Smackdown Arrivals – Catch up

I know this show has already aired but I am just getting a chance to finally see this.

Show opens with Kevin Owens and the United States Title now on Smackdown, replacing Dean Ambrose with the Intercontinental Belt now on RAW. Not int he mood to listen to Owens complain that he is all that with the United States belt. Plays a great heel. Here comes Baron Corbin who is always looking for a fight. Samy Zayne has also joined Smackdown, (Owens worst nightmare . HA) Here comes A.J. Daniel Bryan in the ring, Owens will still defend the U.S belt at payback. Owens or Jericho will defend the belt against the winner of the triple threat match between A.J, Baron and Samy.

Erick Rowan vs Randy Orton – this should be interesting. Here is Bray to screw it all up just as Randy was about to finish Erick off. Erick with a cheap shot and the bell has rung.

American Alpha vs The Usos for the Tag Team belts – this should be a good match, fast paced and if you need snacks, don’t leave or you will miss something. The Usos steal the win but the Shinning Stars are now on Smackdown and have made themselves known. Alpha are still amazing and will be champions again.

Jinder Mahal vs MoJo Rawley – Beer went flying again but this time it was Gronk throwing it. MoJo with one hell of a forearm and taking the win.

Shane out to talk about the Women’s division and to introduce who has joined them from RAW. Naomi, Natalya, Carmella/Ellsworth, Becky Lynch (has changed her ring gear and I am liking it). Tamina and Charlotte have joined the Women’s division.

Also joining Smackdown — Sin Cara, Rusev/Lana

Aidan English (Simon Gotch has been let go by wwe) facing Tye Dillinger – love his smile.

Dolph in the ring bragging but here comes Shinsuke Nakamura. A battle with Dolph could be good. Needless to say he shut Dolph up.

A.J vs Baron vs Samy for the #1 contender for the United States Belt – nice move by A.J. I expect Baron to take this. With  his height and strength, Massive blue thunder bomb by Samy but A.J managed to kick out. With Baron on the outside its left to Samy and A.J to fight it out. Samy hit Baron with a massive kick to eliminate him but A.J hit with the forearm to get the win over Samy


Raw and Smackdown Trade Period

I was going to give wrestling a miss this week after Wrestlemania and all but when Vince decided it was time for the trade period, well, here I am.

Not sure what to expect with all of this. I have my own ideas. On Smackdown I would love to see A.J up against Shinsuke. I would still like to see Charlotte and Nia Jax in a match on Raw but I have heard that she could be the one going. Rumor has it they want to pair up Roman against Brock. Only time will tell.

Geesh – John Cena’s music started and out walked The Miz and Maryse. Welcome to Raw and let’s hope they get the crap knocked out of them. Never been a fan of parody. In mid sentence Dean Ambrose music started, kicking ass and taking names, Dean will. Dean just hit dirty deeds on Miz.

Michael Cole having a sit down with Roman

The New Day against The Revival – Kofi Kingston had ankle surgery today. The Revival have taken another win over New Day.

Curt Hawkins in the ring, about to face the Big Show. Show threw 1 punch and knocked out Curt.

Austin Aries vs T.J Perkins and Neville is sitting at the announcer’s table. T.J steals the win.

Seth Rollins on the way to the ring. Thanked the crowd for their support through Wrestlemania. Seth said that he knows it would be easier for all if he just packed up and went to Smackdown so he wouldn’t be a constant reminder to Stephanie. As long as Kurt is there, Seth stays on Monday night. Look for his war to start with Samoa Joe.

Charlotte vs Nia Jax — been waiting for this match. Thanks Nia, been waiting for this win.

Jinder Mahal vs Finn Balor – Finn looks good, no ring rust. Finn’s a little beat up but gets the win.

Bray Wyatt has come to RAW. Bray will still face Randy Orton at Payback.

Joining Raw also is Apollo Crews, Kalisto. Heath Slater/Rhyno.

The Miz vs Samy Zayne – Here we go again, Samy went to fly and Miz pulled Maryse in front of him. Miz once again trying everything to steal the win, using Daniel Bryan moves. Miz pulled out of way by Maryse. Maryse trying to stop Samy from getting in the ring but Samy got the last laugh and won.

Roman sits down with Michael Cole for a chat but Braun Strowman stops nothing short of destroying Romans career

Gallows/Anderson/Shining Stars vs Cesaro/Sheamus/Hardy Boys — They did work well together tonight in tag team action even though Cesaro/Sheamus are #1 contenders.

The Drifter from NXT is on the ramp

Emma and Dana Brooks – Emma tried to get Dana fall back in line from their days at NXT. Dana told Emma to get stuffed.

Sasha Banks in the ring, Bayley on her way. Just as Sasha went to ask Bayley for a title match, Alexa Banks walks out. Mickie James is also on Raw. Nia cleared the ring.

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose – so far its pretty even. I don’t know how but Dean won this match. Chris Jericho just walked out. Taking it to Kevin. Karma baby.



Smackdown Post Wrestlemania

Hoping that Smackdown is as crazy as what RAW was. It is crazy.

What has become of The Miz and Maryse? Will John and Nikki make an appearance tonight?

Any new talent from NXT making their first appearance tonight?

The Usos did not defend the tag team belts at Mania so question is will that happen tonight?

Naomi will defend the Women’s title against Alexa Bliss tonight. Please keep it Naomi. It was getting boring with Alexa playing dirty to keep it all the time. (yes, i know she is a heel). Naomi made Alexa tap out once again.

The Miz and Maryse are set to call out John and Nikki. Geesh, I really thought this would have ended on Monday. OMG, they backed up John into a corner to force John to propose to Nikki. OMG MIz and Maryse dressed as John and Nikki.(I have it muted, I don’t want to lose my lunch)(I know it’s just a story line but its gotten nasty, time to be like John and rise above)

OMG NO WAY – Shinsuke Nakamura just showed up as Miz and Maryse was leaving. Miz has no clue what he is in for. The crowd just blew the roof off the place.

Randy on his way to the ring. I am not a Randy fan but I am glad he won. Bray gets his rematch. BRay just challenged Randy to a “House of Horrors” match, which Randy accepted. Erick Rowan is back but Luke Harper came to Randy’s defense.

Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin in a street fight. Corbin wins but they bear the crap out of each other.

Curt Hawkins in the ring, just issued an open challenge which Tye Dillinger to just answered. (Hope he is here to stay) Welcome to Smackdown Tye with your first win. Tye is growing on me.

MoJo Rawley talking about his win and celebrating with Gronk. Time to raise the bar.

Showing the footage from RAW that there will be a shakeup next week. Shane is out to address the shake up. Shane and Daniel will continue to create opportunities for those who may arrive from Raw. A.J Styles interrupts Shane. A.J came out and showed Shane respect. A,J says this is the house that A.J built.

Randy Orton/Luke Harper vs Erick Rowan/Bray Wyatt — Randy and Luke work surprising well together and get the win.

Raw Monday after Wrestlemania in Orlando

This is usually one of the best shows of the year. As we saw yesterday in Wrestlemania expect anything tonight.

April 8, 2018 Wrestlemania in New Orleans.

Show opens with clips of Roman’s match with The Undertaker from last night. It was the final match for Taker. I liked that the announcers just sat back and let the scenes tell the story. Cutting to the live shot and they are still chanting his name in thanks. (hope he is able to hear this) The chats had to go for a good 5 minutes if not longer because it was going for force when the live shot came up. Roman’s music started and everyone booed. The universe is letting Roman they don’t like him now. they treated Brock the same way after he beat Taker also. Roman is standing in the ring letting them go. He has tried twice to talk but they crowd keep going. “This is my yard now”  is the only sentence Roman said.

**Tag Team Title defense — The Hardy’s vs Gallows/Anderson — The Hardy’s had the shock factor last night but tonight is a new ground. Anderson/Gallows are ticked off because they were not prepared for the 4th team. Matt and Jeff pulled out the win. They had their hands full with Anderson/Gallows.

**Cruiserweights — Neville in action against Mustafa Ali

**Vince McMahon on his way to the ring. Vince showed the footage of Stephanie going through the table last night. (step out of action) Fans cheering. Vince announcing a new general manager. Teddy Long came out, fans were hoping for him. New manager is Kurt Angle.(this was rumored so Mick could have his surgery.) The fans are showing the love for Kurt. I like the choice.

The New Day coming out. Offer an open challenge and The Revival from NXT are making their 1st appearance on the main roster. Revival get the win.

**Enzo/Cass vs Cesaro/Sheamus in a #1 contender match. Sheamus and Cesaro working well together to get the win.

**Bayley/Dana Brooke/Sasha Banks vs Emma/Nia Jax/Charlotte Flair — Sasha turned the natural selections into a bank statement for the win. Emma, Charlotte and Nia going at it. Nia just flattened Charlotte.

Samy Zayne talking to Kurt Angle in the office.

**Brock Lesnar – to brag about how he best Goldberg and all. I hate that Brock has the belt. (rumor is that Brock and Roman will feud again but I hope not. this is not a storyline that can make a year, back to Wrestlemania 2018) Crowds chanting they want Finn Balor. Braun Stroham on his way to the ring. Tried to call out Roman but got Braun instead.

**Payback in 4 weeks

**Chris Jericho/Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe/Kevin Owens – Chris was taken out by Joe and Kevin. Not cleared to compete tonight. Kurt having to find another partner for Seth. Finn Balor is back and Seth partner. Finn is taking it to Kevin. Finn was the real first Universal Champ NOT Kevin. Seth and Fin have a great win. No ring rust for Finn.

Jinder Mahal vs Samy Zayn – Samy pulls out the win. Jinder jumped him before the bell sounded. Samy took a beating but pulled out the win.

Vince did share that next week there will be a superstar shake up.

**Raw Talk**

Goldberg on the way to the ring.

Raw has gone off the air. I turned over the Raw talk and they are still live. Bill is talking from the heart. Thanking his wife and son for being his inspiration and the reason he gets up every day. Even the announcers have stayed to see this. Goldberg saying “Thanks” and to remember, never say never.

Bayley at the desk talking to Renee and Jerry

Hardy Boys in for a chat.




Wrestlemania 33 — Main show

**That is a long walk to the ring,(almost the length of a football field) the set looks amazing.

The New Day are on the way to the ring. Hosting this year. They are hysterical, with the theme of the amusements, it is the perfect host.

**Match 1 – Smackdown Live — Shane McMahon vs A.J Styles — It’s a seesaw battle. Just when 1 gets a bit of an advantage the other closes it down. A.J thought he would have it easy but Shane is giving his all he can handle. The ref got in the way and is down, so is Shane. A.J tried a coast to coast and Shane blocked him in mid-air. Holy crap, I thought Shane had him. A.J got out-of-the-way of Shane trying to bomb him on the table. Damn it A.J won but it was one hell of a match.

**Match 2 – Raw — Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens for the United States Championship. It’s been a great match, Kevin has the walls of Jericho on Chris. They beat each other senseless, the defense of each was great.  This rumor just became truth. Kevin Owens is the new United States Champion. This gives Chris the out to go tour with his band.

**Match 3 – RAW – Women’s fatal 4 way with Charlotte, Bayley, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks. Charlotte with 1 loss. This can go anyway. Sasha, Bayley and Charlotte trying together to get rid of Nia which they did. Now down to the 3. Charlotte just pinned Sasha, down to Charlotte and Bayley. Bayley just proved that she deserves to be the Raw Women’s champion.

**Presentation of the 2017 Hall of Fame Class

(since it got dark, the stage looks amazing)

**Match 4 – Raw Tag Team Ladder match – Enzo/Cass vs Anderson/Gallows vs Sheamus/Cesaro (both in kilts and bow ties) Just as the match starts, the New Day have come out, match has become a fatal 4 way. Arriving is HOLY CRAP kids, its Jeff and Matt Hardy. The Hardy’s have turned this match on its head. Holy Cow, we have NEW tag Team Champions The Hardy Boys. (sitting here completely stunned)

**Match 5 – Smackdown – Mixed Tag Team. John Cena/Nikki Bella vs The Miz/Maryse. Nikki has been working constantly since returning from her injury. This story line has to end today, it is getting really old and very nasty. John and Nikki have to win this or it will be the biggest disappointment of the night. YES, John and Nikki with the WIN. John just popped the question to Nikki and she said YES

**Match 6 – Raw – Triple H vs Seth Rollins – Triple H making his entrance with Stephanie on the back of a Tricycle (biker look). You know that H will go straight for Seth already damaged knee. This match could end his career. YOu can see the knee pads and that the one knee has some tapping on it. Remember this is a non sanctioned match so anything goes. Seth going under the ring. Seth suckered Hunter once again and is still in this. No clue how. Out of no where, Seth with a massive kick on Triple H. They are beating each other to a pulp. Seth hit Triple H sending Stephanie through the table. He gets the win over Triple H.

**Pitbull on with Lunchmoney Lewis and Flo Rida performing “Greenlight” Wrestlemania theme

**Match 7 – Smackdown – Championship belt – Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton. Citrus Bowl looks amazing with Bray’s entrance and the fireflies. No clue which way this one will go. Out of Nowhere and RKO and Randy takes the title from Bray.

**Match 8 – Raw – Universal title – Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar – (rumor is that this is it for Bill and Brock will take the title. remember this is Wrestlemania and anything is possible) You can see Bill taking it all in as he makes the walk to the ring. The rumor held true, Lesnar wins. Now  how long will Brock be allowed to hold the belt as it barely gets defended.

**Match 9 – Smackdown – Women’s title, currently held by Alexa Bliss put up in a six-pack challenge. Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Carmella, Natalya, Naomi. 1st defense of the Women’s title at Wrestlemania. 1st person to score the pinfall wins. Alexa Bliss can’t keep the belt.( I can only hope) Naomi made Alexa Bliss tap out.

Citrus Bowl Record Attendance 75, 245

**Match 10 – Raw – Roman Reigns vs The UnderTaker – Jim Ross out to help call the Main Event. (Jim’s wife passed away a couple of weeks ago) Roman out first. JoJo just announced this is a No Holds Bar match. This is an anything goes match. Roman wins the match. It was a good solid match. I can’t fault anyone on this.

As this was the final match in the Career of The Undertake. It was amazing to watch how much the crowd showed so much respect. Taker left his gloves, coat and hat in the middle of the ring. it showed on Taker’s face that he was tired and it was time. He took his time and took in everything around him. Before heading to the ramp, he walked over and kissed his wife Michelle McCool.

It was a great show. Still plenty of surprises with some of the things I had read ahead of time.

Wrestlemania 33 — Pre Show

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt — Smackdown Title on the line. This could go either way but I would bet on Randy to win.

A.J Styles vs Shane McMahon — I hope Shane takes this.

Seth Rollins vs Triple H — getting tired of seeing Triple show up once a year. Time for retirement Hunter. I just hope that Seth knee will take the punishment or H could end his career. Must admit that Hunter does look pretty good, lost some weight. Seth is my choice.

Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens — United States Title. This could go either way. (rumor is Chris is leaving for a bit so the title will change hands)

Smackdown Women’s title — Alexa bliss against the locker room. Hope Bliss gets beat

Raw Women’s Title — Bayley in a fatal 4 way Elimination facing Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax. This is a hard one to call, I am a Bayley fan but I want to see Nia go at Charlotte.

John Cena/Nikki Bella vs The Miz/Maryse — this has gotten downright nasty. I can’t stand Miz/Maryse so it has to be John and Nikki.

**Cruiserweight Championship — Austin Aries vs Neville. Neville went after the reconstructed eye of Austin. It was a great match, exciting and very face paced.

**Andre the Giant Battle Royal — A member of Sanity is competing tonight. Braun Stroham just eliminated the Big Show. The rest of the crew just got rid of Braun. Mojo Rawley has just won the Battle Royal.

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar — Rumor is that this is it for Bill but I hope not. Can’t stand Brock, when he had the title before it barely got defended. This could be a long match.

**Intercontinental Title — Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin. This could go either way. Baron will fight tooth and nail in this. Baron wants nothing more than to shut Dean up. Baron is good, don’t get me wrong, is it Baron’s time? Tonight will tell. Dean played possum with Baron and pulled out dirty deeds for the win.

Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker — I have to go with Roman. I know it is Takers yard but its time to pass the torch.

Wrestlemania Hall of Fame Red Carpet and Induction

Red Carpet, everyone is looking amazing.

Mean Gene is looking good for his age and all. Baron Corbin has a stunning partner. Kelly Kelly has kept in great shape(rumor is she might turn up in the smackdown women’s title) Sgt. Slaughter has been photo bombing. Sting (no makeup) with his wife. giggles watching Renee Young interview her man Dean Ambrose.

**Main Show**

Jerry Lawler is our host for this evening

**Diamond Dallas Page – Eric Bischoff to induct Dallas. Eric said he wished it was Dusty Rhodes standing there to induct Dallas. AT age 35 when most wrestlers are thinking of retiring Dallas started his career.

Dallas looks great, has his daughters on stage with him.

You learn from falling down – what a great quote

Dallas has developed a program to help those who have left the business to get healthy again, or stay healthy.

Sitting here teary and very inspired from Dallas’s speech. The last thing he said that will stick with me “To be an overachiever you first need to be an over believer.”

(Dusty Rhodes helped Dallas, he would tear up talking about Dream)

**Rock and Roll Express – Jim Cornette to induct them. This could be interesting, you never know what comes out of his mouth. He is looking pretty good.

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson

Dusty Rhodes also had a hand in their career

**Rick Rude – passed away in April of 1999 from Heart Failure.

Ricky “Dragon” Steamboat (Ricky is 64)  inducting Rick.

Rick had a degree to be a gym teacher.

Rick’s son is speaking on behalf of the family

**Beth Phoenix – married to Edge

Natalya to induct Beth.

Beth talked about how Women’s wrestling has come a long way. She had to work hard to prove herself but those along the way saw something. She thanked many of the ladies who had come before her and how the current roster is still paving the way.

It’s OK if you feel like a square peg that is not fitting into a round hole, it’s because your destined for greater things.

**Warrior Award – Eric Legrand. He played football for Rutgers and was injured during a game and is in a wheelchair.

How can you not be inspired after listening to Eric. He is so positive. Eric has a foundation to work on research to solve the issues of spinal injuries. (Eric fractured his C3 and C4.)  Everyone who came in his hospital room had to come in with a positive attitude.

The medical staff told Eric that he would never be able to breathe on his own or eat solid foods, he can do both.

Eric said since Christopher Reeves passed away it was his turn to pick up the fight.

**Teddy Long

69 years old

Ron Simmons and John Layfield also known as A.P.A to induct Teddy.

Teddy is wearing a bright red vest and coat. Looks like he can announce a circus.

Started in 1983 – got himself in the back and started keeping busy, sweeping, getting ring gear from the boys.

First match Teddy was a ref for was a Texas Death Match

First tag team Teddy managed was Doom.

In the WWF Teddy 1st managed D’lo Brown.

Teddy was manager of Smackdown for 9 years. The longest manager in history

*2017 Legacy Hall of Fame

Haystacks Calhoun, Judy Grable, Bearcat Wright, Farmer Burns, Rikidozan, Luther Lindsey, June Byers, Toots Mondt, Dr. Jerry Graham.

**Kurt Angle

Inducted by John Cena

Kurt is 48 years old.

Kurt is funny but he also was great at what he did. He was strong and would amaze you when you least expected it. The time he was put with Stone Cold was so funny. Use to laugh til it hurt.

Sexy Kurt – take off on Shawn Micheals entrance song.

The crowds are loud and proud, showing their love for him.

The Milk Truck.