Smack Down Live

Daniel Bryan to face Jeff Hardy and the winner go on to face Samoa Joe. This was supposed to be against Big Cass but he is being punished for going off script a few weeks ago when he went after Daniel. rumour has it that he might have re injured the same knee he just had replaced but what I am reading is that it is just story line related. Cass is not medically cleared to compete tonight.

The Miz opening the show tonight, waiting on the New Day to arrive and share who is going in the Men’s Money in the Bank.

Miz said he could beat any member of the New Day, any day of the week. Paige stopped Miz in the back and told him to turn around and go back out, he had a match. . now.

Big E vs Miz — since getting rid of The Miztourage Miz is getting back to showing how good he really his, I don’t like the character but I have to admit how good he is. The Bar out and going after The New Day. Thanks to the distraction, Miz gets the win with an assist from The Bar (shut up Corey — can you tell I don’t like Corey much)

Lana vs Billie Kay for a spot in the ladies M.I.T.B — Aiden English is out at the ring with Lana, calling for Lana day. Hehehe. Lana actually got the win all on her own. (been reading that Lana has been having a hard time picking up things in the ring, you can see she is still with the basics but she is holding her own.

Cien Almas with Selena Vega ( boy she can be a  bitch at the ring) vs a local. this wont last long.

A.J Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura in the ring with Renee to hear what Shinsuke decided for Money in the Bank. Shinsuke chose a Last Man Standing match.

The Usos vs Anderson/Gallows for the #1 contender to face The Bludgeon Brothers at M.I.T.B. Loving the Usos speed, In my opinion they are the best at cutting the ring in half. Gallows/Anderson with the tag team opportunity. It was physical but a really good match.

Naomi vs Sonya Deville for a M.I.T.B spot. It was a good match but Naomi with a new pinning move getting the win.

Jeff Hardy vs Daniel Bryan for the right to face Samoa Joe to make it to the M.I.T.B. It was a great solid match between Jeff and Daniel both flying as needed but it was Jeff who tapped out to Daniel in the end. Daniel to face Samoa Joe for the right to go to M.I.T.B



Show Notes for Smack down Live in London

A.J Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura tonight with the winner given the right to choose the stipulation. They will meet at Money in the bank.

Daniel Bryan to the ring to chat with Renee. Renee had to pause trying to ask her question because of the crowd, I still have no clue why Big Cass has picked this fight. The universe is not liking this at all. (this story line makes no sense) Daniel had enough and he went after the knee that Cass was out for a year after having surgically repaired.

It’s breakfast in Australia and The Miz just came on, I would like to enjoy my toast. (hehe)

The New Day vs The Bar — The Miz is joining the announcers desk. the winner of the tag team match get to choose 1 member to enter the M.I.T.B Thanks to 1 hell of a spear from Big E, Xavier Woods pins Cesaro for the win.

Becky Lynch vs/Mandy Rose/Sarah DeVille for a place in the Money in the Bank. With Becky’s losing streak this should be interesting, will Mandy and Sarah really turn on each other. Finally Becky gets a much-needed win, getting Mandy Rose to tap out

Andrade “Cien” Almas with Selena Vega vs a London local. This won’t last long.

Carmella demanding respect, since she is champion she is better than everyone. Someone pleases come out and shut her up. Paige just walked out. Paige informing Carmella she will defend her title at Money in the Bank.  (shut up Corey) Carmella will face Asuka at M.I.T.B

Shinsuke vs A.J for the right to choose the stipulation for their title match. Shinsuke takes out the win.


Fallout from Back lash on Smack down LIVE

If RAW was anything to go by yesterday Smack down should be jut as good today.

Money in the Bank (M.I.T.B) qualifying matches. There is a rumour that there is a 3rd briefcase?

Paige on her way to the ring.

Jeff Hardy vs the Miz for M.I.T.B place. Miz had met his match with Jeff,it should be a good match. Jeff making Miz sing like a girl, after MIz tried it with him. Jeff just dropped Miz on the apron. Miz is still finding a way to barely kick out. Jeff thought he had Miz pinned but Miz turned the tables and got the pin (shut up Corey —  can you tell I am NOT a fan of him)

Charlotte vs Peyton Royce for the ladies brief case chance — It was a good match, I have to admit, even with Billie getting her 2 cents in but Charlotte with the figure 8 for the win. Charlotte joins Ember Moon heading to the brief case match.

the New Day — Xavier Woods defeated Sheamus last week. Today Xavier is facing Cesaro. The Crowd is chanting “We want Pancakes”. Waiting to long to take off, Cesaro with a nasty upper cut to knock out Xavier as he tried to fly for the win.

Becky Lynch vs Mandy Rose — at the last-minute Paige told Sonya that she is barred from ringside. Becky in quite the slump (rumour she might be turning heel) Mandy Rose with the legal win.

Daniel Bryan vs Rusev — (hearing that they are looking at putting Rusev back with Lana. Not sure what would happen with Aiden English) Daniel just went flying over the desk. Rusev has the strength over Daniel, Rusev too close to the ropes or Daniel jut might have had that. Rusev with the win, after the damage to Daniel’s ribs, he jut didn’t have enough left. (partly blame Big Cass for some of it)

The Miz, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor and Rusev have all qualified for M.I.T.b with 4 spots left

With it being both brands together, who every wins takes the brief case back to their brand.

Welcome to Backlash

We are in Newark, New Jersey  for tonight’s show. (Breakfast here in Australia)

I couldn’t stand Billie Kay and Peyton Royce on NXT and I cant stand them now.

Bayley vs Ruby Riott (Riott Squad with her) on the pre show. Ruby has had control for most the match. The Sarah and Mandy inserting themselves as they can. Once again, the numbers game has helped. Ruby with the win.

**(match of the P/P/V) Seth Rollins vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Belt — It’s been all Seth until now, sending Seth face first off the apron. On the apron but who can hold on. Miz has Seth in a figure 4. Seth in screaming pain. (It’s been a good match, even. No one has really had the edge.) Holy Crap, Seth knee giving him hell. Just kicking out of his 2nd skull crushing finale. Some how the stomp saved Seth and he gets the win. Great match. (It was nice to see The Miz have to work on his own)

Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss — The bully (Alexa) vs the so-called bully (Nia) this could go either way but I hope Nia teaches Alexa a thing or two and keeps the belt for a while. Alexa has been keeping Jax off here feet to keep it a bit of a more even fight. Nia with that Samoa drop that finally puts Alexa away for the win.

Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy for the United States Belt — this could be the match of the P.P.V. Could go either way. Randy  just dropped Jeff 3 times on the barricade. I wasn’t sure Jeff would survive but a swan ton bomb finished Randy off. Jeff keeping the belt.

Elias in the ring. The New Day out talking to Elias. Bobby Roode with a DDT on Elias.

Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass — Cass with a grudge because he didn’t get the fanfare to his comeback that Daniel did. Daniel makes Big Cass tap out to the “Yes Lock”. Cass is not happy that he got beat and is going after Daniel. Cass acting so high and mighty, Fans yelling”You Suck”

Charlotte vs Carmella for the Smack down Women’s belt — I cant stand Carmella but I had read they wanted her to wear the belt for a bit. Hope at one point Charlotte beats the snot out of Carmella but I don’t think it will be today. Trash talking Carmella. (Shut up Corey) Carmella got lucky with that pin fall after Charlotte landed awkward on her knee.

A.J Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura in a NO D.Q for the Smack down title. This one will be down and dirty, after all that has gone on. Talk about racking the family jewels, A.J and Shinsuke both down from low blows. Double count out from that double low blow. A.J keeps the belt.

Bobby Lashley/Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens/Samy Zayne — I can’t see Samy and Kevin lasting in this one. Samy tired to do a runner but Kevin tossed him back in the ring, needless to say it didn’t end well for Kevin and Samy as Kevin got power slammed and pinned.

Money in the Bank — Airing June 17th.

Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe — The bell has never rang and jut put Roman through the announce table. Roman trying to shake out the cob webs from what Joe has already down before the bell. Fans are booing, getting restless. I don’t blame them. It’s getting boring. Roman with a spear to get the win. (this was the worse match of the night, the attack on Roman by Joe before the bell ruined this match.


Smack down in Canada

At Backlash, A.J Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura’s match will be a NO Disqualification match.

Miz T. V — Miz bans Daniel Bryan from Miz T.V (what did he do? He got beat up by Big Cass and was a no-show) Miz telling Seth Rollins he wants what belongs to him. Jeff Hardy with the United States title. Randy Orton out during Miz T.V before their match on Sunday. Shelton Benjamin out demanding a title shot. Miz taken out by a whisper in the wind

Shelton Benjamin /The Miz vs Randy Orton/Jeff Hardy — MIz dropped on a table. It was a seesaw battle, Randy and Jeff won but Rand just dropped Jeff in an RKO.

Big Cass on his way to the ring. Cass will face Daniel Bryan on Sunday at Back lash. Cass demanding Daniel come to the ring but Daniel was not cleared to wrestle tonight.

A.J Styles to the ring to meet Rene Young. Shinsuke demanding an apology. Why should A.J say sorry after the low blows Shinsuke pulled. Samoa Joe just walked out.  After Samoa Joe ran his mouth,(he’s coming for A.J after his match with Roman on Sunday at Back lash) Shinsuke hit A.J with another low blow.

Xavier Woods (New Day) vs Sheamus (Cesaro) at ring side —   Cesaro is the bigger of the 2. Going to be hard for Xavier to win this one I think.Woods steals the win with a roll up after playing possum.

Charlotte/Becky Lynch/Asuka vs Carmella/Payton Royce/Billie Kay in a tag team match — Charlotte takes out the Iconics, goes about Carmella, tried to get rid of Asuka and Becky to team up on Charlotte before Sunday to help Carmella out. Asuka back up and got Charlotte out of there. Asuka made Peyton tap out.

See you for Backlash

Greatest Royal Rumble

With the time difference I am watching the replay. I have seen some of the outcomes but want to see how things unfolded

The Women’s division is not taking part of this pay per view. My understanding is due to the culture reasons they did not make the trip.

Triple H vs John Cena — this should be a good even match. Not seen either since Wrestlemania. First time in 8 years that John and H have met in a singles match. It took 3 AA’s but John with the win

Kalisto vs Cedric Alexander — title challenge for the cruiser weight belt. It was an even match but it was Cedric’s night.

Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt vs Cesaro/Sheamus — for the RAW tag team belts. I think all rules are going to be thrown out the window to win the belts. Thanks to an elevated Twist of Fate, Matt and Bray are the new Tag Team champs

Jinder Mahal vs Jeff Hardy for the United States Belt — Sunil Singh helping Jinder out there. sunil once again trying to interfere to help Jinder. A swan ton bomb takes out Jinder for the win.

RAW Tag Team belts — Woken Matt Hardy /Bray Wyatt vs The Bar (Cesaro/Sheamus) It was an even match but Matt and Bray got the edge and kept it to become tag team winners.

Smack down Tag Team belts — The Usos vs The Bludgeon Brothers. There was no doubt that Luke and Erik would keep the belts which they did.

Ladder match for the Intercontinental Belt — Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, The Miz, Samoa Joe. Seth comes out of nowhere to steal the title out of Finn’s hands.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs A.J Styles for the WWE title — The universe is very vocal for this match. Double count out. A.J Keeps the belt

The Undertaker vs Rusev in a casket match — With Rusev already in the casket, Aiden English joins him with the Undertaker slamming the lid shut

Steel Cage match — Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns — Thought Roman was going to take the belt but Roman spears Brock out the door, as Brock hits the floor first he keeps the belt. Maybe  at Summer slam Roman will finally take the belt. (Seeing the footage, Brock’s back hit the floor first, Romans feet hit the floor. The rules state that both feet MUST hit the floor to be the winner)

Greatest Royal Rumble

  1. Daniel Bryan — by Big Cass
  2.  Dolph Ziggler — by Kurt Angle
  3. Sin Cara — eliminated by Dolph
  4. Curtis Axle — by Mark Henry
  5. Mark Henry —  by Daniel Dolph
  6. Mike Kanallis —  by Mark Henry
  7. Heroki Sumi — by Mark Henry
  8. Viktor —  by Daniel
  9. Kofi —  by Elias
  10. Tony Nese —  by Kofi/Xavier
  11. Dash Wilder — by Hornswaggle
  12. Hornswaggle —  by Tony Nese
  13. Primo —  by Kurt Angle
  14. Xavier Woods — by Elias
  15. Bo Dallas — by Kurt Angle
  16. Kurt Angle — by Elias
  17. Scott Dawson — by Bobby Roode
  18. Goldust — by Bobby Roode
  19. Konnor — by Elias
  20. Elias — by bobby Lashley
  21. Luke Gallows — Rey Myestero
  22. Rhyno —  by Roderick Strong
  23. Drew Gulak — by Tucker Knight
  24. Tucker Knight — by Big E
  25. Bobby Roode — by Baron Corbin
  26. Fandango — by Mo Jo Rawley
  27. Chad Gable — by Apollo Crews
  28. Rey Mystero — by Baron Corbin
  29. Mo Jo Rawley — by Randy Orton
  30. Tyler Breeze — by Mo Jo Rawley
  31. Big E — by Braun Strowman
  32. Karl Anderson — by Randy Orton
  33. Apollo Crews — Randy Orton
  34. Rodrick Strong — by Baron Corbin
  35. Randy Orton — by Elias
  36. Heath Slater — by Braun Strowman
  37. Babatunde — by Braun Strowman
  38. Baron Corbin — by Randy Orton
  39. Titus O’Neil — by Braun Strowman
  40. Dan Matha — by Braun Strowman
  41. Braun Strowman — WINNER
  42. Tye Dillinger — by Braun Strowman
  43. Curt Hawkins — by Braun Strowman
  44. Bobby Lashley — by Braun Strowman
  45. The Great Khali — by Bobby Lashely,Braun Strowman
  46. Kevin Owens — by Braun Strowman
  47. Shane McMahon — by Braun Strowman
  48. Shelton Benjamin — by Chris Jericho
  49. Big Cass — by Braun Strowman
  50. Chris Jericho — by Braun Strowman


Smack down Shakeup

Show oped with footage of Shinsuke’s attack on A.J Styles from last week.

A.J in the ring talking ab out last week. A.J got attacked by Rusev/Aiden English but Daniel Bryan came to the ring to assist. Paige sets a tag team match Styles/Bryan vs Rusev/Aiden English

Carmella to celebrate her Money in the Bank cash in but I can’t see it going to plan.

Sheldon Benjamin to the ring. Sheldon ask for some competition and he got Randy Orton but Jeff Hardy just showed up with the United States Title. Shelton is giving Jeff a run for his money. Jeff with a well fought win.

The MIz to make his return to Smack Down next week

Sonya Deville/Many Rose to Smack Down

Jay Uso vs Luke of the Bludgeon Brothers. This will get nasty and end fast, as it usually does when Luke/Erik are in the ring.

Sin Cara vs Samoa Joe — This wont last long, Joe should win this easy. Samoa Joe rambling on and on about all the things he is going to do. He has to stay healthy first.

Raw and Smack down will combine for future pay per views. May 6 is Backlash.

Big Cass on Smack down

Carmella on to celebrate her taking the title from Charlotte. Like it was a big deal or anything. Waiting for Charlotte to take her rematch clause. Finally, here comes Charlotte to shut up Carmella. Here come Billy Kay and Payton Royce. Charlotte being double teamed but here comes Becky. Possible tag team match here: Charlotte/Becky vs Billy Kay/Payton. Turned out to be a single match Charlotte vs Billie Kay. Charlotte made Billie tap. Here comes Asuka.

Here come Anderson/Gallows to Smack down tag team division.

The Bar, R-Truth and Tye Dillinger all on Smack Down.

Holy Crap — Sanity is coming from NXT

Andrade “Cien” Almas and his manager on their way to Smack Down.

A.J Styles/Daniel Bryan vs Rusev/Aiden English — this could be an even match. Daniel is still new back in the ring but there is not much ring rust. Daniel is holding his own great, here come the “Yes” kicks. Shinsuke (turned heel) out of no where and a low blow on A.J. and now Big Cass goes after Daniel for no reason.

This is all breaking down.