Fallout from Battleground with set up for Summerslam

There will be plenty to work through today. Why does Jinder Mahal still have the belt, why Kevin Owens won, (it was supposed to be a double count out, A.J keeping the belt til summerslam)

Show opens with Kevin Owens, he plays a good heel. There was a very awkward end to his match with A.J and the crowd is letting him know that they are not happy. The crowd chanting A.J Styles. Kevin says the open challenge will start next week, not in front of a bunch of hicks, A.J on the way to the ring. Kevin refusing to defend against anyone tonight but Chris Jericho has returned and Kevin has seen a ghost.(i am loving this). Kevin tried to run and hide but here comes Shane. its a triple threat match for the United States Belt, which will take place tonight.

***United States Belt — Kevin Owens/A.J Styles/Chris Jericho — It was a real battle, P.P.V caliber match, it went hell for leather and anyone could have pulled it out. In the end just as Kevin was about to pin Chris, A.J flied in the ring, got rid of Kevin and pinned Chris for the win. Kevin has screamed that next week, Kevin will beat A.J and take back HIS United States Title.

***Baron Corbin vs Shinsuke Nakamura — Corbin got himself disqualified at Battleground. It’s been a back and forth match, just when one gets a little going the other shuts it down. Shinsuke got some payback today.

Jinder Mahal is demanding a new opponent for Summerslam. Will be interesting to see what happens. Who ever it is it won’t be a fair fight. (recap of Sunday’s match) The universe is really nasty tonight. John Cena just walked out. this could be interesting. (not heard this twist) John threw down a challenge for Summerslam but here comes Daniel. John vs Shinsuke for the #1 contender to face Jinder Mahal at Summerslam.

***Naomi vs Natalya at Summerslam but here is Carmella with a gentle reminder that she has the Money in the Bank contract.

***Charlotte/Becky Lynch vs Tamina/Lana — OK, well this will be interesting. I like the fact that Lana has gotten away from Rusev and is getting in the ring. She could be a force when she gets some experience. Charlotte takes care of Lana for the win. I like Charlotte, she makes a great heel but like her in fun mode.

***Samy Zayne/Tye Dillinger vs Aiden English/Mike Kanellis — It was a bit of a seesaw battle but Samy and Tye get the well deserved win.


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