WWE Smackdown Live: Shane just made history

Watching Smackdown Live, the Women’s number one contender match, which never got officially started.

Carmella, Charlotte, Tamina, Natalya and Becky Lynch proceed to beat each other to a pulp with the match never officially starting.

Shane comes out to the ring. He welcomed the crowd and said, “OK, let’s make history”

At Money in the Bank it will be the first “Women’s Money in the Bank” Ladder match. The winner will have the right to face Naomi at anytime the winner choses.


Smackdown Live — Fallout from Backlash in Toledo, Ohio

Today should be interesting from the fallout.

Jinder Mahal is throwing a big party but who is going to spoil it? The fans are NOT liking this, chanting “USA,USA”.

Shane on his way to the ring. Money in the Bank briefcase hanging above the ring. Randy has activated his rematch clause, with that match taking place at Money in the Bank. Those taking part, A.J Styles, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayne, Dolph Ziggler, Shinsuke Nakamura. Shane decides to include Kevin, Corbin told Kevin to shut up. Baron vs Sami and Kevin/Dolph vs A.J/Shinsuke

Becky/Charlotte vs Carmella/Natalya – rematch from Backlash. Charlotte went to fly but Tamina stopped it. Naomi stopped Elsworth from helping Carmella, Becky with the dis armour for the win.

Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayne – Holy Crap, in no time flat, Sami pinned Corbin for the win. Unfortunately for Sami, Corbin is making him pay for that. Refs finally got in between Sami and Corbin.

A.J catching up with Shinsuke. i think it should be a good match with them, hope they can work together.

The Usos will face Breezango in singles action. Tyler just won his match. Now its Jimmy Uso and Fandango. Fandango just beat Jimmy in similar fashion. This has turned into a Tag Team title match. Usos hang on to the belts.

Jinder Mahal’s celebration. I can’t see the crowd liking this very well.( I know WWE is huge in India) The Singh Brothers need taken out by someone for interfering. Jinder is the 50th Champion in WWE history. You can almost hear a pin drop. The crowd is not welcoming at all. Jinder is claiming to be the best champion of all time.

Natalya asking for a match against Naomi, now Carmella in the office. Fatal 5 way for the #1 contender for the Women’s title, who will face Naomi at Money in the Bank.

Dolph Ziggler/Kevin Owens vs Shinsuke Nakamura/A.J Styles – Kevin decided to run his mouth to Shinsuke, so Shinsuke kicked his butt. A.J and Shinsuke get the well fought win.

Smackdown: Backlash in Chicago

Have been waiting for this one, I can’t wait to see Dolph Ziggler get his backside kicked by Shinsuke Nakamura.


6 Women Tag Team – Charlotte, Becky, Naomi vs Carmella, Natalya, Tamina. I’m not a Charlotte fan BUT, I have to go with her Becky and Naomi.

Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal – my pick is Randy on this one. Jinder doesn’t play fair and when Randy snaps, look out.

Samy Zayne vs Baron Corbin – Samy can take a beating and plays possum well, it’s going to be tough.

Tag Team belts – Usos vs Breezango. Not a fan of the Usos playing heals. Breezango could cause an upset tonight

Kevin Owens vs A.J Styles – Not a fan of either but A. J has to win to shut up Kevin. (Owens plays a great heel)

Dolph Ziggler vs Shinsuke Nakamura – Dolph will have to eat his words. Shinsuke all the way.

Samy Zayne in the Social Media Lounge with Dasha to answer questions.

Aiden English vs Tyler Dillinger – good match, each had their own spots of taking control but Tyler with the win.

Erick Rowan vs Luke Harper – this match could go either way. This is creepy, Erick at the desk with Renee, Booker and Pete.


*Match 1 – Dolph vs Shinsuke Nakamura –  Dolph thinks its going to be easy, it’s not. Shinsuke can take a beating and when you least expect it he will strike. Dolph has tried everything and Shinsuke has answered. Dolph just pissed off Shinsuke, he spit in his face. Dolph just got taught a lesson. Never underestimate Shinsuke. Nakamura with the win.

*Match 2 – Tag Team Belts – Breezango vs The Usos – Usos would have the edge in this with as tough and nasty as they can be but don’t underestimate Breezango. This won’t be as easy as the Usos think it will be. Tyler Breeze is screwing with the Usos. Tyler just showed up an old lady. Everything Breezango has pulled has gotten the Usos off their game. Usos keep the belts. They survived the match, Breezango brought everything they had to the match.

*Match 3 – Samy Zayne vs Baron Corbin – This could go either way. Baron has height and just plain nasty. Samy can play possum very well and strike when you least expect him too. I’m a Samy fan, have to go with him in this. Samy is taking a real beating but he has fought through the pain and the cheap shots by Baron. Holy Crap kids, somehow Samy managed to pull out a massive kick to knock out Baron and steal the win. The underdog steals the win.

Jinder Mahal arriving with The Singh Brothers. Playing the hate card, (not exactly a good story line, be he is a nice guy away from the ring but plays the character well)

*Match 4 – 6 Women Tag Team – Carmella, Natalya, Tamina vs Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Women’s Champion Naomi. – I have to go with Charlotte , Becky and Naomi, the girls know how to step up on the big stage and get the job done. Becky had to tap out to Natalya, this is not over, Tamina many times issues. Carmella sneaking around to pull Becky off the apron just as she was about to tag.

*Match 5 – A.J Styles vs Kevin Owens for the United States belt. – A.J had to win this. Owens needs knocked down a few pegs. This could be the match to steal the show. Expect the unexpected when you least expect it in this match. Owens will try anything in the book, any guesses Kevin might try to just take his title and go home. Owens has underestimated A.J and how good he is at thinking on his feet. Kevin went after the right knee of A.J, who finally got some space. I don’t know how A.J is still in all of this. Styles just dropped Kevin spine first on the apron. DAMN, you know that hurts like hell. A.J got his foot caught from a hole in the announcer’s table. A.J lost by count out. This is not over by a long shot. Kevin barely survived tonight. Owens with one last cheap shot

*Match 6 – Luke Harper vs Erick Rowan – Erick is just creepy, (playing the part well) Luke is starting to grow on my since they broke him away from Bray Wyatt. Luke’s style might be awkward but he gets the job done over Erick today.

*Match 7 – Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal for the Smackdown Title – this should be an all out war. How much will the Singh Brothers play in this or will they be tossed from ringside at the start? Jinder has made sure they are there helping at all times. I have seen Randy face some real challenges in the past and I know he will face possibly the biggest one of his career so far. No one has had the real threat in this match so far. Been going back and forth. Randy having a giggle after getting rid of the Singh Brothers. OMG Randy Orton just got beat.(hope the wwe know what they are doing by giving Jinder the belt)





NXT: Takeover Chicago

Change of scenery,  traveling to Chicago for NXT Takeover

**Pre show

All titles are on the line including the U.K Championship belt currently held by Tyler Bait.

Tag Team Titles – Ladder Match between DIY and Authors of Pain

Women’s Title – currently held by Asuka but in my book, its time for a change. Asuka has held the belt for over a year. Getting bored with the division. Ember Moon is out thanks to Asuka, Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross will battle in a triple threat match.

**Main show

Eric Young (with Sanity in his corner) vs Roderick Strong –  Strong took out the 2 members of Sanity and Eric had no clue. The numbers are now back favoring Eric Young. Strong is not making this easy at all for Young. With a major backbreaker,  Strong wins the match. Strong worked his backside off taking everything Young had.

Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne for the United Kingdom belt. Jim Ross at ringside to call the match with Nigel. At times its hard to hear Jim and Nigel with the crowd. this is a great match, technical. They are both giving it all they have. No clue how Tyler kicked out of that. I have goose bumps sitting here watching this. This very well could be the showstopper match tonight. The crowd is going to blow the roof off the place. Damn it, Pete Dunne got the win but it was one hell of a match. Tyler Bate has nothing to be ashamed of, he is amazing.

Women’s Triple Threat Title match – Asuka, Ruby Riot, Nikki Cross. (my opinion – getting bored with the Women’s division here. It’s time for her to lose) Well, that was crap, Asuka won.

Men’s Title – Hideo Itami vs Bobby Roode – It was a great match, Hideo pushed Bobby beyond his limits and I have no clue how Roode managed to stay Champion. This feud is not over by a long shot.

Tag Team Title – 1st time a ladder match for the tag belts. DIY vs Authors of Pain. It’s not a good ladder match unless you break at least one, tick that off your list. This will be a disappointing match if it ends like this. DIY took out Paul Ellery which Authors did not take a liking too. Authors win. This was a disappointing match to close with.

The United Kingdom match with Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne was match stealer of the night.



RAW — P.P.V Payback

I have joined the party during the pre show. It’s an interesting card and I am hoping for some surprises.

Charlie is chatting to Sheamus/Cesaro – I really like the guys together. The silliness but they have found their way and work well together.

**Pre Show – The Miz/Maryse on the way to the ring. Finn Balor on Miz T.V. this could be interesting. (Mike plays a good heel) Mike telling Finn that he is too small and fights with his head. Miz pulled Maryse in front of him once again but Finn got the last laugh

**Main Show – Opens with a montage of tonight’s matches.

**Match 1 – Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens for the United States Championship – Chris Jericho got payback, making Kevin Owens tap out. Kevin had reached the rope once again by a finger but Chris went after the hand. Kevin tried to do the pop up powerbomb and he could not deliver.

**Match 2 – Cruiserweight Championship – Austin Aries vs Neville — If you blink, you’ll miss this. Neville put his hands on the Ref and had to call for the bell. Austin is livid and I don’t blame him.

**Match 3 – Tag Team Belts – Cesaro/Sheamus vs The Hardy boys — another match that can go either way. Both teams are taking it to each other, giving it all they got. Matt is bleeding, Jeff has lost a tooth. That was one hell of a match. Great respect shown by Cesaro/Sheamus. Cesaro/Sheamus letting frustration get them.

**Match 4 – Women’s Belt – Bayley vs Alexa Bliss – I really hope Bayley keeps the belt, it is not Alexa’s time. The stupid little bitch WON. (can you tell i hate Bliss)

**Match 5 – House of Horrors Match – Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton – The match starts in the house and ends in the ring. It’s a no hold bar match. The house part has been pre-recorded. (for those who can’t see the event today, Randy and Bray are in an old abandoned house, just beating the crap out of each other and they can use whatever they want.) YOu must get back to the area and win by submission, pin fall or forfeit.

Bray just arrived but no sign of Randy. The lights came up and there was Randy behind Bray. The match is going on more with back at the ring. This is CRAP. Jinder Mahal interfering in the match, stealing the title on Monday night. Thanks to Jinder Mahal, Bray won. (this is even more crap. Randy will be pissed)

**Match 6 – Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe – this match could go either way. Joe outweighs Seth, but it’s not stopping him. HOly crap kids, SETH WINS. this went toe to toe.

**Match 7 – Roman Reigns vs Braun Stroham  – Roman is strapped up and on the outside he doesn’t look 100%. At this point the bell has not even rang, it did eventually (I’m board with this storyline) Roman with a massive spear and Braun still kicked out. Bugger all Braun wins but Roman put up one hell of a fight.

Roman is spitting up blood thanks to Braun dropping him on the steel steps.