RAW in Nashville

I am not sure what is going on with Kurt Angle, I can’t pin if this is story related or a real story about to break. (Kurt was temporary as Mick Foley was recovering from hip replacement) Kurt is on his way to the ring. Kurt has a son that he never knew he had. From dating a girl in college. 9 months to the day after they stopped seeing each other he was born. Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s son.  I still dont know if this is a story line or if its actually true. There is an interview right after RAW.

Talking Smack has been cancelled. Not sure why but Vince is playing with something that has been working. It got lost when it was moved to after 205 live. If anything it’s 205 that needs worked on or scrapped altogether.

Dean Ambrose is on the way to the ring. Getting tired of the Ambrose/Miz story line and they need to get over it. you wonder why the ratings are down and if you look close enough I would think this is part of it. Seth has joined Dean in the ring. Seth just ask Dean, will he stand in his way or next to him in a fight against Miz/Bo/Curtis. The crowd is yelling “hug it out” Seth told Dean to hit him with a chair if that would make him feel better but Dean threw the chair out of the ring, just ask they were about to make up, Miz interrupts. (safe crap different show) Just need Roman to make it a fair fight. This is really getting old and boring. Dean and Seth on the wrong side but this won’t end here.

Roman vs Samoa Joe for the #1 contendership to meet Brock Lesnar at Summerslam (rumor mill is that Roman will win and take the belt at Summerslam) It’s been a seesaw battle which I am liking, no one is really getting an edge, Braun Strowman just walked out. (this story line with Braun is getting old also)they wonder why the ratings are going south, this is it. The storylines are not changing or getting boring.

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss – Nia Jax in Alexa corner but the Boss just showed up to even the odds. Bayley gets the win, with some outside help from Sasha Banks. That is 2 wins in Bayley’s favor. Bayley vs Sasha for the right to take on Alexa bliss at Summerslam

Enzo in the ring post beat up from Big Cass. Enzo is good on the mike, its a roundabout way, he does send a good message positive message. Here comes Big Cass once again, threatening to shut up Enzo once and for all. Here comes The Big Show to face Cass. Enzo having the last laugh. Cass had the last laugh.

Elias Samson vs Finn Balor in a rematch. It’s not a pretty match but Samson is holding his own against Finn.Elias just smashed his guitar over Finn’s head. You can see that Finn has a cut in his head. This is not over by any means. Finn is needing help of the Doctor and trainer to get to the medical room. Bray Wyatt has reared his ugly head. A No Disqualification match next week.

The Revival vs The Hardy Boyz — its going to be ugly and I have a feeling its going to take a bag of tricks for the win. Revival have isolated Matt from getting to Jeff. The revival stole the win.


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