Great Balls of Fire – RAW. Dallas Texas

**Pre Show — Austin Aries has been released from WWE. His career was injury filled and he was never able to win the title from Neville.

A.J Styles won the United States title from Kevin Owens over the weekend in New York. Not quite sure what that means for today. This match has been pulled opening up some roster time. I was surprised today the least when this news came. From what I can find out Owens is not injured.

What is it splitting up tag teams, Enzo/Cass and American Alpha has been split. This is one I just don’t get. Maybe they will be better singles and they will bring them back together. The universe is not liking Enzo/Cass split.

Cruiserweights in action with Nevell putting the belt on the line against Akira Tozawa. Neville keeps the belt but it’s getting tiring of Neville finding a way to win. Wonder why the cruiserweight’s are struggling, this could be a start.

***Main Show***

**Tonight opens with Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt going into battle. It’s a good match, thought Seth had a broken nose but he’s ok. No clue how in the world Seth is staying in this match, He is taking what Bray is dishing out. Thanks to a thumb in the eye, Seth can’t fight back and Bray steals the win.

**Enzo vs Cass – this will be a hard one. Cass height and strength, hope Enzo can get it done. Not liking Cass as a heal. Cass picked up Enzo and threw him out of the ring. Cass needs to bugger off and leave Enzo alone, he made his point.

**30 minute Iron Man match for the Tag Team Belts. Cesaro/Sheamus vs Hardy Boyz — In the time I got myself a coffee, Cesaro/Sheamus get a fall. 20 minute mark and Cesaro/Sheamus with fall 2. 17:07 and the Hardy’s get a fall 2 to 1 in favor of Cesaro/Sheamus. Cesaro helps to get a count out and its 3 to 1 in his and  Sheamus favor.7 minutes and the Hardy Boyz get a fall 3 to 2 behind but it was a creative pin. Just under 3 minutes it is tied at 3 all. 27 seconds left and Cesaro gets a pin. Sheamus and Cesaro by a 4 to 3 pin win.

**Women’s Title — Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss — Can’t stand Alexa. Hoping Sasha beats the little fly, Once again, the stupid bitch keeps the belt. This bullshit has to STOP. When will Bliss learn that she just can’t keep walking away when it gets too tough.

**Intercontinental Championship —  Miz against Dean Ambrose. Miz now has extra help in his corner, I can see now that Dean won’t win. Enough of the same story, give Miz the belt and battle Dean again. Use everyone and everything to keep the belt. Typical, Dean will lose thanks to all the extra help at ringside. When is this story line going to change. Getting bored with this one.

**Ambulance Match — Roman Reigns vs Braun Stroham — It’s simple, incapacitate your opponent and throw him in the back of an ambulance, shut the door and drive. OMG, Roman tried a spear and winds up in the ambulance for a loss.

**Curt Hawkins vs Heath Slater — sent to the ring due to Roman backing the Ambo into the Semi sitting there. Heath wins. Braun managed to get out of the Ambo with help from the medical. Braun dragged himself out and staggered out. Not in good condition.

**Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe for the Universal Title. It was a seesaw battle, Joe thought he had Brock. Joe even attacked Brock before the bell to get the upper hand. Suplex City has a new resident tonight. Brock keeps the belt which tonight I am happy about.






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