NXT August 30

Show opens with bodies lying everywhere. Looks like Sanity has been attacked but by who?

Drew McIntyre on his way to the ring. Drew issued a challenge, you want to fight, just ask. Roderick Strong in the ring with Drew.

Bobby Roode has returned to NXT to finish Roderick Strong. this is really nasty, each taking it to the other. this is the match of the night. Listen for that kick to connect. Smart move by Strong rolling to the ropes. Strong with the final win over Roode.

Ruby Riot vs Payton Royce – Ruby is my pick with this match. Billie sticking her nose in as usual. Billie with a kick that knocked her out. Payton steals the win thanks to Billie. I can see getting nasty.

Kassius Ohno vs Hideo Itami in a No Disqualification match next week.

Heavy Machinery vs a local team. Their finishing move of the compactor looks like it hurts.

Mark Sullivan had issues with No Way Jose. Mr.Regal has ordered that he will have 3 wrestlers in a 3 on one handicap match.

Cole, O’Reilly and Fish attacking Drew McIntyre on the run. Mr. Regal chased them out of the building, but they kept saying that “this is our NXT”



Mae Young Classic Episodes 3 and 4

**Episode 3**

Ayesha Raymond vs Toni Storm — The Crowd is pulling for Tony in this match. Toni Storm with the win, thanks to Ayesha’s mistake.

Dakota Kai vs Kavita Devi —  (1st Indian Women) This could be a real mismatch. The inexperience of Kavita allowed Dakota to somehow pull out the win.

Bianca Bel Air vs Sage Beckett – My pick was Sage but Bianca Bel Air with the spear for the win.

Piper Niven vs  Santana Garrett — Piper has the size and power advantage. Santana is not making this easy for Piper. Best match of the first round. Piper with the win. Waiting is Serena Deeb in round 2.

**Episode 4**

Rene Michelle vs Candice Raye (married to Johnny Gargano) — Candice with the win.

Lacey Evans vs Taynara Conti — Lacey Evans looked gone but she overcame Taynara for the win.

Rayna Gonzalez vs Nicole Savoy — Thanks to a cross armbreaker, Nicole Savoy with the win.

Tessa Blanchard vs Kairi Sane — I thought Tessa had this in the bag but Kairi fought hard for the win. Kairi will face Bianca Bel Air

Mae Young Classic — Episode 1 and 2

Matches are 15 minutes

*MATCH 1 — Kay lee vs Princesa Sugehit (Mexico) — Kaylee is out due to submission.

Shayna Baszler vs Zeda — No handshake from Baszler. This was destined to be a submission match from the start.  Backflip into a submission for Baszler, Zeda immediately tapped out.

Abby Leith (USA) vs Jazzy Gabert (Germany) — she could snap Abby like a twig. Jazzy is a smaller version of Nia Jaz. The 1st upset of the tournament as Abby beats Jazzy. Jazzy did congratulate Abby.

Vanessa Borne vs Serena Deeb — (the 1st WWE female ref) you could hear that head butt. A spear by Deeb gets her a hard-fought win over Borne.

**Episode 2**

Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Lu (was in the 38 person tryout in China) Mercedes got Xia in a modified dragon and forced her to tap out. She will face Princea Sugehit in round 2

Rhea Ripley (from Adelaide, South Australia) vs Miranda Salinas — full nelson slam gets Rhea the win.

Marti Belle vs Rachel Evers (Paul Ellering is her Dad) Rachel with an inside cradle for the win. Rachel now faces Abby Leith in the second round.

Sarah Logan vs Mia Yim – MIa Yim with the win. Good intense, each standing up to the other. Will face Shayna Baszler in the second round.



Smackdown fallout from Summerslam

Should be another interesting show. I really thought Shinsuke Nakamura would take the belt from Jinder Mahal. (rumor has it that Jinder is not going over well with being a heel)

Natalya now has the Women’s belt. Naomi was just out wrestled on the day. I can’t imagine she won’t wait to invoke her rematch clause but then there is Carmella/with the briefcase.

Today’s show has opened with a recap of the Owens/Styles match. A.J on his way to the ring. A.J just issued an open challenge. Kevin Owens just walked out. Shane in the ring. Owens having a temper tantrum per usual. Shane just told Kevin this is it, no more excuses as long as A.J holds the United States belt.

The Singh Brothers and Jinder Mahal in Daniel Bryan’s office. The Singh Brothers to face Shinsuke Nakamura.

Kevin Owens talking to Samy Zayne to ref his match.

Aiden English vs Bobby Roode making his Smackdown debut. You should’ve heard the roar of the crowd when he appeared. The Crowd is behind Bobby. With a glorious ddt, Bobby Roode with his 1st win of many in Smackdown. Renee Young in the ring for a post match chat.

Daniel had Jason Jordan in his office and told him he had a new tag team partner in Shelton Benjamin

The Hype Bros vs The Usos — Another classic Usos match, The Hype Bros held their own but it wasn’t enough

Shinsuke on the way to the ring. 2 on 1 handicap match. A triangle choke forcing the Sign Brothers to tap out. Jinder tried to take out Shinsuke but it didn’t work.

Becky Lynch/Naomi vs Natalya/Carmella (James Ellsworth)  — It’s Carmella that Natalya has to worry about now. Natalya working on her own , Carmella refusing to tag in. Thanks to a mistake by Natalya forcing Carmella in the match, Becky and Naomi get the win.

Renee Young talking with Dolph Ziggler. (Rumor is he has been repackaged)

BAron Corbin is the guest ref for Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles. should be interesting. You know he can’t be trusted. Shane at ring side arguing with Baron, cheap shot on Aj by Kevin. Shane is now the ref, after Corbin walked off. AJ with a legal win. Kevin will be furious.

Today’s show has been better booked. Starting to set up new storylines for the next Smackdown pay per view.

**It’s being reported that Big Cass has an ACL injury and will be out up to 9 months.

RAW fallout from Summerslam

Show opening with Brock and Paul Heyman on the way to the ring. I am really surprised that he is walking today. Rumor I am seeing this morning is that at No Mercy, it will be Brock and Braun for the belt where Braun will win it. The universe is happy that Brock pinned Roman. Here comes Braun to the ring. Braun is man handling Brock, 2 slams in the middle of the ring. They just set up the No Match.

Big Cass vs Enzo in a Brooklyn Street Fight – this can’t end pretty. I like Enzo but maybe its time to move him on. I just don’t get why they would split them up, many they feel Cass would be better on his own but in NXT they worked so well together. Someone explain this one to me, please? Big Cass injured in a fall giving Enzo the win. (It was a legitimate injury)

Emma vs Nia Jax — well, that didn’t take long. Nia has to see the belt at some point.

Elias vs R Truth — this is interesting and didn’t last long. Elias with the win

Kurt Angle with news — John Cena has just walked out. Roman just walked out. Chants of Undertaker from the audience as a reminder. Out walks the Miz. The Miz demanding respect. Here comes Samoa Joe, Joe with The Miz against Roman and John. Joe has gone after John. Not sure what it is with Joe going after John.

Kurt has made this match official — Roman/John vs Miz/Samoa Joe

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins on the way to the ring. I am still stunned that they pulled it off. It was the match of the night in my book. Dean issued an open challenge and the Hardy Boyz came out. Seth said they had watched the boys for years, Matt issued a challenge to a match, Dean and Seth agreed. This is a good match, Dean and Seth are holding their own. Turned into a great match no matter who wins. WOW — Dean and Seth get the win but it was one hell of a match.

Sasha Banks on her way to the ring. Alexa Bliss has invoked her rematch clause for next week in Memphis Tennessee.

Jason Jordan vs Finn Balor — Jordan has the strength but you can’t take Finn for granted. What a match, Jason did well to keep up with Finn but the Demon gets the win.

The Miz/Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns/John Cena — This could be interesting and I don’t think it will end well. it fell apart but John and Roman with the win. John got his with a superman punch but a win’s a win.


Summerslam 30th anniversary

**Pre Show

The Miz and Miztourage defeated The Hardy Boys and Jason Jordan

Neville vs Akira Tozawa for the cruiser weight belt. Neville gets a hard-fought win to take back the Cruiserweight belt.

The Usos vs The New Day for the Tag Team Belts from Smackdown – This has been one hell of a match, both sides are giving it all they got. Holy Crap the Usos got the belts back but it was one hell of a fight.

(this is the pre show, whats the main show going to be like)



John Cena vs Baron Corbin — Baron will be extra pissed after losing the briefcase, thanks in part to John. It’s been back and forth, Corbin’s temper has gotten the better of him at times but will it happen today. John took a beating but comes out on top. John got in Baron’s head and got the win

Naomi vs Natalya for the Smackdown Women’s belt – (Carmella is around with the briefcase and James Ellsworth by her side) Naomi is my pick for this one. Bugger, Naomi had to tap and Natalya has the belt. Naomi will get a rematch I am sure of.


Big Cass vs The Big Show (Enzo in a cage above the ring) (Rumor – that enzo and Cass will get back together) Big Show with a possible broken right hand. Enzo oiled himself up and slipped out of the cage and climbed down. Cass gets the win. I don’t think they know what to do with Enzo. Rumors are they don’t know what to do with Enzo.


Randy Orton vs Rusev – Rusev just jumped Randy. No bell. That took all of 30 seconds, Rusev thought he had Randy but you know it takes 1 RKO to end it all.


Women’s Title match – Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss – no like of Alexa even if she is from Ohio, my money’s on Sasha. Alexa Bliss Tapped out. Sasha is a 4 time champion


Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor (Demon King) – it was a battle but the Demon took Bray to another place and Finn takes the win.


Tag Team Titles — Cesaro/Sheamus vs Ambrose/Rollins — Dean and Seth working well together, this could go either way but its going to take something special to win this. My money’s on Dean and Seth. This has been a great match, don’t go get snacks or you will miss something. The guys are giving it all they have. Holy Crap kids, they did it, Dean and Seth are your NEW tag team champs


Kevin Owens vs A.J Styles for the United States Belt. Shane is the ref.  As many of you know I am not a Kevin Owens fan, A.J to keep the belt but this could turn out anyway. It was a screwy match but A.J gets the win.

Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Title. My money’s on Shinsuke, its time for a belt change.  Rumor has it, the title will change hands. This is another match that can go either way, my money is on Shinsuke. Never have liked Jinder having the belt. He has always had the Singh Brothers helping him. So far the Singh Brothers have not been a real influence. Crap, thanks to the Singh Brothers once again and Jinder still has the belt. It’s getting boring. He can’t manage to win the belt on his own without help. I was looking forward to this match, it would’ve been the match of the night and it just hit a big raspberry.


Fatal 4 Way – Samoa Joe, Braun Stoham, Roman, Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title. There are no rules, first one to score a pinfall , wins. It is getting tiring of Brock having the belt, to me it needs to be defended more. Get more people behind the title. With Brock having it, seem to only get defended at pay per views. Braun has put Brock through 2 tables, and just turned an announce table over on him. Brock has been taken out due to injury but its left the Joe, Braun and Roman to beat each other to a pulp. Brock is back. Well, the rumor of leaks of the winner were true, Brock still has the belt. Why, I have no clue.



RAW and Smackdown — Going home shows

**Ric Flair who is not well and in the hospital. He has had surgery but listed as critical from what information I can find. Hopes and prayers for Ric, Charlotte and the family during this time.**

These are the final shows before Summerslam on Sunday.

News from Raw — Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have reunited and will face Sheamus/Cesaro for the Tag Team Belts. Sasha Banks battled Nia Jax in a massive match but it was Nia tapping out to Sasha who will face Alexa Bliss for the Women’s Raw belt. Neville faced Akira Tozawa in a massive match and was able to defeat Neville for the Cruiserweight title. Bray Wyatt faced off against Finn Balor with Bray getting the better of Finn this time but in an interview back stage, Finn has announced that The Demon is on his way to Summerslam.


Rusev vs Randy Orton at Summerslam. Rusev has dropped weight and bulked up, this should be a good match. Randy is a cheeky heel, he can be mean one minute but have you giggling the next.

John Cena vs Jinder Mahal — this should be interesting. It’s gong to test John and with the Singh Brothers at ringside, its going to be interesting. John will face Corbin Barron at Summerslam. (Rumor is that Jinder will lost the belt at Summerslam. The feedback is not great with a heel holding the belt) Finally The singh Brothers are tossed. Now its closer to being a fair fight. Baron Corbin just ruined what would’ve been a great match. Corbin just cashed in his briefcase. Thanks to John, Corbin has lost.

Brilliant on John’s part