Wrestlemania Week for Smackdown in Richmond Virginia

Daniel on his way to the ring to open the show.

Contract signing – Shane McMahon vs A.J Styles. this is one match I really hope that Shane kicks A.J backside. A.J has gotten so full of himself and needs taken down. Shane told A.J to bring his best game to Wrestlemania, that his ego has gotten too big for him and he needs to wake up to himself. A.J’s ego is screaming again, per usual.

Becky Lynch vs Carmella — Mickie James and Alexa Bliss at ringside. (this won’t end well) Told you it wouldn’t. Ref called the match on interference. Turned into a tag team match. Mickie/Becky vs Carmella/Alexa — here comes Natalya. (one question – Why?) Ellsworth getting in the mess and helping Carmella/Alexa win. Music started and it is Naomi who is back, and will be at Wrestlemania on Sunday.

Miz T.V — need I say  more. (rumors are that John and Nikki need some time off) but still, they have to beat the crap out of Miz. I so want to see Nikki punch Maryse in the face. You know that Maryse will have ring rust from not competing. Nikki has the edge there. John and Nikki have come out to the ring. John just called Miz a punk! Once again they walk away.

10 man tag team. All taking part will be in the Battle Royal on Sunday.

Luke Harper vs Bray Wyatt – Luke has his hair in a ponytail so he can see. Bray Wyatt won with a sister Abigail. Luke was so close to finishing him off.

Randy has one last conformation before Wrestlemania.




Wrestlemania Week for Raw in Philadelphia

It has all come down this Wrestlemania. Story lines are starting to finish and will draw to a close on Sunday April 2 (I hope) but anything is possible. I have a feeling we will be in for a few surprises along the way.

Bayley opens the show but should know by now this won’t end well. (fatal 4 way between – Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax, Elimination match). Charlotte has to come out and spoil it, (need to promote the match) Let’s add Nia to the mix in the ring, with Sasha and Charlotte in the ring with Bayley. Tag team match: Charlotte/Nia vs Bayley/Sasha — it was Chaos but Bayley/Sasha get the win.

Cruiserweights – Austin Aries wins and will be facing Neville at Wrestlemania for the Cruiserweight Belt.

Seth Rollins is in a race to be medically cleared to compete at Wrestlemania. Triple H is offering a hold harmless agreement, (Seth competes and if he gets hurt, he can’t hold the WWE liable), On his way to the ring.  Seth just called out Triple H, demanding that Seth sit down and listen to him,(hunter the degrading prick) this is such a bloody joke, Triple H going at Seth once again. Seth got some payback today.

Goldberg vs Lesnar review.

(Over the top rope challenge) The Big Show vs Jinder Mahal. Show vs Bo Dallas. Show now facing the Shinning Stars. Big Show now facing Golden Truth and Curtis Axel. Big Show is out. Golden Truth was smart enough to run. Here comes Braun Strohman.

Keep seeing shots of a cemetery during the show.

Neville and Austin Aries both with convincing wins today

Roman on the way to the ring, facing The Undertaker on Sunday. Taker in the ring with Roman after the lights have come back on. (talk is that this will be takers final match. his body is giving out and taker is in need of major surgery)

Samy Zayne vs Kevin Owens – Samy has to win to keep his job. It’s a NO D.Q match. Samoa Joe came out to take out Samy but Chris nailed Joe from behind. With an assist from Chris, Samy keeps his job. Chris going after Kevin.

Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman in the ring. Goldberg on his way to the ring. Bill just speared Brock outside the ring.




Wrestlemania Card (Raw and Smackdown)

My take on the matches and my pick to win. (I started this on RAW and will conclude on Smackdown)

Will be interesting to see if any NXT star make a surprise appearance?

Roman Reign vs The Undertaker — This could go either way. I am hearing that this will be the last Wrestlemania for Taker. They are still trying to set up Roman as the baby face to take over from John Cena. I just don’t think its going to work. I would love to see Taker with his one.

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar — I hate that Brock could wind up with the belt. A champion that barely defends the title. Hope that Bill keeps the belt but I have that gut feeling it will change hands.

Charlotte vs Sasha vs Bayley — Raw Women’s belt. No way do I want Charlotte to have the belt back. I can live with Sasha or Bayley. It will be nasty. As of RAW 3/20 it is now a fatal 4 way. You have to give the early favorite to Nia but no rumor of who will win.

Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho — United States Belt. Chris has stayed longer than he was supposed to. Rumors are that Chris will lose and depart for a while after Wrestlemania to go touring with his band. I want Chris to win.

Seth Rollins vs Triple H — Seth has an injured knee and I still can’t decide if its story line or a real injury. 13 days and counting for Wrestlemania. I really hope that Seth can compete. He needs to exercise the Triple H demons. The rumored back up is that H will face Finn Balor. Watch this space.

Raw Tag Team Belts – Sheamus/Cesaro had to fight to keep their spot in the match. They faced off against Cass/Enzo and Anderson/Gallows.

Austin Aries vs Neville — dont blink or you will miss it. This one is too hard to call.


A.J Styles vs Shane McMahon – I hope that Shane kicks the punks ass. I use to like him but not now.

Womens Belt – which Alexa Bliss currently holds will be defended against the whole Women’s locker room.

Tag Team belts – American Alpha to defend against the Usos. Since they turned heel they are nasty and it will be a dog fight. I like Alpha but I have a feeling the Usos will walk out winners. (Usos just won the tag belts in one hell of a match)

John Cena/Nikki Bella vs The Miz/Maryse — I have had more than enough of the attitude of the both of them. I know the rumors are that John and Nikki are taking some time off but they need to beat the crap out of those two. Time to shut them up in my book.

Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin for the Intercontinental Belt – this one can go either way. In my book it’s too close to call.




Smackdown in Indianapolis, Indiana.

When Nikki Bella sprinted to the ring after Maryse slapped John (it was a sad slap if you listen for it), who knew that (John got out of her way) ” Hey Mayse, You mess my with man, I’m gonna break ya bitch, ya hear me.” would get the response it has. (rumor is that Maryse is not well like by the Total Diva’s to start with. Well, this just added fuel to the fire. Did you see the way Miz stood behind Maryse after she slapped John. Time for a real power couple to take the lead and it’s not Miz and Maryse. (you watch Miz reaction,  I don’t think he was even expecting that line.)

Show opens with Bray and Randy Orton. Randy refused to face Bray at Wrestlemania but we all know what happens next.

A.J Styles vs Randy Orton for #1 contender at Wrestlemania. It has to be Randy so this story can finish at Wrestlemania. In a well fought match, everything but the kitchen sink thrown at each other will have Randy Orton heading to Wrestlemania to face Bray Wyatt

Shane and Daniel on the way to the ring. Chatting about what to do between Randy and A.J. (rumor is that A.J to face Shane at Wrestlemania and this could be the set up)

Nikki Bella/John Cena vs Carmella/James Ellsworth — John out first, Here comes Nikki — the girls to start, (Miz music just started, they are on the way to the ring). Carmella super kicked Nikki. Nikki tagged John and Ellsworth is scared shitless. Watching the match on mute thanks to The Miz. Carmella screaming at James to be a man. Mirror 5 knuckle shuffle. and 2 AA. Ellsworth taps outs. Miz and Maryse go after John and Nikki.  Miz in the ring to have another bullshit bitch.(it’s still on mute) Geesh, get him off please. Who really cares about those 2 no body’s anyway. Run like the little brats you care cause karma is coming for you both.

Dean Ambrose in the ring. Dean just laid out Curt Hawkins with dirty deeds on his way to find Baron Corbin.

MoJo Rawley on his way to the Battle Royal. Dolph being a spoiler.

Alexa Bliss in the ring with Mickie James. (they both did wipe their feet in respect) the brat is on mute. W all know she is full of crap, she plays the wicked witch well. Becky Lynch as walked out, Becky has announced she is going for the belt at Wrestlemania but Natalya has walked out and will declare she is going for the belt also. the usual, Becky is not good enough to be there. Mickie screaming to shut up, Alexa telling who she is facing and Mickie thinks it’s her. Thank god Daniel on the way to the ring. It’s a fatal 4 way for the Smackdown women’s belt. Tag Team match, Alexa/Mickie vs Natalya/Becky  — Good match between Becky/Mickie. Natalya got pissed and went after Becky. Becky left on her own after Natalya walked away. Mickie just kicked Alexa in the head.

RAW fallout from Fastlane in Chicago

Rick Rude to join the 2017 Hall of Fame

Will be an interesting night. Goldberg with the Universal belt. Bayley breaking Charlotte’s streak, (you know she will complain about how she lost, HELLO), turnabout is fair play. she can do whatever she wants but when it’s done to her she doesn’t like it) Why is Dana Brooke even in the WWE, she has done nothing but be Charlotte’s bitch. Loved that Nia Jax lost. I still want to see Nia in a match against Charlotte. That I would pay to see.

*Show opens with a recap of the Goldberg/Owens match from last night. The distraction of Chris Jericho was just enough to cause the upset. This should be the set up for Jericho/Owns match at Wrestlemania.

Chris still holds the United States Belt. Chris is in the ring to address the universe. Chris has called out Kevin to the ring and there is no sign of him at first but now his music has started. Boy is he looking pissed off , Kevin that is. Kevin just called Chris gullible, Chris was just a tool for Kevin to keep his belt at all cost. The crowd is giving Kevin hell. The United States Belt has been put up At Wrestlemania by Chris Jericho against Kevin Owens. It’s an all out brawl. Samoa Joe has shown up and so has Sami Zayne. Have a chair, Chris and Samy Zayne standing tall after that round.

Samy Zayne vs Kevin Owens – needless to say, Owns is in a foul mood. Samy loses this one.

Cruiserweights in action – Neville vs Rich Swann for the Cruiserweight title – What a great match. Swann had the smarts to roll out of the ring. Neville wins by submission.Neville has had 2 stunning matches in 24 hours. Austin Aries looking like a set up to face Neville. Aries just decked Neville. Neville in retreat.

Goldberg’s Music has started and here he comes. — belt looks good on him. Paul Heyman has interrupted Bill in mid sentence.  Brock and Bill in the ring face to face. Paul says that Bill will lose and become Lesnar’s bitch. (I really hope Lesnar doesn’t get the belt again because he never defended it. He wrestled when he wanted, no way a fighting champ.) Bill was at the wrong end of a F5

Enzo and Cass with a return match for the Tag Belts but Cesaro/Sheamus made things known that they are still around in the Tag Team division.

Enzo/Cass vs Sheamus/Cesaro for the #1 contender to face Anderson/Gallows at Wrestlemania.

Cruiserweights in action.

The New Day vs Shining Stars –  hope you didn’t go get a snack because its all over. New Day win.

Bayley – (Corey complaining about Bayley’s win but its the same thing that Charlotte did to win.) Mick, chatting to Bayley about last night. (rumor is a fatal 4 way. Charlotte, Sasha,Bayley, Nia) Here comes Charlotte and her bitch Dana. OMG Charlotte complaining she got ROBBED. Here comes Stephanie, (playing the bitch) Sasha facing Bayley and if Sasha wins its a triple threat at Wrestlemania for the Women’s Title. SHUT UP CORY!!!!! (I know its story line but it’s getting really old and tiresome. Charlotte is just a female version of her father) Nothing special about Charlotte but she plays a bitch really well. Of course, Charlotte now down at the ring. Once again, Charlotte INTERFERED. The Women’s division is laughable.

Samoa Joe vs Chris Jericho –  Chris is holding his own. Joe wins by count out, he used a submission hold to knock Chris out. Joe tried to hurt Chris was able to get a code breaker on him.

Braun Strowman looking for Roman to finish what was started last night. Roman’s music started then there was a gong, and the lights went out, here comes Undertaker. Braun just walked backwards and got out of the ring, straight through the crowd. Here comes Roman now, stopped on the stage and now at the ring. Question – Is this UnderTakers final match at Wrestlemania with Roman? Roman just said with all due respect this is my yard now, but he got choked slammed. It is still The Undertakers yard, at least for now.




RAW – Fast Lane taking place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This is the final pay per view for both brands until Wrestlemania.

Interesting card for tonight. Not sure if much will be settled or we are looking at possible match ups for Wrestlemania.

**Match 8 — *Kevin Owens vs Goldberg – rumor has it that bill will take the title and  to be honest I hope he does. Owens is getting old and stale, this could be the set up for him to face Chris Jericho in April. Goldberg vs Lesnar for the Universal Belt. Was not quite sure what to expect. Kevin started pacing to try and get inside Bill’s head. Not that it would do much good. It all had to be on his terms, what Kevin never expected was for Chris Jericho to walk out. Chris never came to the ring, He stayed on the stage but it was just enough to allow Bill a spear to catch Kevin off guard. a well placed Jackhammer and Goldberg is your NEW Universal Champion but it won’t last long as Lesnar is waiting for him at Wrestlemania.

**Match 6** — *Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman – I am still yet to figure out this story line. Is it Braun wanting to be top dog or what. (I think they are at a loss on what to do with Braun to be honest). Hope Roman can do this but anything is possible. Fans are starting to boo the match. Geesh kids. This is going nuts. They took it to each other but Roman finally got a spear and the win.

**Match 7** — *Bayley vs Charlotte – (Women’s Title), well is this goes according to plan as it usually does, Charlotte will take the title back. The Women’s division is getting boring and to be honest I am losing interest in it. Time for a change. Charlotte being the bitch she is. (plays a good heel but time for a belt change). What’s happened to the Women’s revolution because on RAW its died. it has been a good match but something needs to change. Sasha screaming at the ref that Charlotte was holding Bayley’s tights. (Charlotte can pull all the dirty tricks and win but when its done to her she cries foul)

**Match 1**  — *Sami Zayne vs Samoa Joe – Joe is one evil dude. (same Authority story line just insert new people). Sami is tough but I don’t know if he can pull this off tonight. Needless to say that Joe wins this one.

**Match 5 — *Cruiserweight Belt – Neville vs Jack Gallagher – Neville playing a heel has worked well for the division, I like Jack to be honest. I have no clue how in the world Jake is staying in this match. No matter what Neville throws at him he keeps getting up. With the red arrow, Neville keeps the belt but Jack gave him one hell of a fight.

**Match 2** — *Tag team belts – Anderson vs Gallows vs Enzo and Cass – Not fans of Anderson/gallows but I agree that Enzo and Cass are not ready yet but they will be. Just hoping sooner rather than later. That was CRAP, Enzo had his foot on the robe and never saw it.

**Match 3** — * Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax – 1st – let’s get Sasha back to being a heel, she is at her best in that role. I have seen both Bayley and Sasha beat Nia and I hope tonight it is one of those nights. (the match I would love to see is Nia vs Charlotte.) Holy Cow kids SASHA WINS

**Kickoff Show**  — *Rich Swann/Akira Tozawa(won the match) vs The Brian Kendrick/Noam Dar – I need to give in and watch 205 live. Give the cruiserweight a chance, they are good, they are quick and the energy is amazing. Blink or you miss it.

**Match 4** — *Jinder Mahal/Rusev(clean cut) now in singles action. Each with their own match. Cesaro/Sheamus both to the ring. Cesaro to face Mahal. Cesaro with the win. Neither Rusev or Sheamus got involved. Rusev now in action (holy cow) it’s the Big Show. No matter what Rusev tried it didn’t work. show is in the best shape of his life and after 3 choke  slams and a knockout punch, show with the win.

*Paul Heyman has turned up at Fastlane.

The New Day – Wrestlemania host.



Smackdown March 1

Fallout from last week as Luke Harper and A.J Styles face off for the right to face Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania.

Becky Lynch faces Mickie James in a falls count anywhere. I am not sure where this storyline is going. Mickie needs bitch slapped back into retirement. Alexa Bliss needs to stay out of this but she could turn up. Mickie wins the first fall. Becky steals fall 2. I TOLD U SO, here comes Alexa! Damn it, told you. Alexa tried to keep the ref busy but Becky saw it and stepped out-of-the-way and Mickie ran into Alexa and Becky makes Mickie tap.

Alexa being interviewed, and being a stuck up bitch per usual.(OMG really) She needs a bitch slamming. Natalya just walked up, 2 peas in a pod. Natalya going after Alexa and the title. Alexa Bliss with the belt again is a joke, You could see that she held Becky’s pants. (hope Naomi doesn’t have to wait too long for a rematch)

Show opens with Daniel and Shane watching a replay of the conclusion of last weeks show. a.J starts making jokes about Luke but soon realizes he is standing behind him. All Luke says is “Thank You”

The Miz and Maryse to the ring. John Cena is scheduled to be on.(this is a set up for a possible Wrestlemania for Nikki and John to face Miz and Maryse.) Seriously, Miz told them to cut John’s mike. Miz is having a bitch about the 10 years of frustrations and so-called stuff that John supposedly cost him) some one please wipe that smug look off his face. Miz just said that John is jealous of HIM. OMG that is a bloody laugh. Miz does play a good heel but I have heard enough of the same old bitch. Miz does like to hear himself talk and I keep looking at the screen(on mute) to see how red Miz face is from screaming. When its time for the trades between shows, I really hope Miz and Maryse are gone. John is putting Miz in his place. Oh God, Maryse is now running her mouth. Look for Nikki to come out. Look at the chicken shits run (there is the set up for Wrestlemania)

Luke Harper vs A.J Styles –  they are both going for broke. (a.j still announced as the face that runs the place. I don’t think so) Luke had his foot on the rope and the ref never say it. AFter the restart A.J finally gets the win and heads to Wrestlemania. Luke tried to kick A.J but moved out-of-the-way.

Renee talking to John and Nikki but Carmella and James showed up. John/Nikki vs James/Carmella next week.

Dean Ambrose —  in the ring Baron Corbin interrupts on the big screen.

Chairs match Dolph ziggler vs Apollo Crews – Apollo gets a shot from behind. Dolph tried the first chair shot but Apollo connected with a massive kick. Dolph pulls the win.

Bray Wyatt in the ring.(remember storyline here) Randy has appeared on the screen. Randy is starting to blow things apart. Randy is talking about Abigail, Randy is where she was paid to rest. Bray is screaming at Randy. ( it was rumored that Randy would blow it all to hell and he just did) Bray is livid to say the least. Crowds Chanting “Randy” as the screen fades to black