Smackdown fallout from Summerslam

Should be another interesting show. I really thought Shinsuke Nakamura would take the belt from Jinder Mahal. (rumor has it that Jinder is not going over well with being a heel)

Natalya now has the Women’s belt. Naomi was just out wrestled on the day. I can’t imagine she won’t wait to invoke her rematch clause but then there is Carmella/with the briefcase.

Today’s show has opened with a recap of the Owens/Styles match. A.J on his way to the ring. A.J just issued an open challenge. Kevin Owens just walked out. Shane in the ring. Owens having a temper tantrum per usual. Shane just told Kevin this is it, no more excuses as long as A.J holds the United States belt.

The Singh Brothers and Jinder Mahal in Daniel Bryan’s office. The Singh Brothers to face Shinsuke Nakamura.

Kevin Owens talking to Samy Zayne to ref his match.

Aiden English vs Bobby Roode making his Smackdown debut. You should’ve heard the roar of the crowd when he appeared. The Crowd is behind Bobby. With a glorious ddt, Bobby Roode with his 1st win of many in Smackdown. Renee Young in the ring for a post match chat.

Daniel had Jason Jordan in his office and told him he had a new tag team partner in Shelton Benjamin

The Hype Bros vs The Usos — Another classic Usos match, The Hype Bros held their own but it wasn’t enough

Shinsuke on the way to the ring. 2 on 1 handicap match. A triangle choke forcing the Sign Brothers to tap out. Jinder tried to take out Shinsuke but it didn’t work.

Becky Lynch/Naomi vs Natalya/Carmella (James Ellsworth)  — It’s Carmella that Natalya has to worry about now. Natalya working on her own , Carmella refusing to tag in. Thanks to a mistake by Natalya forcing Carmella in the match, Becky and Naomi get the win.

Renee Young talking with Dolph Ziggler. (Rumor is he has been repackaged)

BAron Corbin is the guest ref for Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles. should be interesting. You know he can’t be trusted. Shane at ring side arguing with Baron, cheap shot on Aj by Kevin. Shane is now the ref, after Corbin walked off. AJ with a legal win. Kevin will be furious.

Today’s show has been better booked. Starting to set up new storylines for the next Smackdown pay per view.

**It’s being reported that Big Cass has an ACL injury and will be out up to 9 months.


Summerslam 30th anniversary

**Pre Show

The Miz and Miztourage defeated The Hardy Boys and Jason Jordan

Neville vs Akira Tozawa for the cruiser weight belt. Neville gets a hard-fought win to take back the Cruiserweight belt.

The Usos vs The New Day for the Tag Team Belts from Smackdown – This has been one hell of a match, both sides are giving it all they got. Holy Crap the Usos got the belts back but it was one hell of a fight.

(this is the pre show, whats the main show going to be like)



John Cena vs Baron Corbin — Baron will be extra pissed after losing the briefcase, thanks in part to John. It’s been back and forth, Corbin’s temper has gotten the better of him at times but will it happen today. John took a beating but comes out on top. John got in Baron’s head and got the win

Naomi vs Natalya for the Smackdown Women’s belt – (Carmella is around with the briefcase and James Ellsworth by her side) Naomi is my pick for this one. Bugger, Naomi had to tap and Natalya has the belt. Naomi will get a rematch I am sure of.


Big Cass vs The Big Show (Enzo in a cage above the ring) (Rumor – that enzo and Cass will get back together) Big Show with a possible broken right hand. Enzo oiled himself up and slipped out of the cage and climbed down. Cass gets the win. I don’t think they know what to do with Enzo. Rumors are they don’t know what to do with Enzo.


Randy Orton vs Rusev – Rusev just jumped Randy. No bell. That took all of 30 seconds, Rusev thought he had Randy but you know it takes 1 RKO to end it all.


Women’s Title match – Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss – no like of Alexa even if she is from Ohio, my money’s on Sasha. Alexa Bliss Tapped out. Sasha is a 4 time champion


Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor (Demon King) – it was a battle but the Demon took Bray to another place and Finn takes the win.


Tag Team Titles — Cesaro/Sheamus vs Ambrose/Rollins — Dean and Seth working well together, this could go either way but its going to take something special to win this. My money’s on Dean and Seth. This has been a great match, don’t go get snacks or you will miss something. The guys are giving it all they have. Holy Crap kids, they did it, Dean and Seth are your NEW tag team champs


Kevin Owens vs A.J Styles for the United States Belt. Shane is the ref.  As many of you know I am not a Kevin Owens fan, A.J to keep the belt but this could turn out anyway. It was a screwy match but A.J gets the win.

Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Title. My money’s on Shinsuke, its time for a belt change.  Rumor has it, the title will change hands. This is another match that can go either way, my money is on Shinsuke. Never have liked Jinder having the belt. He has always had the Singh Brothers helping him. So far the Singh Brothers have not been a real influence. Crap, thanks to the Singh Brothers once again and Jinder still has the belt. It’s getting boring. He can’t manage to win the belt on his own without help. I was looking forward to this match, it would’ve been the match of the night and it just hit a big raspberry.


Fatal 4 Way – Samoa Joe, Braun Stoham, Roman, Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title. There are no rules, first one to score a pinfall , wins. It is getting tiring of Brock having the belt, to me it needs to be defended more. Get more people behind the title. With Brock having it, seem to only get defended at pay per views. Braun has put Brock through 2 tables, and just turned an announce table over on him. Brock has been taken out due to injury but its left the Joe, Braun and Roman to beat each other to a pulp. Brock is back. Well, the rumor of leaks of the winner were true, Brock still has the belt. Why, I have no clue.



RAW and Smackdown — Going home shows

**Ric Flair who is not well and in the hospital. He has had surgery but listed as critical from what information I can find. Hopes and prayers for Ric, Charlotte and the family during this time.**

These are the final shows before Summerslam on Sunday.

News from Raw — Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have reunited and will face Sheamus/Cesaro for the Tag Team Belts. Sasha Banks battled Nia Jax in a massive match but it was Nia tapping out to Sasha who will face Alexa Bliss for the Women’s Raw belt. Neville faced Akira Tozawa in a massive match and was able to defeat Neville for the Cruiserweight title. Bray Wyatt faced off against Finn Balor with Bray getting the better of Finn this time but in an interview back stage, Finn has announced that The Demon is on his way to Summerslam.


Rusev vs Randy Orton at Summerslam. Rusev has dropped weight and bulked up, this should be a good match. Randy is a cheeky heel, he can be mean one minute but have you giggling the next.

John Cena vs Jinder Mahal — this should be interesting. It’s gong to test John and with the Singh Brothers at ringside, its going to be interesting. John will face Corbin Barron at Summerslam. (Rumor is that Jinder will lost the belt at Summerslam. The feedback is not great with a heel holding the belt) Finally The singh Brothers are tossed. Now its closer to being a fair fight. Baron Corbin just ruined what would’ve been a great match. Corbin just cashed in his briefcase. Thanks to John, Corbin has lost.

Brilliant on John’s part



RAW Summerslam News

Bayley is out due to a separated shoulder. It happened in her match with Nia Jax for the #1 contendership to face Alexa Bliss at Summerslam. There will be 2 triple threat matches this week and the winner of those 2 matches will meet the next week to decide who will face Alexa.

Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox vs Emma — I like the attitude change with Emma but my money’s on Sasha. Sasha gets Emma in the bank statement and has to tap out.

Nia Jax vs Mickie James vs Dana Brooks — Needless to say Nia Jax wins and will face Sasha next week for the right to face Alexa Bliss at Summerslam


Setting up for Summerslam

With only a month to go until the biggest party of the summer it’s time to set up the final matches for the summer. Both show will be interesting to see what happens.

On Raw last week we had Roman vs Samoa Joe but once again Braun Stroham got involved. I am getting bored with this one. They need to put a end to this. Rumor has it that Roman will meet Brock at Slam and take the title.

Kurt Angle to the ring. (still not sure how true the Jason Jordan story line really is). Braun in the ring, demanding to face Brock Lesnar. Here comes Joe to the ring, Here comes Roman and this won’t end well. Hell, Kurt just made it a fatal 4 way at Summerslam. Braun, Joe and Roman going at it as usual. Here comes Braun beating up everyone. (RAW wonders why the ratings are dropping off, find some new story lines)

***2 on 3 handicap — Dean and Seth facing Miz and his crew. Miz is a great heel. The story lines are old. First time in 3 years that Seth and Dean will have wrestled on the same side. Seth and Dean are really working well together. Miz is keeping on the move, just getting in when “he” wants to. The match has fallen apart and its turned into a free for all. Ambrose and Rollin worked well together to get the win.

***Bayley vs Sasha — winner faces Alexa Bliss at Summerslam. This is a classic Bayley –  Sasha match. Right now , this is the match of the night. Holy Cow, Bayley got that win. Bayley to Summerslam.

***Finn Balor vs Elias Samson — Finn to the ring and boy is he in a nasty mood. It’s a no D.Q match. Elias is the bigger built guy but Finn is also strong and tough. Finn using the ring to his advantage and has tee-ed off on him. Finn hits his finishing move but Bray Wyatt shows up. (I have a feeling that a possible match at Summerslam, Bray vs the Demon King) Thank s to Bray Elias gets the win.

***Curt Hawkins vs Jason Jordan — Curt slapped Jason in the face but its been all Jason since, Curt is not laughing now as Jason took it to him.

***Emma vs Nia Jax — Nia is just beating Emma to a pulp.

***Enzo vs Big Cass — Enzo in the ring talking about Cass, Enzo with no plan, just going for it. Needless to say Cass wins. Not much to say about this one. Enzo needs to shift to guys more his height. Cass needs to get lost and leave Enzo alone. Show is on his way to the ring. Not impressed with Cass who has turned heel.

***Anderson/Gallows vs The Revival — they are beating the crap out of each other, hope A/G get the job done. With a distraction thanks to Matt and Jeff, the Revival steal the win and now the Hardyz in the ring. Payback time.

SummerSlam 2016 — (SPOILERS)

Jo jo is announcing for RAW and Tony for Smackdown

**Jo jo is your announcer for Match 1 **Enzo/Cass vs Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens – (enzo is nuts and you can’t help but giggle. he is growing on me.) How did Enzo kick out after all that. That kick to Owens you could hear echo. thanks to a code breaker, Owens and Jericho manage the win. (this is not over)

Mick Foley Daniel Bryant and Shane – chatting to John Stewart. John runs off against Stephanie and she is standing right behind him.

Jo Jo is your announcer for Match 2**Sasha Banks vs Charlotte (Dana Brooks is banned from ringside) Charlotte getting booed as she comes to the ring. Charlotte the bitch needs an attitude adjustment and I hope Sasha gives it to her. Charlotte working on the back of Sasha that she injured early on. It took Charlotte injuring Sasha to steal the win (Sasha lost the belt due to needing time off to heal from nagging injuries, also hearing she failed the wellness policy)

Tony is your announcer for Match 3 **Intercontinental Belt** The Miz(Maryse at right side)  vs Apollo Crews. well CRAP, Miz keeps it, with help from Maryse

Tony is your announcer for Match 4**John Cena vs A.J Styles – I am really tired of A.J he has lost a lot of fans (me included). I know it’s a story line but enough already. Crowd is so loud it’s hard to hear the announcers. A.J just found out how strong John really is. This is a great match they are leaving it all in the ring. One hell of a match but it was BULLSHIT that A.J won

Jo jo just introduced John Stewart.

Jo jo is your announcer for Match 5**Tag Team Belts – New Day vs Anderson and Gallows. John Stewart almost got racked but Big E to the rescue, New Day keeps the titles.

**SMACKDOWN PAY PER VIEW – Backlash on Sept 11**

Tony is your announcer for Match 6**WWE World Championship – Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler. this match can go either way, back and forth they will leave it all in the ring I think. Dean with Dirty Deeds to hang on to the belt. What a hell of a match.

Tony is your announcer for Match 7**6 Woman tag team – Naomi/Carmella/Becky Lynch vs Natalya/Alexa Bliss/Nikki Bella — it’s time Becky got some payback, Nikki with a new finishing move and leads her team to victory over Naomi/Becky and Carmella

Rusev and Lana talking to Maria backstage.

Jo jo is your announcer for Match 8**WWE Universal Challenge – Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor. Here comes the demon, Seth has no clue what he is in for. YES, Finn Balor defeated Seth Rollins for the new belt.

Jo jo is your announcer for Match 9**United States Belt – Rusev vs Roman Reigns.Rusev goes after Roman before the match and the bell has never rung. Roman with the most wicked spear I have even seen. Has to have broken ribs now for Rusev.

JO jo is your announcer for Match 10**Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar. (both shows calling the match)  I can’t stand Brock, Randy has to win this one. (rumors are the Brock failed his drug test for his UFC fight. if so then WHY is he here?)  Randy gushing blood, they called a TKO. Brock needs to leave the WWE and now. This is WHY I hate the man. Brock refuses to let Shane pass to check on Randy.


Well the end of SummerSlam just ruined a perfectly great night. The WWE in general needs to get Rid of Brock Lesnar. If he failed his drug test from his UFC fight then WHY is he still allowed to compete tonight.



SummerSlam Kickoff Show

Rene Young, hosting with Booker T, Lita and Jerry Lawler on the panel with her

(my picks)

John Cena- A.J Styles — My pick is John, he always finds away to win during the big events. I was an A.J fan but that stopped when Anderson and Gallows showed up.

The Miz – Apollo Crews — The title is changing hands.

Sasha Banks – Charlotte — Sasha will be prepared for anything. Rumor is that Charlotte wants time off, Charlotte being the heel is really growing old. Tom with a Q and A with Sasha.

Social Lounge, Tom has Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens

***Match 12 man Tag Team — **Tony  Chimel is your announcer, Vaudevillians/Ascension/Breezango vs Hype Bros/Usos/American Alpha — the team of Hype Bros/Usos and American Alpha are the winners.

Dolph Ziggler/Dean Ambrose preview

Baron Corbin joined the panel, Kalisto was not medically cleared to wrestle.

United States Championship – Rusev/Lana vs Roman Reigns

Andrea De Marco with Cesaro backstage

**Jo Jo is your announcer for a tag team between Dudley Boyz vs Samy Zayne/Neville, Mistake by the Dudley’s gives Samy and Neville the win

**Jo Jo is your announcer for the 1st match of 7 series, Sheamus vs Cesaro, this should be a good series, they are going to leave it all in the ring.Sheamus takes out the first win thanks to a poke in the eye to Cesaro

Randy Orton/Brock Lesnar preview