Wrestlemania 32 – NO SPOILERS

**MORE FROM THE KICK OFF SHOW**     Lillian announcing Lita. The Diva’s best is being retired and has been renamed the Women’s Championship Belt.

**Eden is your announcer – The Usos facing off against The Dudley Boyz – Tables were destroyed in this match.

Main Event

**Lillian is your announcer – **Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match – Dolph Ziggler/The Miz/Sami Zayne/Stardust/Sin Cara/Zack Ryder/Kevin Owens –  Owens and Zayne going at it, lots of history there. Stardust dressed in polka dots honoring Dusty. These guys are leaving it all in the ring, Bent ladders and bodies everywhere. The belt has changed hands.

**Eden is your announcer – AJ Styles/Chris Jericho – Have to give Chris the edge in the experience column but anything can happen, I am becoming an AJ fan. Chris with the trash talking. Neither are going to have anything left after this match.

**Lillian is your announcer – The New Day/The League of Nations – New Day have just come out of a giant box of Booty O’s. This is a match of who can play more dirty than the other team. Playing dirty won the match. Special Appearance, by 2 hall of famers, glass just broke, another fall of famer, now its 3 on 4, this is not over by a long shot.  You will be laughing at this.

**Eden is your announcer – Brock Lesnar/Dean Ambrose – this could go either way. Suplex City will have visitors tonight. What a beating, another trip to hell.

****Introduction of the 2016 Hall of Fame Class

**Lillian is your announcer – Becky Lynch/Sasha Banks – escorted to the ring by Snoop Dogg/Charlotte – (Sasha wearing gear inspired Eddie Guerrero) (Charlotte wearing the same robe that Ric wore in his retirement match) Fast paced match and so far Ric staying out of it. It has been a great match, the ladies are giving it all they have. It was a great exciting match and I cant wait for the Ladies to main event.  This is not over by a long shot.

**Eden is your announcer – Shane/Undertaker in Hell in a Cell – Undertaker has one of the best entrances in WWE. Shane came out with this boys. I had heard this match was supposed to close the show, will be interesting to see how this plays out, anything can happen. OMG you are not going to believe this!!! Breath Kids, lets breath.

**Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal — Mark Henry/Kane/Diamond Dallas Page/Big Show/Shaq/Social Outcast/Jack Swagger/Goldust/Fandango/R-truth – It makes some in giggles and all. The winner will surprise you.

**Lillian introducing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders with the song “Thunderstruck” Surprise guest. The Wyatt family has just spoiled a great moment. This will certainly blow your socks off, dont blink or go for snacks or you will miss it. OMG I am SPEECHLESS here. . . .

**Lillian is your announcer Roman Reigns/Triple H with Stephanie in his corner. You have to give the experience column to H in this match.  It is so one-sided and Stephanie getting involved. Stephanie doing everything possible to make sure Hunter wins. Holy shit kids, this just turned the tables. Talk about a nail biter till the end




Welcome to Wrestlemania 32 – PRE SHOW


Renee Young, with Booker and Lita. Tom Phillips and Cathy Kelly in the social media lounge.

***Jo Jo’s first interview of the night is Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship. Owens running off at the mouth about how this is all about him.

**United States Championship – Kalisto against Ryback -(Eden is your announcer for this match). What a great opening match

**10 Diva tag team – Paige/Bree/Eva Maria/Alicia Fox/Natalya facing Naomi/Tamina/Emma/Lana/Summer Rae – Lillian is your announcer for this match. this match will get out of hand. This group of athletes will make their way to the main event of Wrestlemania, they are amazing and it is about time that they finally have their place. (Brie will be retiring due to Daniel’s condition sooner than she wanted to.) Surprise visitor at the end of the match.

8 matches for the main card tonight. I do not think that anything is set, there are going to be surprises along the way,so I would be prepared for the unexpected.

you still have time to get the WWE Network and see Wrestlemaina 32 free. www.wwe.com

See you for Wrestlemaina 32

Last Raw before Wrestlemaina

The show is opening with a visit to the right by the Undertaker. Vince has told Taker if he loses at Wrestlemania that it will be his last. “Wrestlemania is my yard and Hell in a Cell is my house” Here comes Shane. Undertake just called Shane, Vince his bitch. Not even 5 minutes in to the show and there goes the announce table. Holy shit kids. . . . Shane just FLEW!

**Chris Jericho/Zack Ryder – Here comes AJ, Chris is refusing to face AJ in a match at Wrestlemania. AJ will be a distraction for Chris, not sure if I like Chris as a heel. AJ starting the “Y2jackass” Chants. Zack gets the win, thanks to AJ but now Chris is losing it. Chris has agreed to the match.

**Becky Lynch/Charlotte with Ric Flair – Sasha Banks at ring side. Thanks to Ric, Charlotte got the win. Becky is not happy

**Social Outcast/Big Show and Kane – we got bodies everywhere

**Triple H on the way to the ring with Stephanie – being negative to the crowd, putting the fans down. Telling them that they cant achieve their dreams. Tired of the holy then thou attitude, Guess who just walked out, Roman. Its going to be War.

**The New Day on the way to the ring. League of Nations in the ring for a tag team match. I have no clue how in the world they got the win but New Day pulled it off. Holy Cow, Jonathan Coachman have just walked out. With the announcement, Sports Center will be at Wrestlemania all day on Sunday.

***Thursday after Smack Down is Stone Cold podcast with Cactus Jack, Friday is NXT Take Over Dallas, Saturday is the Red Carpet arrivals and the Hall of Fame. Sunday is Wrestlemania. Joan London to be inducted by Warriors Wife.

**Kalisto to the ring, facing Ryback at Wrestlemania for the United States belt. Conner of the Ascension in the ring.

**Brock Lesnar and Paul Hayman to the ring. Here comes Dean pulling a red wagon.

**Diva Match, Paige against Emma. (There will be a 10 Diva tag team match on Sunday at Wrestlemania.) Paige lost thanks to Lana sticking her nose in but it will be all out war between the girls on Sunday.

**6 Man Tag Team. Stardust, The Miz, Kevin Owens/Sincaria, Sami Zayne, Dolph Ziggler – Let’s see if Owens walks again. this time it was The Miz and Stardust who walked and left Owens to fend for himself.

** The show finishes up with Triple H getting back at Roman for his attack in the ring. Triple H and Stephanie were in the ring running off at the mouth as they are good at, Roman to the ring against but this time the locker room emptied and you could see the divisions forming.

**SPOILER – I am hearing around twitter that Roman will win the title but, I have heard that before and, at this point it would not surprise me if things are turned on it head.

Its Raw Day

I have not posted for a few weeks due to the fact of an extreme case of frustration. Everything is getting so predictable and fans are getting restless, including me. In the lead up to Wrestlemania you can see pretty much how things are going to end.

Diva’s – Charlotte is running her mouth, just like Daddy Ric, who does anything and everything possible to make sure Charlotte keeps the belt. The first match I have really seen her tested was at Roadblock against Natalya and she almost beat her. If Charlotte thinks she has it easy with Sasha and Becky, she is so mistaken. Has Charlotte forgotten the 30 minutes Sasha went with Bailey?

**World Title – I have no clue what they are thinking on this one. I understand that everyone is injured but enough already. Give the fans what they want. Roman in the top spot. It feels like the weekly beat down and why can send who to medical for stitches. Last week I did feel sorry for the ref who got int he way. That one is not on.

**Tag Team titles – who is finished with the annoying New Day and its time for a real tag team to take over. Please take that damn trombone and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

**League of Nations – The will do what they need to beat up everyone and take what they want when they want and who cares who they hurt. King Barrett’s contract is up soon and from what I have read, he wont be renewing it.

You see my point, yes I know its all set up for Wrestlemania but lets hope the show finally gives the fans what they want.

**Main Show – Now we have Stephanie in the ring having a whine about Roman beating up Triple H. Nothing got said when H broke Romans nose and he needed surgery. Stephanie tried to slap Roman and but Roman caught her arm.

**AJ Styles in a rematch with Kevin Owens – Owens so needs smack down, I have not nor will I be a fan of his in any way. They are beating the crap out of each other. As always, Kevin walks in thinking he has it in the bag but then he is pushed to the limits. Damn, these guys are giving it all they have. Chris Jericho cost AJ the match. Kevin now running off at the mouth and here comes Dolph and The Miz out to shut up Kevin. Here comes the one person that Kevin did not want to see, Sammy Zayne. Kevin got his way, a triple threat match later for the right to face Kevin at Wrestlemania.

**League of Nations trash talking The New Day. The New Day is now having their turn at trash talking. They are good at it, I do have to admit it. Big E and Rusev having one on one but with extras at the ring, this might be good. Bodies everywhere. The League of Nations just got beat at their own game.

**The Big Show – entered in the Andre the Giant Memorial. It is nice to see the Show, happy. Did not like him as a heel. Here come the Social Outcast. Someone must have a death wish today – HA. Big Show is trying not to laugh. Social Outcast beating up on Show but here comes Kane.

**Chris Jericho having a rewind match against Fandango – Will AJ appear for a payback? “Y2Jackass” here comes AJ out to he ring. Chris does manage the win but AJ just served up some Karma.

**Kevin is having a whine to Stephanie – Kevin Owens just got a ladder match at Wrestlemania.

**Triple H tried to leave with Stephanie but Roman showed up. H getting the crap beat out of him once again. Its time they learn not to piss off Roman. The shoe is kind of on the other foot and fans are not sure how to react.

**Dean Ambrose against Bron Stroham – Paul Heyman sitting at ring side. With the help of a Chair Dean manages to pull the win

Raw in Nashville Tennessee

Happy Tuesday as we go to Nashville and its 34 days til Wrestlemania in Texas.

Triple H to open the show and he is getting booed by the fans. This should be interesting after last week after beating the crap out of Roman, suffering a shattered nose having to have his nasal cavity reconstructed. Triple H complaining that Roman disrespected him, YEA RIGHT. Triple H talks about respecting authority and all of a sudden Dean Ambrose just walked out. Here is a twist, Dean just challenged Triple H for the belt, I know the man is nuts but really, come on Dean. The best for business bull crap again, per usual. Dean faces Alberto Del Rio with the League of Nation at ringside.

Charlotte and Ric Flair sitting at ring side for the Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch match to see who faces Charlotte at Wrestlemania. This should be a pretty good match as both girls know each other well. Sasha went up against Bailey in a 30 minute iron woman match , so Sasha is in a good place to go the distance. They both have shoulders down, it was called a draw by the ref. No clue as to what will happen next.

The Miz and Dolph Ziggler – if you blink you miss it.

Stephanie back out to try and give her speech again for accepting the so-called award and she as that she be given the respect that she deserves.

Lucha Dragons against Sheamus and Rusev – This won’t end well for the dragons as it looks now.

Ryback against Adam Rose from the Social Outcast – 4 on 1 here, so can Ryback handle himself. You can see how focused Ryback is. Ryback just put the WWE Roster on notice.

The New Day against Y 2 AJ (AJ Styles and Chris Jericho) – Chris and AJ get the win and challenge New Day to a title match next week in Chicago.

The Undertaker to give his thoughts about facing Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania. Taker told Vince that any blood spilt would be on his hands.

Another frustrating show to be honest. With so many big stars out they are grasping at straws to find something that is going to work. Dean against Triple H for the best next week should be good but I have a feeling a twist is going to happen. The card is reading Roman against Triple H as the main event, Dean against Brock. The Diva division is a joke, have you heard the booing when Charlotte walks out with Daddy. Charlotte was great until they brought Ric into the picture and in my opinion he needs to go. Paige turning heel did not work and now Charlotte as a heal is not working either. Then you have the League of Nations being bullies, beating people up at all cost to get the win and the New Day just being annoying using the numbers game to win no matter.

You wonder why the ratings are down, look at the story lines. There is talk of bringing back the branding again, who knows, might be what is needed. getting everyone healthy would also be a good idea, unlike Roman having his nose broke by Triple H. I did read and will call it a rumor that Roman was needing some minor surgery and so, Triple H breaking Romans nose was the cover to get it done before Wrestlemania.

I did also read that the Diva’s title could become a triple threat match, so watch this space for more on that.

The other rumor I am hearing is that some of the NXT stars are about to make their way to the WWE, some of who could be on the way will depend on the outcome of their Pay Per View at Wrestlemania.

Highlights from RAW and Fallout from Fastlane

Happy Tuesday,

In Detroit tonight.

Fall out from the Pay Per View last night. It is 6 weeks til Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas and in this time you know anything can happen.

**Main Event for Wrestlemania – Roman Reigns against Triple H (confirmed)

*As Dean Ambrose arrived tonight, He was attacked by Brock Lesnar and thrown into the front windshield of a Limo.Treated by paramedics and taken to a local medical facility.

*Lillian announcing Vince on his way to the ring, to present the excellence award named after his Dad. Vince gave it to his . . . daughter Stephanie McMahon. I just looked at the television screen and Shane McMahon just walked out. The 3 of them have not been together in the ring for years. The crowd is loving Shane and boy does Stephanie look pissed. There has always been bad blood between all of them and I can see it has not changed. Vince has decided that Shane will wrestle Undertaker at Wrestlemania, in hell in a cell.

*Lucha Dragons/Neville against The New Day – Thanks to some quick thinking, New Day steals the win.

*Jo Jo interviewing Roman. Roman is concerned about Dean, cant get answers but he is focused on one thing. Beating Triple H

*Paul Hayman and Brock Lesnar are in the ring. Having a temper tantrum about losing. Look out here comes an ambulance and I can see where this one is headed. Dean has lost the plot, seriously. Holy Crap kids, Dean just ask for a street fight with Brock at Wrestlemania. Paul just accepted on behalf of Brock.

*The Usos facing The Ascension in tag team action. The Dudley Boyz have come out, not sure why. The told Jimmy and Jay to not take things personal, it was their way of reminding the tag team division of who they are. According to them, they tables will not return. I can see a possible The Usos against the Dudley’s at Wrestlemania.

*Rematch of the 6 man tag team from last night – Ryback/Big Show/Kane against the Wyatt Family.

*Chris Jericho on the way to the ring. Chris ask AJ Styles to come to the ring. He is showing AJ a lot of respect. The Social Outcast have ruined it. AJ and Chris are going to team (Y2AJ) up against the Social Outcast. With help from AJ, Chris was able to get Axel to tap out.

*Look I know this is story line and all of that I am really getting tired of Roman always getting screwed by Triple H. I really hope that this story lines ends at Wrestlemania. Roman has to face The League of Nations, trying to get Roman to injure Roman to he cant compete at Wrestlemania.

**I had to leave before things finished but I did do a quick catch up from the recording. At the end of Roman’s match with the League of Nations, Triple H decided to make an appearance, looks simple but nope, are you kidding me. He proceeds to beat the crap out of Roman and now Roman has had surgery to repair his broke nose and other injuries. Triple H knew exactly what he was doing. They have enough stars out with major injuries and he just put out one more star. No wonder RAW is struggling.

Fast Lane in Cleveland, Ohio — SPOILER ALERT

**Pre Show**
Lillian is our announcer, looking smashing in Red.

United States Championship on the line with Alberto Del Rio and Kalisto. It is a 2 out of 3 falls. Kalisto gets the first win thanks to a DQ, on Del Rio smacking Kalisto with a chair. Del Rio gets the second win, by beating the snot out of Kalisto. It is 1 fall a piece, Kalisto steals the second fall and keeps the belt.

AJ Styles in the Social Lounge answering questions.

**Eden is your announcer for the Diva’s Tag Team match. Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch against Tamina/Naomi. Sasha and Becky working well together. Naomi and Tomina pulling every dirty trick in the book to try and punish the girls for the win. It is about bloody time the Diva’s woke up and started having some great matches. Tap out in stereo, Becky and Sasha have an amazing win. Wont surprise me to see a great Diva’s match at Wrestlemania.

**Lillian in your announcer for the Intercontinental Championship Title with Kevin Owens against Dolph Ziggler. Owens is looking past tonight to Wrestlemaina which could be a big mistake. Dolph if a born and bred Buckeye from Cleveland. This is one hell of a match.

**Eden is your announcer for the 6 man tag team match, featuring – The Wyatt family against The Big Show/Ryback/Kane. This match could go either way. Hey Bray – Hows the road back to Hell?

**Jo Jo with a short interview with Roman Reigns. (all the Diva’s are in Red tonight)

**Lillian is your announcer for the Diva’s Title match with Charlotte(Ric Flair) against Brie Bella. Loving the Chorus of Boos throughout the crowd when Lillian introduced Charlotte. This story is not over by a long shot

**Jo Jo stopped Chris Jericho about his rivalry with AJ Styles.

**Eden is your announcer for AJ Styles against Chris Jericho. It is loud and hard to hear the boys announcing. The crowd is so loud, it almost split down the middle. ONe hell of a match, AJ Styles has a new fan. . . ME

**The return of Edge and Christian. – Hosting The New Day on The Peep Show.

**The Social Outcast against R-Truth. – I look for Goldust to make an appearance. Basically its 4 on 1 here.

***MAIN EVENT – Lillian is your announcer for the final match. Dean Ambrose on the way to the ring, Roman Reigns is next to make his way to the ring, Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman on the way to the ring. Roman and Dean are working together throwing around Brock like he is a rag doll. All I can say is WOW, what a battle, we got bodies all over the place.

Guess who just walked out with the belt to greet the winner of the match. It is going to be war to say the least.