Fall out from Money in the Bank

Daniel Bryan returns tonight and will deal with the outcome of the Ladies Money in the Bank.

Carmella in the ring with something she did not rightfully win. The Women’s ladder match could have stole the show but it turned into a joke. I still can’t believe they are going with this storyline. To me its made Carmella a laughing-stock. It’s a no disqualification match but Ellsworth was not licensed to be out there. Daniel knows what he has to do. Take the case back.

Dolph facing Shinsuke – this should be good. They are throwing everything at each other and still managing to kick out. Shinsuke finally got the win but it was one hell of a battle.

Kevin Owens on his way to the ring. This should be interesting. Here goes another complaint. Kevin’s tape is red and blue. OMG, him dangerous. REALLY. Kevin Owens just gave an open challenge (can only be someone from Dayton) and A.J just walked out. Chad Gable came out. Gable almost had Kevin. Owens won but barely.

Daniel and all the girls are in the ring. James mouthed off about Birdie Jo and Daniel threatened to punch him in the face and fire him. Next week , Money in the Bank ladder match on Smackdown. Daniel took back the case, now its Carmella, Becky and Charlotte in the ring.

Luke Harper vs Jinder Mahal – Once again the Singh Brothers get into the mix. Here comes Randy and it’s personal. It’s on for young and old. This is the short fuse Randy. Jinder has done a runner and left the Singh Brothers.




Money in the Bank — St.Louis Missouri

Expect the unexpected today. Anything can happen at this match and it usually does. With the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match it will be exciting but also interesting to see what they are able to do. Tonight will be life career and life changing for many stars tonight.

The kick off match is the Hype Bros vs The Colons. Zack Ryder look a little tentative starting out but they worked through and get the win. They fell right back into what made them a great team before Zack blew his knee out.

**Main Show

**Match 1 – Women’s Money in the Bank match – Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Tamina, Carmella, Natalya. This could go any way in my book. What will they be willing to do to climb the ladder and steal the suitcase. What the hell is Ellsworth doing in the ring, this is CRAP. Why was Ellsworth even out there? This was supposed to be for the ladies and now its just made a laughing-stock of the match.

**Match 2 – Tag Team Belts – The New Day vs The Usos — My money is on the New Day. Not a fan of the Usos being heels. With that being said they both can play as dirty as every. Kofi and Big E facing Jimmy and Jay. It’s on for young and old, both teams are giving it all they got. Usos are getting themselves counted out to keep the belts. The New Day win.

**Match 3 – Women’s title Match – Naomi vs Lana. Naomi has her work cut out for her but Lana does not have any in ring match time. I am sure that Lana has had Rusev working with her but it’s still going to be interesting to see what she brings to the ring. Here comes Carmella to cash in(she walks away), this is getting worse by the minute. They have allowed the Women of Smackdown division to become a joke. Naomi has to tap out to Naomi. Have to give Lana credit, she held her own.

Mike and Maria Kanellis – both use to wrestle in the WWE.

**Match 4 – WWE Smackdown Belt. Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton. I get the storyline of getting the fans in India involved but it’s time to change this. The belt needs to change hands and Randy needs to watch the Singh brothers because they will be pulling anything to make sure Jinder keeps the belt. The Universe is very vocal and will not be happy if things don’t return to Randy who is the clear favorite. Wishful thought is for the ref to toss the Singh Brothers. WEll, Randy just got the ref to toss the Brothers. They helped Jinder put his foot on the rope to save the belt. The singh Brothers made the mistake of putting their hands on his Dad. Mahal still keeps the belt after everything. You can thank the Singh Brothers once again.

**Match 5 – Breezango vs The Accession – this will get ugly as the Accession do whatever it takes. this one could go either way. With a roll up cradle, Breezango with the win.

**Men’s Money in the Bank – A.J Styles, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayne, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Baron Corbin.  Corbin takes out Shinsuke before the match even starts. Right now its beat each other to a pulp mode. No one as yet has tried to get the briefcase. Samy just threw Kevin into a ladder and its bent now. A.J got stuck hanging on to the briefcase after Dolph moved the ladder. Shinsuke just returned to the match going after Baron. Shinsuke is cleaning house. A.J just stopped Shinsuke from going up the ladder, they moved to ladder to make sure the other can’t go up the ladder. The Universe is so loud you can’t hear yourself think or the announcers. Baron Corbin got the case.

It was an enjoyable p.p.v. the Women’s Money in the Bank could have stolen the show but it wound up being a joke thanks to Ellsworth.


RAW — Cajundome in Louisiana

Samoa Joe put his hands on Paul Heyman last week and its the one thing you don’t do. Brock Lesnar will be in the building this week and it will be interesting to see the fallout.

Show opening with a recap of next week when Joe put Paul in the sleeper move he uses to win a match. Brock and Paul are in the ring. I am not a fan of Brock but I am hoping he thumps Joe into next week. (RAW wonder why the ratings are slipping some, how about this – Brock with the belt means it’s not being defended on a regular basis. There is no open challenge, no nothing. Get the belt back on television on a regular basis and the ratings might go back up)

Here we go, Paul in mid sentence and Joe in on the way to the ring. It took the whole locker room to separate the two, this is not the last of it tonight.

2 out of 3 falls for the Tag Team belts – Hardy Boyz vs Cesaro/Sheamus — this could go either way. both teams and tough and now I can’t pick a winner.  Sheamus with the 1st fall. it is now 1 fall each. It can go either way, its been a great match. The boys on both sides are doing anything they need to win. Both were counted out but I don’t think anyone has realized it.

Alias Sampson – I am just not convinced with this guy, it worked in NXT but he’s not found his place yet. Taking time to warm up to him. He is facing Dean Ambrose today and Dean is in the mood for a fight. The Miz and Maryse are at the ringside. Once again, Alias steals the win thanks to the Miz and his bitch.

Cruiserweight action – they are actually growing on me, the speed and agility. Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar. Don’t blink or leave for a snack, you will miss the match. I told you not to blink, in 30 seconds flat Cedric with the win.

Roman Reigns with a Summerslam Announcement next week

Bray Wyatt – Now there is a creepy dude. you never know what to expect with him. the story line with Randy Orton was brilliant. They need more like it. Seth in the ring to answer what Bray said. this won’t end well. Seth called him chicken because he hides in the dark

Kalisto vs Apollo Crews – Crews with the win. It’s a good match up with Kalisto being  the lighter weight man but he can hold his own.

Alexa Bliss out running her mouth and Nia Jax out to the ring. Alexa screwed Nia last week and its time Alexa needs her butt kicked. Mickie James, Dana Brooks, Emma and Sasha Banks in the ring and all hell has broke loose. Alexa is good I will give you that and she plays a good heel but its time to defend the belt correctly, not just get yourself disqualified and run. Turned into a 6 Women tag team – Dana/Mickie/Sasha vs Nia/Emma/Alexa — Alexa just walked away from the match leaving it a 2 on 3. Sasha with a bank statement on Emma for the win.

Rhyno/Heath Slater vs The Miz/Bear   — OK a Bear on a tricycle has ridden to the ring. Miz is confused. The Bear has come out to be the tag team partner to Miz. this is strange. Miz just turned on the Bear. It was not Dean in the Bear suit. Well, Dean did appear in the Bear Suit, hit a Dirty Deeds after Miz knocked Maryse off the apron. dragged Heath on top of Miz for the win.

Corey talking to Bayley about her loss at Extreme Rules. Bayley just wants to be the best version of her. Bayley ask Corey for a hug. For him it was awkward but he did it.

Not quite figured out the Enzo Big Cass story line. Now its Cass who got taken out. Anderson/Gallows in the ring. Big Show came out to help Enzo not get an asskicking by Anderson/Gallows. Enzo had to ask show if . .  and he wasn’t.






RAW – Extreme Rules Fallout

You know there is going to be some interesting stuff today.

Have seen a note that Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt to open the show. Bray is pissed off, saying that everyone needs punished because Bray was deprived of what was his. It was hard to hear Michael Cole and the boys between the chants of “Let’s go Roman” and “Roman Sucks”

We all know that The Miz, will run his mouth again.

Bayley took some nasty shots from Alexa Bliss yesterday. I really hope this story line changes and the sooner the better. Bayley needs to find her nasty streak and just beat the snot out of Alexa. Bayley is out of action today thanks to the shots she took last night. Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax tonight. Kurt is holding her to her word. Fingers crossed that Nia beats up the little brat and takes the title.

Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss – Alexa didn’t want to give up her the title. Here comes Mickie James and Dana Brook to ringside.(hope they are there to make sure Nia wins) Alexa Bliss got herself disqualified.

Show opens with a recap from the fatal 5 way last night. Samoa Joe the #1 contender to have Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. This should be a good match. Joe is in the ring now, cutting a promo. Saying he doesn’t fear Brock. Joe wants Brock’s schedule, as Brock can come and go as he pleases.(actually its crap that Brock holds the belt and it’s not being defended as it should be, in my book)  Joe wants Paul Heyman as his advocate. The voice you hear is Paul Heyman. Joe is about to knock out Paul, Joe was disappointed is what his answers were.

Dean Ambrose in action and you know he won’t be in a good mood. Dean is trying to invoke his rematch clause tonight. Kurt told Dean to take the night off, but I don’t think it will happen.

Cesaro/Sheamus vs Rhyno/Heath Slater —  this should be easy work for Cesaro/Sheamus. They made short work on them. They have really found their way and are working well together.

T.J Perkins talking to Neville about the Title match he deserves since he did what Neville ask of him to help take out Austin Aries. TJP taking on Mustafa Ali. T.J won but Neville has come out to tell him that the match will happen on 205 Live.

Kalisto vs Titus O’Neil – don’t blink or you miss Kalisto holding the tights and getting the win.

Dean Ambrose has slipped back into the building. Time for the so-called celebration of The Miz stealing the Intercontinental Belt from Dean. I have the sound turned down,(dont want to lose my lunch) There is someone in a costume in the ring and I will lay odds its Dean(it wasn’t Dean). Can you tell by now I can’t Stand The Miz. (he plays the part well) A tall gift arrived, once again thinking its Dean. It was a grandfather clock (WAS in the key word). Maryse left pissed at Mike for ruining things. Dean showed up as a cameraman, one dirty deeds later and Miz is left at ringside. Well, Miz started it.

With Cass taken out, Enzo called in a favor and The Big Show has come to be Enzo’s tag team partner facing Anderson and Gallows. A change in style but Show and Enzo got the job done.

Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe – I have no clue what Seth is thinking. this rivalry has been going on since NXT. Joe could put Seth out of action again going at his knee that is not 100%. thanks to Bray Wyatt, Joe gets Seth in the clutch, winning the match.






RAW – Extreme Rules in Baltimore, Maryland

This should be an interesting night, anything that can happen, will happen when you least expect it.

**Pre Show Match – Kalisto vs Apollo Crews – this match could go either way. Not sure about Apollo Crews with Titus O’Neil. Kalisto kicks Titus as he is doing salina del soul for the win.

**Main Show – Intercontinental Belt – If Dean gets disqualified he will lose the title. all set up by The Miz, I really hope that Dean makes him pay and shut up Miz. Dean is smarter than everyone gives his credit for. Dean plays possum well. Crap Kids. Miz made sure to distract the ref and STEAL THE WIN

**Noam Dar/Alicia Fox vs Rich Swann/Sasha Banks — It broke down a little but Sasha and Rich got a great win. Sasha took a double knee to Noam which was a good move.

**Bayley vs Alexa Bliss – Kindo on a stick match. (am really tired of the let’s pick on Bayley story line.  It’s been happening since NXT. Time for a Bayley transformation.) Bliss pulling the usual lets run. Once again, the brat has her way and Bayley loses.

**Tag Team Belts – Cage Match (BOTH team members must be on the floor to win)Hardy Boyz vs Sheamus/Cesaro — It’s been a real fight but tough and a good match. Sheamus/Cesaro hit the floor first and become 2 time Tag Team Title winners. Jeff and Matt were amazing and have nothing to be ashamed of.

**Cruiser Weight Title on the line in a Submission match, — Austin Aries vs Neville. It was a real dog fight, but Austin was forced to tap, Neville had some damage also.

**Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins Samoa Joe, Finn Balor (was hoping the Demon made an appearance but not tonight) in a fatal 5 way for the #1 contender to face Brock Lesnar. They are going to give it everything. Temporary alliances to help get the job done. Finn out of no where with a chair and taking it to anyone and everyone. The guys are tearing up the place. Bodies and parts of broken ringside everywhere. Seth and Roman are the only two standing at this point. Finn almost had the win against Roman and Samoa Joe showed up. Joe knocks out Joe for the win. Joe will face Brock Lesnar in 5 weeks at Great Balls of Fire