Tables, Ladders and Chairs from Minneapolis

**Pre Show

Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks – a very physical match but it was a great match. One of the better matches from Alicia. Sasha makes her tap out for the win.

**Main Show

*Match 1 — Emma vs Asuka – Emma screaming to Asuka that its all about her. Emma taking it to Asuka for the moment. Here comes Asuka. Emma has to tap out. Emma gave it all she had but Asuka was going to win this.

The Miz backstage with Cesaro/Sheamus. Braun and Kane have joined Miz.

Elias in the ring with a song and a chorus of boo’s from the crowd. Jason Jordan throwing fruit at Elias.

*Match 2 — The Cruiserweights taking center stage. You could hear the kicks and slaps connecting.

*Match 3 — Women’s title match – Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James. It’s a good back and forth match, Alexa trash talking Mickie. Mickie almost had Alexa, tired of the weeks of back talking by Bliss. Bliss with a sucker move to steal the win. Mickie will be back for another challenge but the match I am waiting on is Alexa vs Asuka.

*Match 4 — Cruiserweight title on the line when Enzo Amore faces Kalisto. Thanks to a thumb in the eye, Enzo wins the belt for a second time.

*Match 5 — A.J Styles vs Finn Balor — (A.J on loan for 1 night only to RAW) Finn is dressed at the Demon. It has been back and forth, this could be the match of the night. What a hell of a match, The Demon with the win. Finn helping A.J get up and showing respect.

*Match 6 — Elias vs Jason Jordan – Jason using his brute power. You could see that Jason has things to learn but is gaining valuable experience. Elias may have a reason for a rematch, did he actually get his shoulder up before the count of 3.

*Match 7 — Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins/Kurt Angle vs  Miz/Sheamus/Cesaro/Kane/Braun. (rumor is Kane is back for just a month) Seth, Dean and Kurt entering through the crowd as the Shield does. Seth and Dean have taken out Kane and Braun. Kurt alone and getting picked apart by Cesaro/Sheamus and Miz. Kurt has still got it. Braun just put Kurt through a table. Kane just smacked Braun with a chair. Could the tide be turning? MIz turned tail and ran but he had Seth and Dean in hot pursuit. Kane just choked Braun through the stage. There are broken tables, stage and chairs laying everywhere. In the end, Shield Justice.




Catch up Raw

*Tag Team Belts — Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are still tag team champions after defending them against Sheamus/Cesaro.

*Finn Balor — Facing off against Bray Wyatt but who will be bringing Abigail to face the Demon.

*Alexa Bliss/Emma vs Mickie James/Bayley — Mickie/Bayley with the win. Mickie facing Alexa for the Women’s belt. Emma will be facing Asuka and to be honest, Emma will have her hands full.

*Jason Jordan/Titus O’Neil/Apollo Crews defeated Elias/Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson

**Kickoff Show for TLC — Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks

*TLC — Cruiserweight Title — Enzo Amore vs Kalisto

*TLC — The Shield vs The Miz, Braun, Cesaro/Sheamus

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman — Just as Roman tries to climb over the top, all hell breaks loose with Sheamus/Cesaro along with the rest of The Shield going at it all over the place. Holy Crap out of the floor comes Kane. 2 chokeslams from Kane. Needless to say it’s now a 5 on 3 handicap match at Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

Monday Night RAW – Indianapolis

Show opens with a recap of The Miz with Cesaro/Sheamus taking out Roman Reigns.

Miz T.V opening the Show. Bo Dallas is not around tonight. According to the Miz he is hurt. Miz says he ended Roman’s career but here is Roman walking out. Curtis Axel taking off his coat. Miz seems to think Roman is all by himself. The Miz called it rumors that the Shield was back together, That’s what you think! The boys just cleaned house. I got one word for you – Triple Power Bomb

Jason Jordan to the ring to face off against Carl Anderson. 2 on 1 will work in Carl’s favor. Jason has been taking it, trying to find a window. Jason kicked out in time and got the win even being outnumbered.

Kurt Angle checking on The Miz and Curtis Axel. Main Event at T.L.C – the Miz/ Sheamus/Cesaro vs The Shield in a TLC match.

Elias to the ring with a new song. Titus O’Neil to the ring with a banjo. Elias facing Apollo Crews. Elias with the win.

Enzo Amore and the Cruiserweights. Kurt out talking to Enzo, who will face Kalisto tonight for the Cruiserweight belt.

Braun Strowman is loose in the house. Facing Matt Hardy and its all Braun. At least Matt gave it a go. Braun was carrying Matt of to do more damage but The Shield has walked out. Braun through the announcer’s table.

Mickie James on her way to the ring. Cutting a promo for her match with Alexa Bliss for TLC. Alexa Bliss making your so old jokes. Biscuit Butt, thanks Mickie, I’m stealing that one.

Fatal 5 way – Emma, Alicia, Dana, Sasha, Bayley and the winner faces Asuka at TLC. Bayley has eliminated Dana, Alicia Fox has eliminated Bayley. Alicia Fox tapped out but Emma got Sasha to head to TLC to face Asuka.

Is Bray Wyatt’s sister Abigail alive? We will find out before the night is out. Finn Balor on his way to the ring. Finn was interrupted by Bray/Abigail.

**NEXT WEEK — Roman and Braun in a steel cage next week.

Cruiserweight Title match is a LumberJack match. Enzo rolls out of the ring but the other cruiserweight circle. It’s all out war. Mustafa made sure Enzo didn’t get the win. Way to go Kalisto.


RAW in Denver, Colorado

Show opens with a minutes silence for those lost in Las Vegas.

(Michael Cole is away attending his son’s wedding)

Recap of last week – Roman’s match against the Miz and Misterage. Roman won but was taken out by Mike and his goons. Roman going after The Miz Intercontinental Belt.

Seth Rollins vs Braun Stroman – let’s talk about stupidity. Seth is giving it his all but this won’t end well. Braun won but just hit Seth with a 2nd running power bomb. Dean came to help Seth but he destroyed them both. Sheamus/Cesaro out to pick the bones of what was left of Seth/Dean

Nia Jax vs Mickie James –  Nia having her way with Mickie but Alexa on the outside watching. Mickie has had little sparks of things going her way but Nia has kept cutting her down. Mickie on the way to pin Nia and Alexa breaks it up. Mickie just knocked out Alexa. Mickie James to face Alexa bliss at T.L.C for the Women’s title

Bray Wyatt having a freak out

Elias on his way to the ring. Titus O’Neil in the ring to wrestle Elias with Apollo Crews. Elias has Titus worldwide number now.

Enzo Amore with the Cruiserweight belt. Renee ask him how he felt about the whole locker room attacking him last week.

Matt Hardy to team with Jason Jordan vs Gallows/Anderson – the inexperience of Matt working with Jason showed today but they gave it a good go.

Roman Reigns vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Belt. The Miztourage at ring side making sure that Mike keeps the belt. Roman taking care of the Miztourage to make it a fair fight. Roman turned to the ring and Mike has the “Oh Shit” look on his face. The universe is turning on The Miz they are cheering Roman on. What the hell to Sheamus/Cesaro have in this between The Miz and Roman. It’s a 3 on 1 with Roman getting another beat down. (I’m sorry, I just don’t get this. I’m as puzzled as everyone else)(I have no clue where this one is heading)

Finn Balor on his way to the ring. Finn would rather fight. Cutting a promo, I think.

Sasha Banks/Bayley vs Emma/Alicia Fox – each side gets a bit ahead but the other pulls them back in. Emma/Alicia are working well together. Emma just walked on Alicia. Sasha/Bayley get the win.

Enzo running off at the mouth about being the Cruiserweight Champion. (wonder if they have done this to try and build some interest) New cruiser member in Kalisto and the clause that Enzo has set does not apply to him.

Dean and Seth have gone to see Roman, nothing said but the cheers from the Universe told the whole story. The possible return of The Shield.




RAW going home before No Mercy

Today’s show is dedicated to the memory of Bobby Heenan

Kurt Angle on his way to the ring. Talking about No Mercy on Sunday. The Miz interrupts. Miz complaining that he is forgotten again, no title defense of the Intercontinental belt. Fatal 4 way – Elias, Hardy Boyz, Jason Jordan, the winner goes to No Mercy. (miz having a run on the mike, trash talking as usual) Jason on his way to the ring and he is ticked off. 6 pack challenge, Curt and Bo now in the mix. Jason just cleared the ring.

Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax – Alexa keeps running because she has seen what Nia is made of. Alexa trying to run but Sasha makes sure she goes back to the ring. Needless to say Nia wins this one. Sasha tried to get Nia down but that didn’t last long. Bayley has been cleared. Sasha, Alexa and Bayley take down Nia.

Spotlight on Brock and Braun

Sheamus/Cesaro (facing Ambrose/Rollins for the tag team belts at No Mercy) vs Anderson/Gallows – (Dean and Seth in the ring) Triple threat match. It was on for all and if you blinked you missed anything. Cesaro/Sheamus eventually won.

Teaser for Asuka coming soon

Roman Reigns vs John Cena at No Mercy – video package of their accomplishments. 2nd video of their trash talking.

Curt Hawkins takes on Apollo Crews – The losing streak continues for Curt Hawkins (115)

Michael Cole to talk to Brock and Braun

Just announced for No Mercy Bayley has been added to the Ladies Title match for Sunday., It’s now a fatal 5 way.

Roman Reigns to the ring. John is still overseas and his part was pre taped.

Bray Wyatt vs Dustin Rhodes – Bray with the win but Finn with a warning about their match on Sunday.

Enzo was on his way to the ring but Braun is taking his frustrations out on Enzo. Enzo to have Neville for the Cruiserweight belt on Sunday at No Mercy.

6 Pack Challenge to face The Miz for the Intercontinental Belt at No Mercy – Elias, The Hardy Boys, Jason Jordan, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel. 1st man to get pinfall or submission will go to No Mercy. Jason Jordan is going to No Mercy with an assist from The Miz himself.



Other News from WWE and NXT

*Big Show will have hip surgery but its been delayed due to the hurricanes in Florida

*Former Diva Christy Hemme is expecting Quads (4 babies) and is on bedrest til the kids arrive.

*Ric Flair is continuing to show improvement.

*Samoa Joe is currently out of action due to a knee injury

*Asuka will be heading to RAW making her first appearance at T.L.C

*Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt at No Mercy

*The Miz and Maryse expecting their first baby.

*Rumor of a romance brewing between Tyler Bait and Liv Morgan




RAW on 9/11

The show opens with a minutes silence in honor of 9/11

John Cena facing Braun for the first time tonight.

Brock Lerner is in the house

*Roman on his way to the ring to face Jason Jordan. I think Roman has underestimated Jason. John is in the back watching this match. Holy Cow. Jason is throwing everything at Roman, who is still fighting back. Roman with the win but Jason gave it everything he had. Roman with a handshake of respect.

*John in the ring after Roman’s match. John is great at trash talking. Roman and John is a good combo. Vince still wants Roman at the top and getting help from John.

*Sasha Banks vs Emma – during their match with Alexa Bliss at the announce table, Nia Jax walks out. Sasha gets Emma to tap out.

*Recap of Show and Braun’s steel cage match from last week.

*Brock Lesnar in the ring/Paul Heyman. Called Braun out to the ring, Braun manhandled Brock like he was nothing.

*Gold Dust  facing Bray Wyatt – Golddust taking it to Bray early on but Bray with the win. Bray wiped off Golddust makeup, Finn in the ring.

*Cesaro/Sheamus vs Anderson/Gallows – with Rollins/Ambrose at the announce desk, its a free for all between the 3 teams. 8 man tag team if Rollins/Ambrose can find another. Seth and Dean did, the Hardy Boyz.

*First video announcing Asuka’s arrival soon.

*Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss in a one on one next week

*Elias Sampson vs Kalisto – Elias with the win.

*John Cena vs Braun Strowman – Roman watching from back stage. John is taking a beating from Braun. Braun used the steps to try and hurt John. Running power bomb into the steps by Braun and the ref called for the bell.

The Miz hosting Enzo. Miz is great on the mike, I can’t fault him on that one but it’s a love hate thing. Miz is so good at his job, I can’t stand him. Enzo and Miz in a match. Miz running his mouth and Enzo made him pay.