Fallout from Battleground with set up for Summerslam

There will be plenty to work through today. Why does Jinder Mahal still have the belt, why Kevin Owens won, (it was supposed to be a double count out, A.J keeping the belt til summerslam)

Show opens with Kevin Owens, he plays a good heel. There was a very awkward end to his match with A.J and the crowd is letting him know that they are not happy. The crowd chanting A.J Styles. Kevin says the open challenge will start next week, not in front of a bunch of hicks, A.J on the way to the ring. Kevin refusing to defend against anyone tonight but Chris Jericho has returned and Kevin has seen a ghost.(i am loving this). Kevin tried to run and hide but here comes Shane. its a triple threat match for the United States Belt, which will take place tonight.

***United States Belt — Kevin Owens/A.J Styles/Chris Jericho — It was a real battle, P.P.V caliber match, it went hell for leather and anyone could have pulled it out. In the end just as Kevin was about to pin Chris, A.J flied in the ring, got rid of Kevin and pinned Chris for the win. Kevin has screamed that next week, Kevin will beat A.J and take back HIS United States Title.

***Baron Corbin vs Shinsuke Nakamura — Corbin got himself disqualified at Battleground. It’s been a back and forth match, just when one gets a little going the other shuts it down. Shinsuke got some payback today.

Jinder Mahal is demanding a new opponent for Summerslam. Will be interesting to see what happens. Who ever it is it won’t be a fair fight. (recap of Sunday’s match) The universe is really nasty tonight. John Cena just walked out. this could be interesting. (not heard this twist) John threw down a challenge for Summerslam but here comes Daniel. John vs Shinsuke for the #1 contender to face Jinder Mahal at Summerslam.

***Naomi vs Natalya at Summerslam but here is Carmella with a gentle reminder that she has the Money in the Bank contract.

***Charlotte/Becky Lynch vs Tamina/Lana — OK, well this will be interesting. I like the fact that Lana has gotten away from Rusev and is getting in the ring. She could be a force when she gets some experience. Charlotte takes care of Lana for the win. I like Charlotte, she makes a great heel but like her in fun mode.

***Samy Zayne/Tye Dillinger vs Aiden English/Mike Kanellis — It was a bit of a seesaw battle but Samy and Tye get the well deserved win.


Setting up for Summerslam

With only a month to go until the biggest party of the summer it’s time to set up the final matches for the summer. Both show will be interesting to see what happens.

On Raw last week we had Roman vs Samoa Joe but once again Braun Stroham got involved. I am getting bored with this one. They need to put a end to this. Rumor has it that Roman will meet Brock at Slam and take the title.

Kurt Angle to the ring. (still not sure how true the Jason Jordan story line really is). Braun in the ring, demanding to face Brock Lesnar. Here comes Joe to the ring, Here comes Roman and this won’t end well. Hell, Kurt just made it a fatal 4 way at Summerslam. Braun, Joe and Roman going at it as usual. Here comes Braun beating up everyone. (RAW wonders why the ratings are dropping off, find some new story lines)

***2 on 3 handicap — Dean and Seth facing Miz and his crew. Miz is a great heel. The story lines are old. First time in 3 years that Seth and Dean will have wrestled on the same side. Seth and Dean are really working well together. Miz is keeping on the move, just getting in when “he” wants to. The match has fallen apart and its turned into a free for all. Ambrose and Rollin worked well together to get the win.

***Bayley vs Sasha — winner faces Alexa Bliss at Summerslam. This is a classic Bayley –  Sasha match. Right now , this is the match of the night. Holy Cow, Bayley got that win. Bayley to Summerslam.

***Finn Balor vs Elias Samson — Finn to the ring and boy is he in a nasty mood. It’s a no D.Q match. Elias is the bigger built guy but Finn is also strong and tough. Finn using the ring to his advantage and has tee-ed off on him. Finn hits his finishing move but Bray Wyatt shows up. (I have a feeling that a possible match at Summerslam, Bray vs the Demon King) Thank s to Bray Elias gets the win.

***Curt Hawkins vs Jason Jordan — Curt slapped Jason in the face but its been all Jason since, Curt is not laughing now as Jason took it to him.

***Emma vs Nia Jax — Nia is just beating Emma to a pulp.

***Enzo vs Big Cass — Enzo in the ring talking about Cass, Enzo with no plan, just going for it. Needless to say Cass wins. Not much to say about this one. Enzo needs to shift to guys more his height. Cass needs to get lost and leave Enzo alone. Show is on his way to the ring. Not impressed with Cass who has turned heel.

***Anderson/Gallows vs The Revival — they are beating the crap out of each other, hope A/G get the job done. With a distraction thanks to Matt and Jeff, the Revival steal the win and now the Hardyz in the ring. Payback time.

Battleground — Smackdown — Wells Fargo Center

This will be a good setup heading to Summerslam. I am hoping there are a few surprises. They have a chance tonight to really have a great show, I am hoping it will happen.

Royal Rumble will take place here next year.

Pre Show match – Tye Dillinger vs Aiden English – I really hope Tye wins this. It’s an even match. Aiden is a bit of a show off due to the character he is portraying but Tye has the strength. With a hold of the tights English gets the win.

**Main Show**

***Match 1 — Tag Team titles on the line with The Usos vs The New Day. This should be a fun match, anything can and most likely will happen. My tip for this is The New Day. With the Usos turning heal this can and probably will get nasty. Holy Smokes kids how are these guys kick out after all of this. Thought New Day had it. I have no clue how they are staying alive in this match, both teams. The New Day did it. What a way to open this P.P.V (Big E never got involved, staying on the outside the ring)( first tag team to hold both Raw and Smackdown Titles)

***Match 2 — Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin. Baron has quite the nasty streak but Shinsuke can also come at you from nowhere when you least expect it. Corbin is strong but so is Shinsuke, who doesn’t look like it but he will surprise you.  Right now its all Corbin, anything Shinsuke has tried Corbin has answered. Corbin being that tall and heavy should not have the speed to knock Shinsuke out of his boots but Corbin did. AFter a deep 6 by Corbin and Shinsuke is still in it. Corbin was just too strong and got the win

***Match 3 — Charlotte, Becky, Natalya, Lana, Tamina for the #1 contender to face Naomi at Summerslam. 5 way, elimination. Tamina looking out for Lana. Becky got Tamina to tap, and Lana just tapped. Becky eliminated by Natalya who was holding tights. Down to Charlotte and Natalya. Natalya to face Naomi at Summerslam. Naomi just offered a hand of congrats and Natalya just walked off.

***Match 4 —  A.J Styles vs Kevin Owens for the United States belt. My money’s on A.J to keep it. He is more technical than Kevin, Kevin wrestles angry, when things don’t go his way. Kevin trying to set the pace but A.J is taking it to him. Owens with the trash talking as usual. A.J keeps kicking out and Kevin keeps getting even more mad. Owens made sure to get the official in the way. Ref is down and Owens is in the middle of the ring. Well this is crap, supposedly Owens has won the belt back, but I can’t see this ending here. I can’t stand Owens with the belt. It was a good match but it just fizzled out.

***Match 5 — John Cena vs Rusev in a flag match. First one to post their flag at the top of the run on their pedestal in the winner. It’s been a seesaw match, each tried to go for the flag and the other catches them,  John has the STFU in place and Rusev has passed out and even tapped out but its the flag on the pedestal that wins. They are up with the pedestals but where are the flags? Rusev has lost weight since his surgery. John has his flag. After putting Rusev through 2 tables, John plants the flag for victory

***Match 6 —  Samy Zayne vs Mike Kanellis —  Maria got involved and helped Mike win, just like Maryse does with The Miz. Hoping Samy is wise and won’t get caught out again. Same bullshit as last week. Maria in the ring. Samy gets the win.

***Match 7 — Punjabi Prison match — Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal. Hoping the Singh Brothers can’t get in to help Jinder. It’s a cruel match, steel reinforced bamboo.  I am really tired of Jinder and his arrogance. It is time to return the title back to Randy. The Ref just called for the outer cage to be dropped into place. (this should be the match to steal the show) (this would of been a good match until, the Singh Brothers hid under the ring)  It’s a no D.Q match. Once again its been a dirty title reign with Jinder never winning or legally defending the belt without help. One of the Singh brothers crawled out through the hole in the wall, what a way to ruin what could’ve been a great match. Air Singh Brother just took place as Randy beat his time he let go and landed on the table. The Great Khali has shown up, stopping Randy Orton from winning. They had the chance to make this a great match and its been ruined once again.

I am really disappointed in Match 7, it could’ve been a great match but once again its been trashed. The WWE belt means nothing as long as Jinder Mahal has it.





RAW in Nashville

I am not sure what is going on with Kurt Angle, I can’t pin if this is story related or a real story about to break. (Kurt was temporary as Mick Foley was recovering from hip replacement) Kurt is on his way to the ring. Kurt has a son that he never knew he had. From dating a girl in college. 9 months to the day after they stopped seeing each other he was born. Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s son.  I still dont know if this is a story line or if its actually true. There is an interview right after RAW.

Talking Smack has been cancelled. Not sure why but Vince is playing with something that has been working. It got lost when it was moved to after 205 live. If anything it’s 205 that needs worked on or scrapped altogether.

Dean Ambrose is on the way to the ring. Getting tired of the Ambrose/Miz story line and they need to get over it. you wonder why the ratings are down and if you look close enough I would think this is part of it. Seth has joined Dean in the ring. Seth just ask Dean, will he stand in his way or next to him in a fight against Miz/Bo/Curtis. The crowd is yelling “hug it out” Seth told Dean to hit him with a chair if that would make him feel better but Dean threw the chair out of the ring, just ask they were about to make up, Miz interrupts. (safe crap different show) Just need Roman to make it a fair fight. This is really getting old and boring. Dean and Seth on the wrong side but this won’t end here.

Roman vs Samoa Joe for the #1 contendership to meet Brock Lesnar at Summerslam (rumor mill is that Roman will win and take the belt at Summerslam) It’s been a seesaw battle which I am liking, no one is really getting an edge, Braun Strowman just walked out. (this story line with Braun is getting old also)they wonder why the ratings are going south, this is it. The storylines are not changing or getting boring.

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss – Nia Jax in Alexa corner but the Boss just showed up to even the odds. Bayley gets the win, with some outside help from Sasha Banks. That is 2 wins in Bayley’s favor. Bayley vs Sasha for the right to take on Alexa bliss at Summerslam

Enzo in the ring post beat up from Big Cass. Enzo is good on the mike, its a roundabout way, he does send a good message positive message. Here comes Big Cass once again, threatening to shut up Enzo once and for all. Here comes The Big Show to face Cass. Enzo having the last laugh. Cass had the last laugh.

Elias Samson vs Finn Balor in a rematch. It’s not a pretty match but Samson is holding his own against Finn.Elias just smashed his guitar over Finn’s head. You can see that Finn has a cut in his head. This is not over by any means. Finn is needing help of the Doctor and trainer to get to the medical room. Bray Wyatt has reared his ugly head. A No Disqualification match next week.

The Revival vs The Hardy Boyz — its going to be ugly and I have a feeling its going to take a bag of tricks for the win. Revival have isolated Matt from getting to Jeff. The revival stole the win.

Fallout from Great Balls of Fire — RAW in Houston, Texas

There is bound to be huge fall out from last night show. As of opening this blog there was no update on Braun.

Tonight’s  show opens with Big Cass on his way to the ring. Cass cutting a promo.  The universe is letting him know they are not happy with him. Cass is standing in the middle of the ring smiling and laughing that he is getting boos from all over. Cass says that he will one day be the Universal Champ. Cass mouth running in high gear but all of a sudden The Big Show’s music just started. (Show has a nice beard working) Show gave it to Cass and Cass has done a runner.

**Finn Balor  vs Alias Sampson — Finn with the speed but Sampson with the strength. Sampson worked on the repaired shoulder but Finn manages to get the job done. Speed working for Finn. Matt and Jeff Hardy came out to congratulate Finn but were also heading to the ring for a match

**Hardy Boyz in the ring. Anderson and Gallows walked out and started mouthing off that the boys should just retire. Anderson and Gallows think the ring belongs to them and the Hardy’s should just retire. Ref in the ring, time for a match. Anderson and Gallows get the win. Here comes the Revival heading for Matt and Jeff.

**The Miz is out next — this will be laughable, as usual. Miz plays a great jerk but it’s getting really old. Wonder why RAW’s ratings are down, this could be one reason. The same battle again with Dean, pulling Maryse in front of him or the goon squad( now its Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas) After 10 minutes of Miz turning red form screaming. It’s 3 on one but here comes Seth Rollins.

**Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt — Hope so Seth can beat him tonight. It’s a back and forth battle. Bray gets the edge, does some damage, then Seth turns things and dishes out his own damage. Once again turned into a pretty good match. They are throwing everything at each other. Once again another poke to the eye and Bray with the win. Miz and his buddies to the ring to pay back Seth but Dean showed up.

**Brock Lesnar live — Getting board with Brock having the belt. It only gets defended when he wants to. Not on a nightly basis. There is no story line connected to the belt. Rumor is that Brock will hold the belt til Summerslam.

**Sasha Banks/Baley vs Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss — rematch of last weeks tag team. After all the bull crap and double teaming Bayley gets the pin on Alexa. I don’t know about the rest of the universe but I have had enough of Alexa. and her walking away or taking a 10 count to keep the belt, its time for a real fight.

Kurt Angle on the way to the ring. **Recap of the Roman Braun match and what happened after. Still waiting for an update from Kurt. Kurt said that Braun did not receive medical treatment and has not been seen since.  Kurt has just said who might face Brock at Summerslam. As Brock and Paul were about to leave the ring, Roman’s music starts. Samoa Joe’s music and here he comes to the ring. Roman vs Joe next week for the #1 contender to face Brock at Summerslam.

**R-Truth in the ring. Facing Goldust in the ring. Truth almost with the win, turning out to be a good match. Goldust with the win in the end.



Great Balls of Fire – RAW. Dallas Texas

**Pre Show — Austin Aries has been released from WWE. His career was injury filled and he was never able to win the title from Neville.

A.J Styles won the United States title from Kevin Owens over the weekend in New York. Not quite sure what that means for today. This match has been pulled opening up some roster time. I was surprised today the least when this news came. From what I can find out Owens is not injured.

What is it splitting up tag teams, Enzo/Cass and American Alpha has been split. This is one I just don’t get. Maybe they will be better singles and they will bring them back together. The universe is not liking Enzo/Cass split.

Cruiserweights in action with Nevell putting the belt on the line against Akira Tozawa. Neville keeps the belt but it’s getting tiring of Neville finding a way to win. Wonder why the cruiserweight’s are struggling, this could be a start.

***Main Show***

**Tonight opens with Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt going into battle. It’s a good match, thought Seth had a broken nose but he’s ok. No clue how in the world Seth is staying in this match, He is taking what Bray is dishing out. Thanks to a thumb in the eye, Seth can’t fight back and Bray steals the win.

**Enzo vs Cass – this will be a hard one. Cass height and strength, hope Enzo can get it done. Not liking Cass as a heal. Cass picked up Enzo and threw him out of the ring. Cass needs to bugger off and leave Enzo alone, he made his point.

**30 minute Iron Man match for the Tag Team Belts. Cesaro/Sheamus vs Hardy Boyz — In the time I got myself a coffee, Cesaro/Sheamus get a fall. 20 minute mark and Cesaro/Sheamus with fall 2. 17:07 and the Hardy’s get a fall 2 to 1 in favor of Cesaro/Sheamus. Cesaro helps to get a count out and its 3 to 1 in his and  Sheamus favor.7 minutes and the Hardy Boyz get a fall 3 to 2 behind but it was a creative pin. Just under 3 minutes it is tied at 3 all. 27 seconds left and Cesaro gets a pin. Sheamus and Cesaro by a 4 to 3 pin win.

**Women’s Title — Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss — Can’t stand Alexa. Hoping Sasha beats the little fly, Once again, the stupid bitch keeps the belt. This bullshit has to STOP. When will Bliss learn that she just can’t keep walking away when it gets too tough.

**Intercontinental Championship —  Miz against Dean Ambrose. Miz now has extra help in his corner, I can see now that Dean won’t win. Enough of the same story, give Miz the belt and battle Dean again. Use everyone and everything to keep the belt. Typical, Dean will lose thanks to all the extra help at ringside. When is this story line going to change. Getting bored with this one.

**Ambulance Match — Roman Reigns vs Braun Stroham — It’s simple, incapacitate your opponent and throw him in the back of an ambulance, shut the door and drive. OMG, Roman tried a spear and winds up in the ambulance for a loss.

**Curt Hawkins vs Heath Slater — sent to the ring due to Roman backing the Ambo into the Semi sitting there. Heath wins. Braun managed to get out of the Ambo with help from the medical. Braun dragged himself out and staggered out. Not in good condition.

**Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe for the Universal Title. It was a seesaw battle, Joe thought he had Brock. Joe even attacked Brock before the bell to get the upper hand. Suplex City has a new resident tonight. Brock keeps the belt which tonight I am happy about.