Raw at the University of Texas

There was no Raw pre show tonight. Not sure what is going on if it has been axed for what the reason is.

Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho – I don’t understand this, I have seen that Chris is due to leave because his band is going on the road. Owens have never really defended the title which was handed to him by Triple H. It is time for Kevin to stand up and defend the title without help

Seth on the way to the ring, He wants Triple H. (set up storyline for Wrestlemania) The only way Seth can get a true match is to get rid of Chris Jericho. Kevin Owens has come out to run his mouth. Kevin pointing out that Seth screwed the Shield as soon as he could. Kevin screaming that he is a fighting champion, but he Seth, (with Jericho’s help)

Chris Jericho vs Roman Reigns for the US belt – Chris told Kevin to butt out tonight, Do not come to the ring, Chris does not NEED Kevin’s help. I must admit it has been a really good match. Once again, KEVIN showed up when Chris told him to stay out. Roman is still in this. Chris is screaming at Kevin to leave. Roman with that nasty spear to keep the U.S belt

Seth vs Chris at Roadblock.

Seth facing Big Show, with Owens at ringside. Owens just got choked slammed Show and walked away. Seth wins by count out. Rollins with a pedigree.

Cruiserweights with a match, I don’t know why I am just not a fan of them. At least now.

Samy Zayne vs Kevin Owens –  it has actually been a good match. Samy and Kevin have had some great matches. Samy almost had the win. Kevin barely survives. Samy gave it to him. (hey Corey, I have NO RESPECT for the man)

Recap of the Charlotte/Sasha match from last week. (how much longer are they going to let this go on for? there is a whole woman’s division waiting for their chance at the belt. this needs to change, the sooner the better) Sasha has challenged Charlotte to an Iron man match. (Sasha and Bayley, remember).

Charlotte has ask Rick to Raw to say she is “Sorry”, (lets she how true this one is). Review of what was the breakdown. (Rick was the dirtiest player in the game, daughter learned well from Father)

Another Cruiserweight match. Rick Swann now holds the belt. Facing T.J Perkins.

Bayley vs Alicia Fox – it was quick but Bayley with the win.

Match between Mark Henry vs Titus O’Neil was over in 30 seconds as Mark hit a world’s strongest slam

Anderson/Gallows vs Cesaro/Sheamus for the #1 contender for the Tag Belts. – New day got involved once again. No clue who the #1 contenders are. Triple threat match next week for the Tag Belts

Here comes Charlotte – it will be interesting. Charlotte did accept the Iron woman match with Sasha. Well I told you it would happen, Rick just got slapped by Charlotte, screaming that he was wrong to go to Sasha, once a bitch always a bitch. Charlotte beat the snot out of Sasha.




Smackdown Live – Pre Show and Main Show

Let’s see how much more fall out there is from Survivor Series.

**Pre Show – Tag Team turmoil for the #1 contender for the Tag Team belts

What was the motive and what  happened to Nikki? – was in Carmella or Natalya?

Daniel Bryan to chat about The Miz. I am so bloody over The Miz and Maryse doing anything and everything to make sure that the Miz wins at all cost. How much longer does this crap storyline have to go?

*December 4th is T.L.C – A.j put the belt up against Dean Ambrose

**Main Show

Show opens with highlights of Survivor Series. Shane on his way to the ring, walking gingerly but he is here. Dean to the ring, chatting to Shane and Dean brings out James Ellsworth(got a Smackdown contract), (neck brace after gong through a table thanks to Braun) Shane has given Dean the night off but here comes A.J (seriously)(bitching at what Dean did to him at Survivor Series)

*James vs A.J – Ladder contract. James has to climb the ladder and retrieve his contract to stay.

*The Miz vs Kalisto – Once again, let’s see how long before Maryse interfered and Miz wins again.Thanks to Corbin Baron, Miz wins again. Dolph just super kicked the Miz and knocked him out.

*Tag Team Turmoil – Ascension vs the Hype Bros to open, Hype Bros win and it’s now Breezango. Hype Bros are gone, here comes American Alpha to face Breezango. American Alpha take out Breezango, The Vaudevillians are next, but gone is quick order, The Usos taking their time to the ring. This has been the best match of the tag team series today, American Alpha has beaten The Usos at their own game.

Becky Lynch will put her belt on the line against Alexa Bliss at T.L.C

Natalya vs Becky Lynch (what is it with Nattie and the song lyrics)Alexa is sitting at ringside for this match. I can see already how this one will go. Alexa will go after Becky at some point. Becky wins and Alexa Bliss spoils it. (TOLD U SO)

Nikki vs Carmella at T.L.C in a NO DQ match

Kane vs Baron Corbin – Kalisto showed up and made sure that Corbin got pay back and he did .

*James vs A.J in a contract ladder match – A.J is making a laughing-stock of all of this. This is a pure joke. A.J LOST again, James has a contract and a future title match.

**Talking Smack**

American Alpha to face Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton

Baron Corbin having a bitch about Kalisto getting in his way. Baron vs Kalisto in a chairs match at T.L.C Kalisto demanded the chairs match.

James Ellsworth




RAW Pre Show and Main Show

A review of last nights show.

Sheamus/Cesaro will challenge The New Day for the belts.

Review of Brock Lesnar/Goldberg Match – over in less than 2 minutes. Was Brock to over-confident?

Review of the Woman’s Survivor match. Bayley got the final win and Charlotte is pissed.(was taking out Nikki Bella the swing to RAW), Can’t wait to see Charlotte face off against Nia Jax.

Mick Foley – Chatting about last night.

**Main Show opening with a recap of the Goldberg – Lesnar match, Bill on his way to the ring. (sitting here with goosebumps watching Bill on his way)

*Took Goldberg 1:46 for the win. The Crowd Chanting “You still got it”

*Bill talking about how Stephanie stopped him after his match last night and ask him “Do you have one more title run left in you?” Steph told Bill that the road to the Title match starts at the Royal Rumble, his response is “Everyone’s NEXT” (Royal Rumble taking place in San Antonio,Texas)

*Cesaro/Sheamus vs The New Day for the Tag Belts. New Day cutting a promo before the match. Sheamus and Cesaro had the match won but one again New Day steals the win. The extra man in the corner comes into play once again.

**T.L.C  in early December.

*Enzo is naked locked out of the change room by Cass.

**The Miz vs Samy Zayne – for the Intercontinental Belt. So tired of the Miz and Maryse playing dirty and being a total ass. Rumor has it that Dolph will take the belt back at T.L.C. Samy’s punishment for losing is to face Braun Stroham.

*Cedric Alexander vs Ariya Daivari – Cruiser Weights. Cedric takes the win, blink and you miss it. Cedric won with a move called the Lumbar check.

*Chris Jericho and  the HighLight Reel – talking about the RAW loss from last night. (rumor is that Chris is departing soon as his band is going on tour) Here comes Kevin Owens, Kevin says he can prove who is to blame. Kevin use the list to save Chris who in turn was eliminated by an RKO. OMG, it was Roman’s fault and they are still best buds. Oh NO, here comes Seth, who wants a Title match with Kevin tonight. As Chris and Kevin are beating up Seth, here comes Roman. Enter Mick Foley, Seth and Kevin will go at it, and Chris and Roman are banned from ringside. It’s a NO DQ match.

*Enzo vs Rusev – I must admit I was not a big fan of the boys but they have grown on me. Enzo had no choice but to tap out.

*Golden Truth vs Anderson and Gallows for the #1 contender to the Tag Team Belts. No surprise that Anderson and Gallows won and will face The New Day

*Samy Zayne vs Braun Stroham – Samy is out on his feet. No clue why the Ref does not stop this. Mick just came out and told the ref to stop the match. Thanks to Mick, Braun is the winner. Samy never had a chance from before the start of the match.

*Charlotte out to have a bitch about Bayley because she made the final pin and not her. (OMG Charlotte is playing a great heel and that is why i hate her so much) Sasha is out to interrupt, (thank god) Charlotte and Sasha next week (maybe for the belt), Nia Jax out finally to get in the mix of all of this after they treated her. Nia making a statement, Sasha took out Dana Brooke. (The Women’s division on RAW is a JOKE) Tag Team match – Nia/Charlotte vs Sasha/Bayley – Sasha and Bayley are the winners, Sasha made Charlotte tap out again.

*Triple threat match for the #1 contender for the Cruiser Weight Championship belt. T.J Perkins, Rich Swann, Noam Dar . Rich Swann is the winner and will face Brian on 205 live.

*Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens in a no DQ – it’s been a hell of a match, they have beaten each other senseless. Once again CHRIS JERICHO help Kevin keep the belt, I call this a STEAL. Seth was on the verge of winning. ( this is getting to be a joke also, Owens cant do anything with out help from Jericho)




30th Anniversary Survivor Series in Toronto

**The Women’s Survivor match to open the show – Everyone is waiting on Nikki to come out, she was hit from behind and not able to compete (Charlotte the bitch). Alicia Fox to open against Carmella. All hell broke loose, Becky went to get in but Charlotte decided she was going. Carmella, and Alicia Fox eliminated, Naomi counted out, Sasha Banks pinned by Natalya, Charlotte pins Natalya, HOLY CRAP, Becky Lynch made Nia Jax tap, Charlotte made Alexa tap. Bayley won the match for RAW. Charlotte did not like it that Bayley won the match for RAW. (Charlotte is PISSED that Bayley got the winning pin, Bayley is injured by the Bitch throwing her around)

**The Intercontinental Belt – Who gives a shit about The Miz, Samy Zayne will have his hands full but the rumor is that Samy will take this out and to be honest I am hoping he does. With the help from the bitch wife Maryse, it has been a great match, the back and forth. You stupid BITCH Maryse. BULLSHIT – you stupid slut. (this is CRAP why is the bitch still allowed those get it the middle of this) This is NOT making the belt better its making is the laughing STOCK of the WWE

**Tag Team Survivor’s Match – If one tag team member is eliminated, both team members are out. Breezango eliminated in record time. Holy Crap the Usos eliminate the New Day, Gallows eliminated the Hype Bros, Shinning Stars eliminated by American Alpha, American Alpha eliminated by Anderson and Gallows. Slater and Rhyno eliminated Anderson and Gallows, Enzo and Cass eliminated by the Usos, (the Usos and Sheamus/Cesaro are left) Cesaro/Sheamus are the last men standing for RAW and win the match.

**Cruiser Weight Division match – Brian Kendrick holds the title to defend against Kalisto who must win to take the division to Smackdown. (rumor is that the title will change but since Samy Zayne lost I would not count on anything) thanks to Baron Corbin Brian Kendrick keeps the belt and The division stays put.

**Men’s Survivor Match – Dean Ambrose eliminated by Braun( A.J did nothing to help) With help from James Ellsworth Braun Stroham is OUT but James went through the table. Kevin Owens disqualified, Chris Jericho eliminated by Randy Orton, Shane taken out by Roman, A.J has been eliminated by Seth and Roman with help from Dean. Seth Rollins taken out by Randy Orton, Roman is the last man standing for Raw. Smackdown gets the win, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt working together.

**Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar – TWO massive spears from Goldberg! HOLY SHIT – it no time flat Goldberg has DESTROYED Brock Lesnar.

Goldberg WINS



Survivor Series in Toronto – Pre Show

30th Anniversary

Renee Young heading the kick off show with Jerry Lawler, Booker T and Lita.

Tom Phillips in the Media Lounge

6 man tag team – Cruiser Weight Division.

Kane vs Luke Harper – Kane with his signature choke slam beating Luke.

Samy Zayne vs The Miz — running his mouth off at the announce table. He is going to have reality kick his ass when he gets beat.

The Brian Kendrick vs Kalisto for the Cruiser Weight belt. Kalisto wins and the division moves to Smackdown.

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg — Bookers Shucky, Ducky Quack moment.


RAW and Smackdown

Not a lot to report on RAW as it was mostly inter team matches of those who are competing on sunday in Survivor Series. At the end, it was Stephanie trying to set up Shane and Daniel but he had the Smackdown Men’s team with him and it turned into an all out war.

Smackdown Pre Show – Alexa Bliss, yes she does deserve a rematch but get Survivor Series over with first and then give her the rematch she has earned.

900th Smackdown show

Dolph and Miz go at it again – so how will Maryse play a part in all of this.

**Main Show – Shane on his way to the ring, along with Daniel.

**Intercontinental Title — The boos rained out as they were introduced, Dolph on his way to the ring. Miz using any trick in the book to steal the belt. I TOLD YOU SO, the bitch Maryse interfered once again!!!! Thanks to the stupid Spirit Squad, I hope Samy kicks his ASS. It is time that Dolph gets someone is his corner. (Rumor has it that Samy Zayne will win at Survivor Series, Smackdown will get the Cruiser Weight division)

Alexa Bliss bitching once again about how the ref screwed her. Daniel told her she will get her rematch but she needs to focus on Survivor Series.

Nikki Bella faced off against Carmella and I knew Carmella would make this all  about her, (she is playing a great heel, but going after Nikki’s neck is taking it a little too far in my book) Charlotte and the Raw ladies showed up for a beat down and it was all out war.

The Undertaker returned at the end of the show with a message. He is back digging holes and taking souls. Refusing to let Wrestlemania define him any longer. the man who loses the match for the Blue Team will have to answer to Taker. (this could be a possible setup for a Wrestlemania story)


Smackdown in Scottland

*Pre Show – The Undertaker returns for the 900th Smackdown show

Becky Lynch facing Alexa Bliss for the Woman’s belt.

A.J Styles vs Dean Ambrose at Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss for the Women’s Title

Dolph Ziggler vs Samy Zayne for the Intercontinental Belt

**Main Show –

Show opens with A.J Styles heading to the ring. Poor A.J complaining about how Dean cheated last week. Excuse me, A.J you hit a low blow to steal it from Dean in the first place. Baron Corbin walked out to interrupt A.J and then the Wyatts with Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose came out but guess who is with Dean, James Ellsworth. Shane just came out, James will be the mascot for Team Smackdown Men’s Team. The Wyatt Family vs Dean, Baron and James.

The Vaudevillians vs Breezango – Breezango take out the win, in short order.

Natalya in action vs Naomi,  with Nikki Bella at ringside. Here comes Carmella sticking her nose in again. Naomi rolled up Natalya for the win.

James and Dean are without Baron for the 6 man tag team.

Baron Corbin vs Klesto and the match has not even started and Baron flattened him. Corbin is out due to injury from Klesto

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss for the belt – Becky wins. Alexa had her foot on the rope but the Ref never say it.

Dolph and The Miz for the Intercontinental Belt – next week on the show

Apollo Crews vs Curt Hawkins – Hawkins takes advantage of a rare mistake by Crews and sneaks off with the win.

Kane will join Dean and James in the 6 man tag team – Bray Wyatt hit James with a Sister Abigail for the win. Shane came out to stop what would’ve been ugly for James but Daniel is out now.

Holy Crap kids, Shane will join the Smackdown team at Survivor Series.

*Talking Smack – Breezango on chatting with Daniel and Rene. They are the final tag team for Survivor Series.

The Undertaker next week and the Cutting Edge

The Miz and Maryse – Miz being a stuck up little shit and using Maryse as a mouthpiece.