Battleground — Smackdown — Wells Fargo Center

This will be a good setup heading to Summerslam. I am hoping there are a few surprises. They have a chance tonight to really have a great show, I am hoping it will happen.

Royal Rumble will take place here next year.

Pre Show match – Tye Dillinger vs Aiden English – I really hope Tye wins this. It’s an even match. Aiden is a bit of a show off due to the character he is portraying but Tye has the strength. With a hold of the tights English gets the win.

**Main Show**

***Match 1 — Tag Team titles on the line with The Usos vs The New Day. This should be a fun match, anything can and most likely will happen. My tip for this is The New Day. With the Usos turning heal this can and probably will get nasty. Holy Smokes kids how are these guys kick out after all of this. Thought New Day had it. I have no clue how they are staying alive in this match, both teams. The New Day did it. What a way to open this P.P.V (Big E never got involved, staying on the outside the ring)( first tag team to hold both Raw and Smackdown Titles)

***Match 2 — Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin. Baron has quite the nasty streak but Shinsuke can also come at you from nowhere when you least expect it. Corbin is strong but so is Shinsuke, who doesn’t look like it but he will surprise you.  Right now its all Corbin, anything Shinsuke has tried Corbin has answered. Corbin being that tall and heavy should not have the speed to knock Shinsuke out of his boots but Corbin did. AFter a deep 6 by Corbin and Shinsuke is still in it. Corbin was just too strong and got the win

***Match 3 — Charlotte, Becky, Natalya, Lana, Tamina for the #1 contender to face Naomi at Summerslam. 5 way, elimination. Tamina looking out for Lana. Becky got Tamina to tap, and Lana just tapped. Becky eliminated by Natalya who was holding tights. Down to Charlotte and Natalya. Natalya to face Naomi at Summerslam. Naomi just offered a hand of congrats and Natalya just walked off.

***Match 4 —  A.J Styles vs Kevin Owens for the United States belt. My money’s on A.J to keep it. He is more technical than Kevin, Kevin wrestles angry, when things don’t go his way. Kevin trying to set the pace but A.J is taking it to him. Owens with the trash talking as usual. A.J keeps kicking out and Kevin keeps getting even more mad. Owens made sure to get the official in the way. Ref is down and Owens is in the middle of the ring. Well this is crap, supposedly Owens has won the belt back, but I can’t see this ending here. I can’t stand Owens with the belt. It was a good match but it just fizzled out.

***Match 5 — John Cena vs Rusev in a flag match. First one to post their flag at the top of the run on their pedestal in the winner. It’s been a seesaw match, each tried to go for the flag and the other catches them,  John has the STFU in place and Rusev has passed out and even tapped out but its the flag on the pedestal that wins. They are up with the pedestals but where are the flags? Rusev has lost weight since his surgery. John has his flag. After putting Rusev through 2 tables, John plants the flag for victory

***Match 6 —  Samy Zayne vs Mike Kanellis —  Maria got involved and helped Mike win, just like Maryse does with The Miz. Hoping Samy is wise and won’t get caught out again. Same bullshit as last week. Maria in the ring. Samy gets the win.

***Match 7 — Punjabi Prison match — Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal. Hoping the Singh Brothers can’t get in to help Jinder. It’s a cruel match, steel reinforced bamboo.  I am really tired of Jinder and his arrogance. It is time to return the title back to Randy. The Ref just called for the outer cage to be dropped into place. (this should be the match to steal the show) (this would of been a good match until, the Singh Brothers hid under the ring)  It’s a no D.Q match. Once again its been a dirty title reign with Jinder never winning or legally defending the belt without help. One of the Singh brothers crawled out through the hole in the wall, what a way to ruin what could’ve been a great match. Air Singh Brother just took place as Randy beat his time he let go and landed on the table. The Great Khali has shown up, stopping Randy Orton from winning. They had the chance to make this a great match and its been ruined once again.

I am really disappointed in Match 7, it could’ve been a great match but once again its been trashed. The WWE belt means nothing as long as Jinder Mahal has it.






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