Seth.

The Road to Wrestlemania just got really interesting


Royal Rumble – 30 Anniversary

We are in San Antonio, Texas. Where were you 30 years ago, I was 23 and just married when the first Royal Rumble took place.

*Match 1 – Charlotte and Bayley – (Dana Brook is NOT with Charlotte, usually when this happens, Charlotte is keeping the belt. Tonight anything is possible)(Jo Jo is your announcer dressed in red) Bayley is fighting hard, Charlotte is getting frustrated and hoping Bayley can be ready when a mistake is made. Twice Bayley has almost got Charlotte. You can see the frustration. Charlotte with a natural selection to win. (rumor is Bayley will take the belt at Wrestlemania)

*Match 2 – NO D Q match. Universal Title. Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns. Chris Jericho in a shark cage over the ring. No Champion’s advantage. Get in the damn cage Chris. Going after Roman with Kevin, anything to get an advantage. What a Frog Splash and loss of a table, but Roman powers out. Even after Chris dropped brass knuckles from the cage, Roman is still going. They are going at it hell for leather and using everything but the kitchen sink. Roman just shattered the announce table. Now Roman just needs to get Kevin back in the Ring and end this. Braun Strohman just showed up. (payback for the spear a couple of weeks ago) Thanks to Strohman, Kevin still holds the belt. (just great, Kevin STILL get helps to keep the belt)

*Match 3 – CruiserWeight Belt – Neville vs Rich Swann.Neville turned heel upon his return after this injury. I have never seen him this affective. Rich Swann with no choice but to tap out.

Match 4 – Smackdown Title between John Cena and A.J Styles – it is time for John to take what is his, the belt. It’s time A.J was put in his place. Hoping this storyline ends today once and for all. (Tony is your announcer, dressed in a blue suit) A.J is getting pissed and frustrated. A. J trying to beat John at his own game. Turning into a classic match. What a match, you can’t ask for anything better than this. It was a bloody war and John Cena wins.

**2018 Royal Rumble to take place in Philadelphia.

*Royal Rumble – Jojo given instructions.

#1 – Big Cass, #2 – Chris Jericho, #3 – Kalisto, #4 – MoJo Rawley, #5 – Jack Gallagher, #6 – Mark Henry, #7 – Braun Strowman, (Braun cleared the ring)  #8 – Samy Zayne #9 – Big Show, (Braun eliminated him)  #10 – Tye Dillinger

#11 – James Ellsworth, #12 – Dean Ambrose, #13 – Baron Corbin, #14 – Kofi Kingston, #15 – The Miz, #16 – Sheamus, #17 – Big E, #18 – Rusev,(broken nose) #19 – Cesaro, #20 – Xavier Woods,

#21 – Bray Wyatt, #22 – Apollo Crews, #23 – Randy Orton, #24 – Dolph Ziggler, #25 – Luke Harper, #26 – Brock Lesnar,  #27 – Enzo – , #28 – Goldberg,(eliminated Brock Lesnar)  #29 – The Undertaker,(eliminated Goldberg) #30 – Roman Reigns(eliminated Undertaker) (eliminated Chris Jericho)(Bray Wyatt is thanks to Roman)

Randy Orton has won eliminating Roman Reigns. Randy is the 7th man to win 2 or more Rumbles.





Royal Rumble Pre Show in San Antonio, Texas

Pre Show Panel – Renee Young, Shawn Micheals, Booker T and Jerry Lawyer

Charly Caruso hosting the Media Lounge If on Twitter use #RoyalRumble

Corey Graves announced yesterday that NXT Takeover was his final event. He is departing NXT to devote fulltime to his RAW duties.

**Tag Team Title Match – (2 Refs) Cesaro/Sheamus vs Anderson and Gallows – Both teams are focused and fighting tooth and nail. 1 ref got in the way of a bro kick by Sheamus. Anderson holding the tights of Cesaro steal the win. Rematch coming, and I can’t wait

Rich Swann vs Nevell for the Cruiserweight belt. With the injury Neville had he was out for a bit and got left behind.

**Women’s Division Match – Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax – Nia was just too strong for Sasha getting the win.

2 weeks are Smackdown Elimination Chamber and the Men’s Smackdown belt will be on the line, no matter who holds it

Talking about Seth Rollins showing up at NXT last night. Seth has been banned from the Alamo Dome.

HBK heading to the ring




NXT – San Antonio – Take over

My 1st  NXT pay per view event and there is heaps going on.

All 3 Titles are up for grabs tonight.

Fatal 4 way for the NXT Women’s title.

Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Percy Watson at the desk calling todays event

Match – 1 — Ty Dillinger vs Eric Young from Sanity. You expect dirty with the other members of Sanity at ringside. Dillinger use to be a member. Eric Young with the help of Sanity steal the win. It was a great match.

Match 2 – Roderick Strong vs Andrade “Cien” Almas – new kids to NXT. I don’t know much about either of them. Been a good match so far, doing new things and they are evenly matched. Roddie had his hands full but I like this guy. He is one to watch.

Match 3 – Tag Team Belts – #DIY vs Authors of Pain — Pain is just nasty and this has been such a one sided match. I have no clue how in the world that DIY kicked out of that. DIY have both of Authors in tap out situations but Authors showed their strength. Best match of the night so far,  New tag team champions – Authors of Pain.

Set Rollins has just taken over calling Triple H out. Seth is livid to say the least. Triple H just walked out, Turned into a 3 on 1 match between Seth and security.

NXT Women’s Title – Asuka has held it for a year and has been undefeated. Billy Kaye, Payton Royce and Nikki Cross. Don’t blink, your going to miss this one. Royce and Kaye have gone after Cross and taken her out for now. They are heading back to the ring to get Asuka. Beating the odds, Asuka takes out the win and keeps the Women’s title.

Men’s title – Bobby Roode vs Sinsuke Nakamura — Roode is really taking it to  Sinsuke. It’s becoming a seesaw battle, how bad do they each ant it and who will make the 1st mistake to let the other one capitalize. Roode was playing possum. Roode did a number on Nakamura neck and shoulder which could come into play. (rumor that Roode would take the title to free Sinsuke to move to WWE) Nakamura is hurt, knee problem and Roode is out. Roode is awake and trying to end this. Finally Bobby gets the win. Sinsuke is injured and looks to be out a while.


Smackdown in Toledo, Ohio

Show opens with Daniel Bryan in his office and The Miz and Maryse come in complaining they do not have a private dressing room.

Lumber Jack match for the Intercontinental Belt.

Randy Orton and Wyatt Family – this could get nasty. I’m picking Randy to win this one. It’s been better than I expected and with an RKO Randy wins the match. Holy Crap – Ray just hit Luke with a sister Abigail.

Mickie James out chatting with Renee Young – that Mickie is the start of the Women’s turn NOT Becky Lynch. Becky came out and took it to Mickey but Alexa was hiding and once again they both had a go at her. Leaving her lying in the middle of the ring.

Baron Corbin on his way to commentary. Over the top challenge. A spot in the Royal Rumble on the line. Mojo Rawley on the way to the rumble.

Natalya attacked Nikki Bella in the parking lot.

A.J Styles calls out John Cena – A.J having a cry because he is not in the forefront of the poster. A.J having a big pout about John having a little fun on the Today show Monday morning. A. J running off at the mouth, complaining that he is not getting the respect that he demands. JOhn just shut up A.J. Just as pathetic as always A.J

Kalisto vs Dolph Ziggler – Dolph has turned heel. Dolph won is short time. He was going after Kalisto with a chair but Apollo Crews came out of no where.

Naomi vs Natalya – Look for Nikki Bella to turn up. Nikki is beating the crap out of Nattie. Naomi with an open challenge. Here comes Alexa Bliss, and there goes the little brat Bliss.

**Royal Rumble Alert – 6 Woman tag team – Nikki/Naomi/Becky vs Natalya/Alexa Bliss/Mickey James

Lumberjack Match – Dean Ambrose vs The Miz – It was on for young and old with the lumberjacks around the ring, Dean is still holding the belt. Baron Corbin started the chaos at the end, Miz tried to use the ropes but Dean kicked out and used Dirty Deeds to end it.

RAW in Cleveland , Ohio

Royal Rumble in San Antonio Texas

Goldberg returns

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho opening the show. Recap of the 2 on 1 when Roman lost the United States Belt. (rumor is Roman will win the Universal Belt at the Rumble).

Roman on his way to the ring. Talking about how Chris will be in the Shark Cage and that Roman will have his way with Kevin and will beat him. Basically Kevin saying that Roman is full of it and will not win. Typical Chris and Kevin out running their mouths a usual. Kevin just told Roman he would get his rematch with Chris for the United States Title. Mick Foley made the rematch official.

Cesaro/Sheamus vs Gallows/Anderson – (the belts will be defended on the kick off show on Sunday 2 refs for the match). Cesaro vs Gallows in Singles Action. Sheamus got rid of Anderson but Cesaro has his hands full with Gallows. With help from the outside Gallows gets the win.

Samy Zayne in to talk to Mick about entering the Royal Rumble but he must beat Seth. Mick has news for Seth. Samy has to beat Seth, Seth loses his spot in the Rumble. This is a good match, they are taking it to each other. Neither of them will have anything left. Holy Shit, Triple H music is getting played and he is no where in sight. Seth just got screwed. Samy is in. Seth is livid to say the least. (rumor that Seth will face Triple H at Wrestlemania)

Corey catching up with Bayley. Charlotte facing Bayley on Sunday.

Neville vs Rich Swann for the Cruiserweight Belt at the Rumble.

The New Day – Enzo and Cass just showed up. Cass just threw his hat in the ring for the Rumble, now its Rusev and Jinder Mahal. 8 man tag team. The New Day/Enzo and Cass vs Titus O’Neil, Rusev, Jinder, Braun Strowman. Needless to say that Enzo against Braun does not end well for Enzo.

Here comes the Big Show. Braun just throw Enzo out of the ring. Show is actually bigger than Braun. Braun walked away.

Roman vs Chris Jericho in a rematch for the United States belt – I can see Kevin getting in this so Chris keeps the belt. Kevin is out there, so you know he will get Chris disqualified. It is a good match, both pushing the other to their limits. I told you so, Kevin got in on it. Trying to put Roman in the cage.Roman just locked Kevin in the cage and its going up. Chris all alone in the ring. Chris got the spear he so rightfully deserved.

The Universal Title will also be a NO D.Q match. Kevin is screaming that everything is not fair and the match should be cancelled.

Cody also chatted with Charlotte. (rumor – the story line is the I’m better than you and will bully you as often as I want. Vince feels that Bayley will be the better baby face to hold the title.

Nia Jax in action. Here is my question – Where is Sasha Banks? Here comes Sasha after Nia’s match which was a joke. Karma – payback is a bitch and Sasha got it.

Cruiserweights in action

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax at Royal Rumble

Here comes Goldberg. Paul Heyman just walked out to interrupt Bill. Paul just introduced Brock and he is there. Bill called out Brock and he is heading to the ring. Holy Shit kids, the gong just went off which means one thing – the Undertaker in the ring. Paul is stunned to say the least.

That is how Raw Ended.




RAW and Smackdown thoughts

Just my thoughts on some of what is going on in the world of WWE.

The final week before Royal Rumble and the card should start to take shape this week.

Rumors are running everywhere who could be showing up in the Rumble, I am hearing that Samoa Joe will make his WWE debut at the Rumble. The 30 spots will not be filled to leave spaces for some surprises.

Roman to face Kevin Owens for the Universal belt, with Chris Jericho in the shark cage. Word has it that Chris will depart after Wrestlemania to tour with his band. This meaning the United States Title could land anywhere, but I have heard of a feud between Chris and Kevin .

I am liking the Randy Orton Wyatt storyline. The discord and all. fingers cross they let Randy really run all over the Wyatts.

Charlotte being a heel is getting really old in my book. I am hearing that she will lose the Women’s belt to Bayley at Wrestlemania. One Sasha Banks is cleared medically she will be turning a heel. If you saw her in NXT, she was great.

Over on Smackdown I am not sure if bringing back Mickey James will really work. Starting her as a heel with Alexa Bliss. The Natalya/Nikki Bella story is a good one. I like seeing how dirty Nikki can play and win on this one. Hoping this one heads to a steel cage.

A,J Styles needs to be taken out and I really hope that John Cena can do it. Have gotten tired of the “Let’s beat up John Cena” story. Time for John to do what he does well. shut people up and I think if not at the Royal, at Wrestlemania for sure he will Tie Ric Flair’s record. It is time for it to be broken.

As I was writing this it came across my tablet that the Big Show will enter the rumble. Hope the ring is re-enforced with him, Braun, Brock and Goldberg in there. (that is so me serious weight)

The Cruiser weights is growing on me but I have heard they are having issues with the lack of interest in the show separate to Smackdown. Production cost is becoming an issue. Why not continue what they are doing now and weave in the Cruisers with the Smackdown time like they do now, you could almost make smackdown 3 hours using the cruisers better